Am Shalem

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Am Shalem
עם שלם
Leader Haim Amsalem
Chairman Moshe Tzafarti
Founded 14 April 2011
Split from Shas
Ideology Religious conservatism, Zionism
Political position Centre-right
Most MKs 1 (2011)
Fewest MKs 0 (2013)
Election symbol

Am Shalem (Hebrew: עם שלם‎‎, "Whole Nation") was a political party in Israel.


The party was established on 14 April 2011 by Knesset member Haim Amsalem, five months after he was expelled from Shas, and took its name from the Hebrew translation of his surname.[1] Shortly after its formation, the party announced that it would launch "Operation Ten Thousand", to get 10,000 new members to join the movement. It is chaired by Moshe Tzafarti.[2]

Receiving 1.3% of the vote, the party failed to pass the electoral threshold in the 2013 Knesset elections, resulting in Amsalem losing his seat.[3]


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