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This is a subpage of Wikipedia:Requested moves, from which a set of proposals and long discussion on them have been moved in order to reduce traffic on that page.

The reason for all of these moves is the same: according to WP:CAPS and WP:MUSTARD, prepositions under four letters aren't capitalized in titles. The following hidden list contains almost all of the prepositions that shouldn't be capitalized under the five-letter cutoff rule (that is, if they are being used as prepositions):

A huge list of prepositions

Here are a lot of words that can be used as prepositions:

This policy is being discussed here and here. Xnux the Echidna 00:24, 10 August 2008 (UTC)


"like" articles[edit]

Main list[edit]

Two-part phrasal "like"s[edit]

I'm fairly sure that these instances of "like" are part of two-part phrasal verbs (which are capitalized, according to WP:MUSTARD. I'm not quite sure, although an English grammar expert might be able to clarify it.