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For a better formatted list that's still not a table, see C:\ARTICLE_CONFIG_2

  • Over the past 9 years, 1 month and 13 days on the green planet of Earth, I have intermittently wasted my life as follows:

1) RCA Dimensia Created October 5, 2008

2) Power handling

3) Category:Surround sound

4) Avalon Willoughby West now AVA DoBro

5) Digital Command Center

6) Durfee House

7) Dutch Hill/Cohocton Wind Farm (Reported false information)

8) Home audio

9) Marcus Whitman Middle/High School

10) Hall, New York

11) Drag harrow/Spring-tooth harrow

12) Everglades Hotel

13) First Presbyterian Church (Miami, Florida)

14) Rat-tail Splice

15) T-splice

16) Disc harrow

17) Bean harvester

18) Allis-Chalmers 190XT

19) Porsche Design Tower

20) Marantz HD77

21) Biscayne Beach

22) List of tallest buildings in Sunny Isles Beach

23) ÏCE Condominiums at York Centre

24) Colortrak 2000

25) Gleaner Manufacturing Company

26) JL Audio

27) Gravity wagon

28) Seneca Meadows Landfill

29) Brickell House

30) US Drought of 1988 3/20/2009

31) Dolby Atmos

32) Bristol Mountain Ski Resort

33) Ballad of a Teenage Queen* June 1

34) 388 Bridge Street

35) Total system power

36) Shelf stereo

37 Champion Homes

38) Pinball Quest

39) Digital Designs

40) International Harvester 1066

41) Jeddah Tower

42) Song of the South

43 High Cotton

44) Down Home

45) I'm in a Hurry (And Don't Know Why)

46) Southern Star

47) Little Man

48) (Who Says) You Can't Have It All

49) Route capacity

50) Starcraft Marine

51) Crown International

52) Killer Bees (1974 film)

53) SDI Technologies

54) Kenworth W900

55) Center channel

56) Championship Pool

57) The Rocketeer (NES video game)

58) Othello (video game)

59) Tale Spin (video game)

60) MagMax

61) Championship Rally

62) Manhattanization

63) Thiel Audio

64) Cybex International

65) Hacker International

66) Louisiana Saturday Night

67) Rich in Love

68) I'm Countryfied

69) One Thousand Museum

70) Crane Merchandising Systems

71) Duff River

72) MAN Takraf RB293

73) Song for a Winter's Night

74) Brillion Iron Works

75) Dust on the Bottle

76) Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses

77) All-Crop Harvester

78) Mirage (song)

79) Allis-Chalmers D Series

80) Allis-Chalmers Model G

81) Sweet Cherry Wine

82) The Bidwell Bean Thresher Company

83) Big Bud 747

84) Kraco Enterprises

85) Dimensia in Excelsis

86) Nights in White Satin: The Trip

87) I Get That a Lot

88) Dean Markley Strings

89) Forgotten man

90) ProBuild Holdings

91) Arnot Mall

92) Filling station attendant

93) PAETEC Tower

94) Arunas Chesonis

95) Chase Tower (Rochester)

96) John Graham & Company

97) Benjamin Edes

98) Gleaner A85

99) First Federal Plaza

100) Legacy Tower (Rochester, New York) - Bausch

101) Times Square Building (Rochester)

102) Five Star Bank Plaza One HSBC Plaza

103) Hyatt Regency Rochester

104) Saint Michael's of Rochester 14th

105) Caterpillar C13

106) Livewell

107) SkyscraperPage

108) Temple Building (Rochester) 14th

109) YouTube fame Created April 16, 2009

110) Pageant of Steam

111) YMCA Camp Gorham

112) Canandaigua Academy

113) Gorham (hamlet), New York 11/10

114) Lake Hodges

115) Freedman v. Maryland May 19

116) Simpson Park Hammock

117) Torrey Farms 6 links

118) Casa Grande class dock landing ship

119) She Talks to Angels

120) KAFD World Trade Center

121) Extreme 40 August 17

122) Asplundh August 25

123) Pioneer SX-1980 September 3 dec 30

124) LG enV3 (VX9200)

125) Hold Tight! Sept 6

126) Nikko TRM-800

127) Miami River Greenway

128) Duntech Nov 24

129) Marantz 2600

130) Transportation in South Florida

131) Panorama Tower

132) USA Trains

133) Animal print

134) Government Center (Miami)

135) High-tensile chain

136) Television antenna

137) Sony TV8-301

138) Trouble light

139) SLS Brickell

140) Centro Lofts

141) LORAN-C transmitter Seneca

142) The State Tower Building

143) List of tallest buildings in Syracuse, New York

144) List of tallest buildings in Albany, New York

145) Tower 185

146) 1515 Tower

147) List of tallest buildings in Doha, Qatar

148) Allis-Chalmers Model WC

149) Row-crop tractor

150) James Monroe Building

151) Surround channels

152) Al Fardan Residences

153) Valu Home Centers

154) 5.1 surround sound

155) Ebba Mærsk

156) Mærsk E-class container ship

157) Eugen Mærsk

158) 4K resolution

159) Height channels

160) John Deere 4020

161) Hilton Niagara Falls Tower 2

162) John Deere 9630

163) John Deere DB120

164) Stanley, New York

165) List of tallest buildings in Hartford

166) Travelers Tower

167) 400 Fifth Avenue

168) Colonel Patrick O'Rorke Memorial Bridge

169 One World Trade Center (Long Beach)

170) List of tallest buildings in Tel Aviv

171) Vision Tower (Tel Aviv)

172) Flint Creek (New York)

173) List of tallest buildings in Pennsylvania

174) Eleven Times Square

175) List of tallest buildings in Upstate New York

176) List of tallest buildings in California

177) Jade Beach

178) Spire (Denver)

179) Streeter Place

180) List of tallest buildings in Orlando

181) The Setai Hotel and Residences

182) AXA Towers

183) Port of Miami Deep Dredge Project, "PortMiami Deep Dredge Project"

184) Akoya Condominiums

185) Miami Riverwalk

186) Brickell Avenue Bridge

187) List of tallest buildings in Connecticut

188) Sand Patch Grade

189) Brickell World Plaza

190) Canyon Ranch Miami Beach

191) es:Anexo:Rascacielos en Miami

192) Ralston Building

193) Old Chicago Main Post Office Redevelopment

194) 432 Park Avenue

195) Town Center One

196) Icon Bay

197) Paraíso Bay

198) 1010 Brickell

199) Ontario Pathways Rail Trail

200) Melody (building)

201) Miami Worldcenter

202) Petit Douy

203) Manhattan Square Park

204) Dolphin–Palmetto Interchange

205) Murray & Roberts

206) Aria on the Bay

207) Lodgenet

208) XL-100

209) BayLink

210) Le Lignon

211) Alice Wainwright Park

212) Margaret Pace Park

213) SLS Lux

214 Solitair Brickell

215) Portage Viaduct

216) Central Business District (Miami)

217) The Hub (building)

218) High Sheldon Wind Farm

219) 2016 New York drought

220) Tidal flooding

221) Brickell Bayview Center

222) Interstate 85 bridge collapse

223) Market Square Tower

Miami stuff[edit]

To watch:

Watch out for Panasonic DMC-ZS60, 4K video and other new stuff at $450 in March 2016. (


Kingdom Tower was approved for a DYK nomination to appear on the front page of Wikipedia for a day in August, 2011.

Keurig made San Francisco breakfast blend, fairly thin set to 12 oz. 5 creams excellent taste almost a Guinness like aftertaste without the bitterness.

  • I knew it was this keurig that was good, had again and was't that good, wasn't SF blend tho. Had to cream down a lot. Also large water size.

Highland Porridge: 1/2 cup Redmill real ground vs 1/3 to 1 cup water, just over a pinch of salt. Keep just under simmer about 10 mins, at about 8 start phasing in 2% (try whole later - and measure) milk, teaspoon brown sugar. turn off and slow cool while adding more milk to "normal" water consistency if higher ratio. Add brown sugar only to bottom of flavor threshold.

  • Wik15 "tweet" Jan 15, 2015?? "Wikipedia has reached high into the stratosphere towards its lofty goal, set out 15 years ago, of being the sum of all human knowledge. Interpret that as you will, it has, without breaking a sweat, soared past where print encyclopedias had ever dared to go, beyond where they could ever have dreamed to go, and yet has an incredible reserve of potential as we look forward to the next 15 years. "

Yer try to come up with something eloquent and twitter cuts it off? B137 (talk) 08:44, 15 January 2016 (UTC)

User:Hebrides is User:JamesBouquin, no talk page latter, probably a user page safe.

*Important subway question:[edit]

The Washington Metro had some problems with capacity with the Silver Line in the beginning due to triple line sharing. Also the Red Line incident incurred manual train operation. I feel bad, when I was in Washington, I told somebody that most accidents are the fault of manual operation and that the unions inhibit progress by not allowing ATO and CBTC-related things. Anyway, Metro trains are still allowed to get within easy sight of each other, seeing the red tail lights down the tunnel, and the status countdown clocks indicate that they get within a rounding error of one minute of each other. That would indicate that they could run a little more than six minute peak headway each line, giving them two minutes front-to-front of train on the shared Orange/Blue/Silver track section. Just under 2 minute blocks are respectable, whatever system they are, but are not the 1 minute to 90 second blocks with modern CBTC and moving blocks etc. Does the Washington Metro use the same tech as the non-CBTC NYC Subway portions, just built with more/closer/smaller blocks?

Metrorail express suggestion[edit]

The Miami Metrorail since December has had an "express" train service, four in the morning, and four in the afternoon to/from downtown to key far away stations, but they only have two tracks. Basically a train takes off at the last minute from downtown just before the next train catches up, then skips all stations, only slowing a little, until it slows more when it gets very close to the train before it. It only saves about four or five minutes, 15 minutes vs 19, so this could all happen pretty easily within the peak five minute headway. This headway is not uniform, sometimes a few trains will be closer then a few will be more than five minutes each. There is a pocket track half way between downtown and the southern end of the line, just south of Douglas Road station, where there is a third middle track. It would cause a minute delay for a train, but if the preceding non-express train could pull in there, it would be perfect for letting the express by, so it would never have to slow down except for station-passing safety. This would allow NO regular trains to be "taken out" of service to become an express train at downtown, where it can operate in an up-to-10-minute gap between trains. If headway could be as low as one minute, the three minute free space between trains would be enough to get to Douglas Road, where it would pass the pocketed regular train, and have four more minutes to speed on to the end of the line, where the NEXT ahead train would have already gotten to the end and had just enough time to switch back to the northbound rail. Downtown to the end is only about 10 miles, and the trains can go nearly 60, so with just a little slowing for stations, this could allow the express to do it in 12 minutes, nearly halving the normal 19 minute time. From downtown to the north end, I'm pretty sure no such middle track exists to do the passing maneuver, but a one minute possible headway would still help. What system does the Miami Metro use? I have perused here in search and found jargon and some purportion that it is some "level" of either or both of ATC and/or ATO, but didn't find anything I'd call definitive, and could find no other sources for this info.

Thanks a lot in advance.

miami herald news tip[edit]

Hi, I have many photos and videos of the drama on Miami Beach for the king tides, including mobile pumps dispatched after major flooding on two blocks near the collins canal that filled a low garage being poorly maintained. The photos are freely licensed, as are the videos. Most are public domain you don't even have to give credit. While the pumps were operating correctly, the giant fire hose size hoses were not properly set up, they were blasting themselves out of the canal and onto the street. they are hard to handle, with almost the power of a fire hose. I also have a long video (10 mins) of the garage flooding in real time. The one at Sunshine Bay 1441 lincoln court. I also have video from the previous tide to the one that flooded it warning them that it would happen. I guaranteed them that it would happen. I am not putting links here in case it blocks the message due to an old fashioned out of date blocker you might have in today's sharing economy. Just email me, my phone is not the first choice I mostly have it turned off.

BTW here is a direct link to just Flickr videos: