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The Volkswagen Group New Small Family platform (NSF) (also known as Typ AA or PQ12 platform) is a range of ultra-compact city cars manufactured by Volkswagen Group launched in late 2011,[1] based on the Volkswagen up! concept cars[2] shown at 2007's Frankfurt and Tokyo motor shows. Although the up! concept car had a rear-engine design, the NSF's platform is front-engined, according to reports,[3] in order to reduce investment costs. The range will consist of a short wheelbase three-door hatchback and a five-door version. A hybrid version was touted to join the range but never did. The NSF Platform was offered with electric powertrains in the E-Up, Citigo and Mii.

The cars are built in Slovakia at the Group's Devínska Nová Ves plant near Bratislava, Volkswagen Group planned to invest 308 million Euros (about $398.56 million) in readying the plant for the project.[4] NSF models will be badged as Volkswagens, SEATs and Škodas,[4] It has also been reported that Audi is planning a version of the NSF, tentatively named E1, with a distinctively-styled body and interior.[5]

Volkswagen Group expects to build 4.5 million NSF cars in the model's anticipated nine-year life.

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