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The Volkswagen Group C platform is a series of extended midsize automobile platforms from the German automotive concern Volkswagen Group. It has been used for luxury automobiles under the Audi marque. It is the Group's oldest platform, having started with the Audi 100 in 1969.


1969–1976. C1 (F104) platform cars:


1976–1984. C2 (Typ 43) platform cars:


1983–1992. C3 (Typ 44) platform cars:

  • Audi 100 (Audi 5000 in US 1983–1988, Audi 100 thereafter) (Audi 400 in South Africa)
  • Audi 200 (1985–1990) (Audi 5000 in USA 1983–1988, Audi 200 thereafter) (Audi 500 in South Africa)
  • FAW Hongqi CA7200


1991–1997. C4 (Typ 4A) platform cars:


1997–2004. C5 platform cars:


2004–2011. C6 (Typ 4F) platform cars:


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