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This is Chifalle (Shi-fall-ee), my master.
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This is Loquih (Low-kwah), my overlord.
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Avalik passed away on October 1, 2010. Please remember her fondly. Condolences can be left here:

 About Me[edit]

 See my userboxes, haha. If you don't want to,  quick summary is I'm a (at the time of writing  this) 19 year old female living in Canada, BC, Vancouver. I'm an anthropomorphic, fantasy and wildlife artist going by the handle 'Avalik' here and everywhere else - if you see an 'Avalik', it's probably me. If you're interested in seeing my art, you can find it right here:

I was born on International Talk Like A Pirate Day. When this came to my discovery via stumbling it was only a click away and I was consequently forever touched by His Noodly Appendage. If you're born on this sacred day, a little tip from me to you: make people talk like pirates the whole day.

This is Lewshun (Loo-shun), my previous slave driver.
Disclaimer: From here on out I'm rambling a bit 'cause I need to type enough for it to be as long as my userbox list.

I love games of all types; board, card, computer and video games alike. One player or multi-player, they are all fine with me. I currently play Eve Online Aion Star Trek Online, Haven and Hearth and Urban Dead for online multiplayer games, though I wish I had the time and money to play other MMORPG's. One-player computer games I play are Spore, Sims 3 and Oblivion on occasion, and Diablo II, Warcraft III, Master of Orion II, and StarCraft on rarer occasions. If I was going to be around for the next releases (I won't be, lame) I would definitely try out Diablo III, StarCraft II and for online games Star Trek Online (yay made this one!).

I don't own an XBOX (now I own an XBOX 360 and play Fable II), PS3, Wii or any video game consoles anymore, though I used to. I decided to donate all of my games and consoles to BC Children's Hospital a few years back, mostly because I was sick of having to replace games and consoles too often (stolen or broken by the other kids I lived with; I'll touch up on that later) not because I was being 'generous'. It was a change for the good, I had so many games that I had several I hadn't even taken out of the package yet ... goddamn Blockbuster's and their really cheap games, I couldn't resist!

Well anyways, when I did have all those things I played Morrowind and Fable quite a bit. I managed to finish a Final Fantasy game, the seventh version, and I had a few others I was playing but never finished. It took me maybe ten years to finish Zelda: Ocarina of Time and perhaps because of that I've never been much of a fan of the Zelda series. I've played many other games on consoles and handhelds (Pokemon!) but I don't feel like mentioning them all. I think I've gone on long enough about games.

I also love animals. Animals of all types, from the cliche wolf or cat to naked mole rats and blobfish. I do have preferences, though ... frogs, the Greater Apes (bonobo and gorilla especially), horses, ferrets, rats, zebras, hippos, donkeys, stags, cheetahs, elephants, belugas and cetaceans in general being just some.

As of writing this I live with a siamese-mix cat named Mimi, but she's not mine she's the landlord's. My own packmates are with one of my parents. You can see photos of two of them on my page, of Loquih and Chifalle. There is also Cleo/Oreo the black cat and Sassy (I named him when I was 5) the tabby. There's also Skittles, a black runt, who my sister has.

If I were to give my full history of packmates I'm sure it would be far too long to keep anyone's attention. Seeing as I need to write a lot more to fill this page, and it's easy for me to write, that is unfortunately for the reader what I will be writing about.

So let's start from the start. First there was Mannoy (Mah-Noy) and ... I can't remember the other one's name. And I can't remember which name matches to who, but it was an Australian Shepherd and a black cat. Both quite unsociable animals. They were already old when I was born. I remember the dog took a green mouse-like stuffy of mine and wouldn't give it back, and then he bit me when I tried to seize it. The dog died under suspicious circumstances. That's about all I remember of them.

Me and my sister chose out kittens after those pets died. My sister got Checkers, a tuxedo cat with two white rings on his tail which I always found unique. I got Ghost, a white cat with a grey dot on his forehead and who had an identical twin. Ghost died within a few days, apparently the pet store we got him from didn't sell the healthiest of cats. While Checkers was still a kitten I then picked out a little raccoon-patterned tabby from a person's "misfortune litter".

I named him Sassy, a tribute to the Sassy from Homeward Bound. I thought if I named him after a "famous cat" he too would be famous, and I thought that'd be a pretty rad life for him.

Anyways, Sassy was a serious cat. He didn't like to play much. Both Checkers and Sassy were pretty serious in my books, though really Checkers had a playful spirit but only for my sister. Both were outdoor cats. While Sassy would jump out of a tub that had a stray mouse in it, Checkers frequently brought his kills to us. Best hunter I've ever met, and I'm rather proud we had such a prolific hunter. There was one animal he wouldn't hunt though, which was Blackie, a wild rabbit who lived under our playhouse. They would oftentimes be found sprawled out on the pavement in the sun, grooming each other.

One day two domestic rabbits escaped from the neighbours and beelined to Blackie's hideout. Someone bred, I don't know who, and then there were baby bunnies. Who were very shortly found lifeless scattered across my sister's bedroom. Blackie died shortly after. I'm still not really sure how Blackie died... risky pregnancy? Did Checkers go bonkers and kill not only the babies but Blackie?

That was the end of the rabbits. Checkers eradicated them, and no others showed up. Around this time I started taking interest in the fish we had. At the time they were fresh water. I believe it was within a year of this that we switched to salt water... which made them a lot more interesting. We made a routine of picking up fish and invertibrates from the fish store and naming them on the way home... everyone would come up with a name for each letter, and usually by the letter R we had found a decent name that we agreed upon. Some of the first fish we had were three blue damsels, Venus the yellow tang, Mr. Clean the Pacific cleaner shrimp being the ones who's species or name I remember.

--- finish another day ---