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ikiProject Conflict Resolution Please visit our sister projects, WP:WER, WP:WPDR, and WP:TH.

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This project is for addressing the ever changing needs of the general community, and provide a positive environment to discuss ways to resolve conduct/conflict issues between editors. Any editor is welcome to participate in helping find solutions that are specifically geared for helping resolve conflicts as a step in retaining editors. Some of the topics are controversial and contentious. Participants should strive to remain civil at all times. This is not a place to carry on grudges. If you participate here you agree that the goal is not to place blame, but to resolve the conflict in the best way possible.
This page is in development.

Welcome to WikiProject Conflict Resolution, a collaboration of editors, helping to improve conflict resolution on the English Wikipedia. If you would like to help, please join the project or join the discussion on the talk page.

Many times editor disputes that may begin as content disputes become overheated and drag on for an unhealthy period. Wikipedia offers several routes for editors to deal with content issues and form consensus on how to resolve them. Conflict can be disruptive. Conduct concerns by editors can clog up the DR process and cause extra work for administrators, the mediation and arbitration committees as well as almost all noticeboards.

This project will attempt to create outlets, discussions and other needed tools and venues for editors to resolve conflict as much as possible. Incivility is not the issue for this project. Conflicts are to be determined by length of discussion, duration or size and the number of editors involved.


These goals are still being developed

  • Grow the ranks of editors who are active in conflict resolution, to increase the amount of conflicts that get handled properly and resolved, as opposed to getting mismanaged or ignored, resulting in escalation.
  • Make conflict resolution more streamlined and less "processy" while maintaining a structure and ground rules. *Provide assistance where we can to help editors work with each other to sort out their problems and disagreements in a respectful manner.
  • Work with other venues to improve the quality of editor interaction whan at all possible.


The scope of this project is still being developed

  • Improve visibility of Wikipedia conflicts (Make it easier for people to access CR and for mediators to find the conflicts to help resolve them)
  • Improve the understanding of users who work in conduct/conflict resolution, with ways to tackle and resolve a variety of disputes.


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest. If you want, you can add our user box: {{Template:User WPCONRES}}

to your userpage to indicate your participation.

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