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Welcome to this medicine task force. If you have any questions about articles or are generally seeking advice, you're encouraged to ask at the Medicine talk page, the centralized point for discussion, thank you.

Welcome to the Ophthalmology task force for WikiProject Medicine. We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of ophthalmology, the field of medicine relating to the eye. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list.

Getting started[edit]

If you are new to Wikipedia, you can learn about the project and how to edit by reading this brief introduction. If you are looking to help improve the coverage of ophthalmology on Wikipedia, you could start by working on a condition from any of the three lists below. You might also consider adopting a task on the to-do list in the "open tasks" section below.

Open tasks[edit]

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Ophthalmology task force:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:


The following ophthalmology articles have image requests:

If you are considering adding an image, please remember the following:

  • Images should enhance an article by featuring its subject.
  • The quality of an image is always more important than the quantity of images included.
  • When possible, use free images uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons.
  • Only high quality photos should be used. Wikipedia:Featured picture criteria outlines what defines a quality image.

Nuvola apps kate.pngArticles[edit]

Featured articles[edit]

The following articles have appeared as "Today's featured article" on the Main Page:

Did you know?[edit]

The following articles have appeared in the "Did you know?" section of the Main Page:

Ophthalmology article assessment[edit]


Most of the articles included in the categories below are within the scope of Wikiproject Ophthalmology.


Project notice[edit]

The template for marking an article as part of the Ophthalmology task force is part of the WikiProject Medicine banner, {{WPMED}}. It can be inserted into an article's talkpage with:

{{WPMED |class= |importance= |ophthalmology=yes |ophthalmology-imp= }}

The first "importance" parameter is the subject's importance to the overall field of medicine, according to the guidelines here. The importance of a subject to the field of ophthalmology should be listed with the "ophthalmology-imp" parameter. The appearance of the template is as follows:

WikiProject Medicine / Ophthalmology (Rated Project-class)
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Medicine. Please visit the project page for details or ask questions at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Medicine.
 Project  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.
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This page is supported by the Ophthalmology task force (marked as Low-importance).

Project members[edit]

Please remember to also add your name to the main list of project members if you are not yet listed there.