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U.S. Route 400 marker

U.S. Route 400
Route information
Length: 481.306 mi[a] (774.587 km)
Existed: 1994 – present
History: Extended west in 1996[1]
Major junctions
West end: US 50 / US 385 in Granada, CO
East end: I-44 / US 166 near Joplin, MO
States: Colorado, Kansas, Missouri
Highway system

U.S. Route 400 is a mostly east–west U.S. Highway, commissioned in 1994. The highway's eastern terminus is southwest of Joplin, Missouri, near Loma Linda, at an intersection with Interstate 44, which it shares with U.S. Route 166. It originally ended in Garden City, Kansas; in 1996 it was extended to its current western terminus in Granada, Colorado at an intersection with U.S. Route 385.

Route description[edit]


US 400 begins in Granada at an intersection with US 385. It then runs concurrently with US 50 through Holly east to the Kansas border.


US-400 and US-50 enter Kansas west of Coolidge. They run concurrently through Garden City, where it intersects US-83 and separate at Dodge City, which is where it intersects US-56 and US-283. It continues southeast from Dodge City and first intersects US-54 at Mullinville.

US-400 and US-54 begin a long concurrency at Mullinville which passes through Greensburg, Pratt, and Kingman before entering Wichita. While in Wichita, US-400 and US-54 intersect Interstate 235 and the concurrency of US-81 and Interstate 135. K-96 provides a short freeway connection to Interstate 35, which is also the Kansas Turnpike. At Augusta, US-400 and US-54 enter into another concurrency with US-77, and US-400 breaks from this concurrency at Haverhill.

US 400/54 a few miles west of Pratt, Kansas.

US-400 continues east through several small towns before turning southeast to go through the Fredonia area and intersecting US-75 at Neodesha. After a brief concurrency with US-75, it turns east, intersecting US-59 near Parsons before intersecting US-69 south of Pittsburg. It then turns south with US-69 and at Crestline, follows US-69A south to Riverton. US-400 then turns east with US-166 at Baxter Springs, and the two highways run concurrently eastward into Missouri.


US 400, along with US 166, terminates at I-44 about one mile (1.6 km) east of the Kansas-Missouri state line, three miles (5 km) west of Joplin.


U.S. 400's eastern terminus approaching I-44 in Newton County, Missouri

U.S. Route 154[edit]

A section of U.S. 400 that ran from Dodge City to Mullinville, Kansas was U.S. Route 154 from 1926 to 1982. It later became K-154 before becoming part of U.S. 400.[citation needed]

KS-96 Replacement[edit]


US-400 replaced KS-96 from the city of Wichita Kansas to the Kansas/Missouri state line.KS-96 was a narrow two lane state highway that connected Wichita Kansas to towns in southeast Kansas.

Sedgwick County[edit]

KS-96 proceeded east from Wichita Kansas from the eastern terminus south of Interstate 35 on the east side of Wichita Kansas the current routing of US-400/US-54. Old KS-96 proceeded east from the KS-96 eastern terminus at Kellogg south of Interstate 35 (Kansas Turnpike) approximately 1.7 miles entering Butler County approximately 295 feet to the west of SW County Line Road south of the town of Andover Kansas.

Butler County[edit]

From the Sedgwick County/Butler County line KS-96 continued east through Augusta Kansas approximately 11.5 miles to the east of the Butler County line south of Andover Kansas. The original routing was on E. 7th Avenue just east of the current BNSF Railroad on Augusta's east side and continues due east approximately 0.5 miles north of the current alignment of US-400. KS-96 crosses the current alignment of US-54 just north of the current US-400/54 and continued east approximately 1950 feet east and continued on thje current US-400 alignment approximately 0.6 miles south of the town of Leon Kansas. From Leon Kansas KS-96 continued further east on the current alignment and continued due east again. The old KS-96 is located approximately 210 feet north of US-400 on S.E Munson Hill Rd in east Butler County until old KS-96 reached approximately 0.5 miles north of the small hamlet of Beaumont Kansas at Main Street where old KS-96 curved to the right and crossed the current US-400 entering Greenwood County.

Greenwood County[edit]

Old KS-96 entered Greenwood County east of Beaumont Kansas at S.E Weideman Road with a series of right curves that brought the highway to the east-southeast north of the hamlet of Piedmont Kansas. (Piedmont Kansas is located approximately 1.0 mile south of the current US-400 on Greenwood County Road 23.) From Piedmont old KS-96 continued east for approximately 7.5 miles to approximately 1.0 mile north of the hamlet of Severy Kansas. {Severy Kansas is located approximately 0.8 miles south of US-400 with four access roads east of Greenwood County Road 939 (the old alignment of KS-99)(from north to south) Greenwood County Road 45, Water Street, Main Street, and Market Street.} KS-96 continued further east approximately .75 miles north of the hamlet of Fall River Kansas. (*It is of some note that Fall River namesake is comes from the river that passes to the north of the hamlet, and there is a recreation lake to the north of US-400 called Toronto Reservoir and the Fall River State Park approximately 2.0 miles north of US-400 on Greenwood County Road 534 with dam access on Greenwood County Road 20.) Old KS-96 continued further east into Wilson County Kansas near Wilson County Road HH.

Wilson County[edit]

The old KS-96 alignment began due east from Wilson County Road HH on Wilson County Road 1700 then joined KS-39 approximately 3.5 miles to the east of Wilson County Road HH and continued further east for approximately another 3.4 miles to Harper Road. Old KS-96 turned right on Harper Road and continued south into the town of Fredonia Kansas on the town's west side where Harper Road crosses US-400 and turns into 2nd Street into Fredonia Kansas. 2nd street in Fredonia Kansas turns slightly to right at Jackson Street to become 3rd Street then crossed the now abandoned ST&SF Railroad and continued south out of Fredonia Kansas and turns back into Harper Road just south of the railroad tracks located on the southwest corner of Fredonia Kansas. Old KS-96 then continued south of Fredonia Kansas on Harper Road for approximately 7.7 miles and then turned right onto Wilson County Road 300 approximately 1.5 miles southwest from the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church on Ann Street south of Olive Street in the hamlet Lafountaine Kansas. Old KS-96 continued east on Wilson County Road 300 for approximately 7.0 miles where it crossed over the current US-400, from that point old KS-96 joined US-75 approximately 0.8 miles west of the Fall River Bridge west of the town of Neodesha Kansas. Old KS-96/Old US-75 turned south on what is now Wilson County Ottawa Road just to the east of the Wilson County Medical Center, which is sandwiched between US-400 and Wilson County Ottawa Road from the current alignment of US-75 north of the hospital where it entered Montgomery County Kansas. Wilson County Ottawa Road (old KS-96/old US-75) turns into Montgomery County Road 3925 at Montgomery County Road 6000.

Montgomery County[edit]

Before construction of US-400 old KS-96/old US-75 continued south proceeding under the Union Pacific Railroad overpass approximately 1500 feet south of the current US-400 near the current US-400/US-75 interchange joining the current US-75/old KS-96 alignment near Montgomery County Road 3950 and 6200. Old KS-96/US-75 proceeds south from Montgomery County Road 3950 for approximately 1.8 miles through the hamlet of Sycamore Kansas, and then further south approximately another 7.0 miles into the town of Independence Kansas. Old KS-96 turns left onto Chestnut Street on the north side of downtown Independence Kansas and proceeded east for one block then turned right onto 6th Street. Old KS-96 proceeded south on 6th Street for three blocks passing the Independence Post Office on the east side of the building at the intersection of 6th and Laurel Street and passing in front of the Independence City Hall at the intersection of 6th and Myrtle. Old KS-96 turned left onto Main Street and proceeded east on Main Street/US-160 out of the town of Independence Kansas on the town's east side. Old KS-96/US-160 crosses the Verdigris River approximately 0.8 miles from Cement Street located on the town of Independence Kansas east side (*Note the road prior to crossing the Verdigris River, Montgomery County Road 4410 was the old alignment of US-160/old KS-96 is located to the left of the current highway.) Old KS-96/US-160 proceeds further east from the Verdigris River for approximately another 5.1 miles to the US-160/US-169 junction, then from the intersection the old KS-96/US-160 turns right onto US-169. Old KS-96/US-160 proceeds south with US-169 for approximately 1.0 miles south then turns left just southwest of the Montgomery County Landfill where the highway proceeds east just south of the landfill. Old KS-96/US-160 then proceeds east crossing the old Santa Fe (now WATCO) railroad tracks and proceeds east of the tracks approximately 0.4 miles then turns right. The highway then proceeds south for approximately 1.0 miles south then turns left and proceeds east for approximately 2.0 miles and crosses into Labette County at Montgomery County Road 5900/Labette County Anderson Road.

Labette County[edit]

Old KS-96/US-160 proceeds east for approximately 21.0 miles passing the hamlet of Mound Valley Kansas approximately 4,531 feet to the south of the Mound Valley Post Office, then through the town of Altamont Kansas. Old KS-96/US-160 joins with US-59 approximately 1.6 miles east of the Altamont Kansas Post Office then proceeds further east for approximately 7.0 miles under the BNSF Railroad overpass to Labette County Victory Road northwest of the town of Oswego Kansas. Old KS-96/US-160/US-59 then turns left at Labette County Victory Road and proceeds to the southeast for approximately 2.5 miles and then proceeds east at 6th Street and California Street on the west side of the town of Oswego Kansas. Old KS-96/US-160/US-59 proceeds further east for five blocks where US-59 turns south on Commerce Street continuing south to Chetopa Kansas then to the Kansas/Oklahoma state line to Miami Oklahoma, then old KS-96/US-160 proceeds east exiting Labette County and entering Cherokee County. approximately 1.9 miles east of Commerce Street in the town of Oswego Kansas.

Cherokee County[edit]

Old KS-96/US-160 enters Cherokee County from the town of Oswego Kansas in Labette County approximately .07 miles from the Neosho River. (*Note the old KS-96/old US-160 alignment is approximately 250 south of the current alignment that extends approximately 924 feet from the intersection of 7th Street and Oregon Street on the east side of the town of Oswego Kansas then entering Cherokee County approximately 1.16 miles to the east to the Cherokee County line, the extended approximately 0.6 miles across the Neosho River.) East of the Neosho River old KS-96/US-160 for approximately 3.6 miles to the north of the hamlet of Hallowell Kansas (*Note the old KS-96/old US-160 alignment is located on the now Cherokee County Wyandotte Road approximately 250 feet to the south of the current alignment of US-160 continuing due east to Cherokee County SW. 90th Street approximately 3.64 miles then proceeding due north approximately 3,530 feet to Cherokee County Hallowell Road east of the hamlet of Hallowell Kansas. The old KS-96/old US-160 alignment extended approximately 6.05 miles to Cherokee County Road SW 30th Street where the old highway disappears.) Old KS-96/US-160 then proceeds east approximately 3.0 miles to the south side of the hamlet of Sherwin Kansas. Old KS-96/US-160 then extends further east approximately 6.2 miles from the hamlet of Sherwin Kansas to the north side of the town of Columbus Kansas. On the northeast corner of Columbus Kansas old KS-96/US-160 crosses KS-7 and joins US-69 approximately 0.2 miles east of the railroad viaduct north of Columbus Kansas and extended east for approximately 7.0 miles east to the current alignment with US-400 approximately 0.7 miles from the Post Office in the hamlet of Crestline Kansas. US-160/US-69 turns left and runs concurrent with US-400 to the north to Pittsburg Kansas in Crawford County Kansas, ALT US-69 begins at the intersection of old KS-96/US-160/US-69 and proceeds south through Crestline Kansas terminating approximately 2.7 miles from the Post Office in Quapaw Oklahoma (*Note this is a part of Historic Route 66 from Chicago Illinois to Santa Monica California.) Old KS-96 extended east from the intersection of old KS96/US-160/US-69/ALT US-69 north of the hamlet of Crestline Kansas approximately another 4.8 miles exiting the state of Kansas at the Kansas/Missouri state approximately 2.5 miles from the Carl Junction High School on the west side of the town of Carl Junction Missouri.

Summary of Counties[edit]

(From west to east) Sedgwick, Butler, Greenwood, Wilson, Montgomery, Labette, and Cherokee

Major intersections[edit]

State County Location mi[b] km Destinations Notes
Colorado Prowers Granada 0.000 0.000 US 50 west / US 385 – Lamar, Cheyenne Wells, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Western end of US 50 overlap
5.719 9.204 Road 30 – Hartman Former SH 196
Holly 10.737 17.280 SH 89 (First Avenue) – Lycan
ColoradoKansas state line
Kansas Hamilton Syracuse 16.094 25.901 K-27 north (McDow Street) – Tribune Western end of concurrency with K-27
16.624 26.754 K-27 south (Main Street) – Johnson City Eastern end of concurrency with K-27
Kearny Lakin 43.965 70.755 K-25 (Main Street) – Ulysses, Leoti
Finney Holcomb 59.848 96.316 Big Lowe Road – Holcomb Diamond interchange
Garden City 65.848 105.972
US-83 north / US-50 Bus. east / US-83 Bus. south – Garden City, Scott City
Diamond interchange; western end of concurrency with US-83
69.618 112.039 K-156 (Kansas Avenue) / Mary Street Pair of half-diamond interchanges with one-way ramps connecting Mary Street and K-156
71.156 114.514
US-83 south / US-50 Bus. west (Fulton Street) – Garden City, Liberal
Partial cloverleaf interchange; eastern end of concurrency with US-83
Gray Cimarron 102.427 164.840 K-23 (Main Street) – Meade, Dighton
Ford 116.681 187.780 US-50 east – Dodge City Eastern end of US-50 overlap
119.852 192.883 US-56 west – Sublette Western end of US-56 overlap
123.395 198.585 US-283 south – Minneola, Boot Hill, Front Street Western end of US-283 overlap
Dodge City 126.825 204.105 US-56 east / US-283 north / Trail Street – Jetmore, Kinsley Eastern end of US-56 / US-283 overlap
147.625 237.579 K-34 south – Bucklin
Kiowa 160.797 258.778 US-54 west – Meade Interchange; western end of US-54 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
167.767 269.995 US-183 – Kinsley, Coldwater
Pratt Pratt 199.963 321.809 US-281 – St. John, Medicine Lodge, Airport
201.236 323.858 K-61 north – Hutchinson, Pratt Community College
202.346 325.644 Southeast 25th Avenue – Pratt County Lake Formerly K-64
Kingman 217.105 349.397 170th Avenue – Cunningham Interchange
230.329 370.679 K-11 north – Hutchinson
Kingman 234.554 377.478 K-14 south (North Main Street) – Anthony, Business District, Airport Western end of K-14 overlap
238.301 383.508 40th Avenue Interchange; western end of freeway
239.009 384.648 70th Avenue
244.713 393.827 K-14 north (100th Avenue) – Hutchinson, Murdock Eastern end of K-14 overlap
249.778 401.979 Mount Vernon (150th Avenue)
Sedgwick 252.769 406.792 K-251 (391st West) – Cheney Reservoir
253.769 408.402 383rd West – Cheney
255.819 411.701 343rd West – St. Joe
258.820 416.530 295th West – Garden Plain Interchange; eastern end of freeway; former K-163
Wichita 270.840 435.875 Maize Road Interchange; western end of freeway
271.840 437.484 Tyler Road
272.829 439.076 Ridge Road – Mid-Continent Airport
273.838 440.700 Dugan Road No direct eastbound exit (signed at Ridge Road)
274.303 441.448 I-235 I-235 exit 7
274.840 442.312 West Street
Edwards / Meridian former K-42
Seneca / Sycamore
253.789 408.434 Central Business District
278.459 448.136 Washington Avenue
279.205 449.337 I-135 / US-81 / K-15 – Salina, Oklahoma City I-135 exits 5B-6A
Grove Street Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Oliver / Edgemoor
Woodlawn no direct westbound exit (signed at Armour)
Towne East Drive / Armour
285.943 460.181 Rock Interchange; eastern end of freeway; no direct eastbound exit (signed at Armour)
Kansas Turnpike / I-35 – Oklahoma City, Kansas City Kansas Turnpike exit 50
286.172 460.549 K-96 west to I-35 / Kansas Turnpike – Hutchinson Interchange
Butler Augusta 297.431 478.669 US-77 south (Warren) – Douglass, Winfield Western end of US-77 overlap
302.952 487.554 Haverhill, Smileyberg Interchange
305.143 491.080 US-54 east / US-77 north – El Dorado Interchange; eastern end of US-54 / US-77 overlap
Greenwood 338.268 544.390 K-99 south – Howard Western end of K-99 overlap
339.315 546.075 K-99 north – Emporia, Severy via county road Eastern end of K-99 overlap
Wilson 358.104 576.313 K-39 east – Chanute, Toronto Lake, Cross Timbers State Park
366.496 589.818 K-47 east – Altoona, Fredonia Roundabout
377.295 607.197 US-75 north – Neodesha Interchange; western end of US-75 overlap
Montgomery 381.326 613.685 US-75 south – Independence Interchange; eastern end of US-75 overlap
390.527 628.492 US-169 – Chanute, Coffeyville Interchange
Labette 397.052 638.993 Dennis via county road, Mound Valley via county road, Big Hill Lake Former K-133
Parsons 406.061 653.492 US-59 – Parsons, Erie Interchange
county line
420.172 676.201 K-126 east – McCune
Cherokee 430.148 692.256 K-7 – Girard, Columbus
437.128 703.489 US-69 north / US-160 east / K-171 east – Joplin, MO, Pittsburg Western end of US-69 / US-160 overlap
Cherokee 439.095 706.655 K-103 west – Weir
448.223 721.345 US-69 south / US-160 west – Columbus Eastern end of US-69 / US-160 overlap; western end of US-69 Alt. overlap
455.507 733.067 K-66 east / Beasley Road – Galena Roundabout
457.274 735.911
US-69 Alt. south – Baxter Springs
Eastern end of US-69 Alt. overlap
460.350 740.862 US-166 west – Baxter Springs Western end of US-166 overlap
462.251 743.921 K-26 north – Galena
Kansas–Missouri state line
Missouri Newton 0.936 1.506 I-44 / US 166 ends – Springfield, Tulsa I-44 exit 1; eastern end of US 166 overlap
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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  1. ^ Total mileage is a summation of the state mileages.[2][3][4]
  2. ^ Mileposts reset at state line crossings.[2][3][4]


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