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Wikipe-tan cleaning up Wikipedia articles.

This is a subpage of the cleanup task force of WikiProject Anime and manga. This task force focuses on improving the quality of Wikipedia's anime and manga articles and ensuring that they comply with the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia. This page provides a link to a list of articles tagged as having problems which require clean up.

If you'd like to "sign up" to fix one of these articles, please note that you are working on the article at our Current cleanup projects list. When you're finished addressing an issue in an article, please strike or remove it from the lists.

While you can not edit the list as it is auto generated, You can instead list an article for cleanup at the cleanup task force if you feel it needs cleanup.


Cleanup List[edit]

Cleanup listing for WikiProject Anime and manga as of November 7, 2017.

Of the 15208 articles in this project 5042 or 33% are marked for cleanup, with 7874 issues in total.

Anime and manga cleanup listing (External link).