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"WP:DEFUNCT" redirects here. For examples of arguments to avoid in deletion discussions about an article's subject no longer existing, see WP:DEFUNCTS.
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Welcome to the Defunct Airlines task force! This is a task force dedicated to the expansion of articles on defunct airlines, and most importantly listing destinations served by those defunct airlines. There is a List of defunct airlines on Wikipedia and a Defunct airlines category, but that list is incomplete, and many articles already in place about defunct airlines do not have their former destinations.

Join us in this task force!



To include an article in this task force, add the following to its talk page: {{WPAVIATION|Defunct=yes}}.

  • All defunct airline articles should discuss a brief history of that airline, such as where it was headquartered, where it held a hub, and how it eventually folded or merged with another airline.
  • All articles should have a list of destinations formerly served, and an asterisk (*) should be placed next to all airports which no longer have scheduled airline service.
  • If available, we should gain pictures of past logos, timetable images, or fleet images of the airline to include in the articles.
  • If available, articles should also include former fleet information, though this may be difficult to find.

How can you help[edit]

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• For this project to work, we need to find as much as possible about past airlines. Many of the sources may not even be on the internet. Please see the resources section for websites that may aid us in this task.
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