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Bird, Variegated Fairy-wren, Malurus lamberti

The Variegated Fairywren is a fairywren that lives in diverse habitats spread across most of Australia. Four subspecies are recognised. Exhibiting a high degree of sexual dimorphism, the brightly coloured breeding male has chestnut shoulders and blue crown and ear coverts, while non-breeding males, females and juveniles have predominantly grey-brown plumage. Notably, females of the two subspecies rogersi and dulcis have mainly blue-grey plumage. Like other fairywrens, the Variegated Fairywren is a cooperative breeding species, with small groups of birds maintaining and defending small territories year-round. Groups consist of a socially monogamous pair with several helper birds who assist in raising the young. Male wrens pluck yellow petals and display them to females as part of a courtship display. These birds are primarily insectivorous and forage and live in the shelter of scrubby vegetation across 90% of continental Australia, which is a wider range than that of any other fairywren. (more...)

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A blackeye goby

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January 21: Feast Day of Saint Agnes (Christianity); Flag Day in Quebec; National Hug Day in the United States

Sir Isaac Isaacs

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Coreidae nymph

A nymph of an unidentified species from the Coreidae family, known colloquially in North America as "squash bugs", because some species, such as Anasa tristis, are pests of squash plants and other curcubits. There are over 1,800 coreid species found throughout the world, mostly inhabiting tropical and subtropical regions.

Photo: Muhammad Mahdi Karim

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