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This list of high schools and cities is part of WikiProject Missing Articles.

  1. Adrian High School (Missouri)Adrian, Missouri
  2. Advance High SchoolAdvance, Missouri
  3. Albany High SchoolAlbany, Missouri
  4. Santa Fe High SchoolAlma, Missouri
  5. Alton High SchoolAlton, Missouri
  6. Miami High SchoolAmoret, Missouri
  7. McDonald County High SchoolAnderson, Missouri
  8. South Iron High SchoolAnnapolis, Missouri
  9. Appleton City High SchoolAppleton City, Missouri
  10. Archie High SchoolArchie, Missouri
  11. Ash Grove High SchoolAsh Grove, Missouri
  12. Southern Boone High SchoolAshland, Missouri
  13. Atlanta High School (Missouri)Atlanta, Missouri
  14. Aurora High SchoolAurora, Missouri
  15. Ava High SchoolAva, Missouri
  16. South Nodaway High SchoolBarnard, Missouri
  17. Bell City High School (Missouri)Bell City, Missouri
  18. Belle High SchoolBelle, Missouri
  19. Thomas W. Kelly High SchoolBenton, Missouri
  20. Bernie High SchoolBernie, Missouri
  21. South Harrison High SchoolBethany, Missouri
  22. Bevier High SchoolBevier, Missouri
  23. Billings High SchoolBillings, Missouri
  24. Bismarck High SchoolBismarck, Missouri
  25. Bloomfield High SchoolBloomfield, Missouri
  26. Blue Eye High SchoolBlue Eye, Missouri
  27. Blue Springs South High SchoolBlue Springs, Missouri
  28. Blue Springs High SchoolBlue Springs, Missouri
  29. Bolivar High SchoolBolivar, Missouri
  30. Boonville High SchoolBoonville, Missouri
  31. Bourbon High SchoolBourbon, Missouri
  32. Bowling Green High School (Missouri)Bowling Green, Missouri
  33. Branson High SchoolBranson, Missouri
  34. Braymer High SchoolBraymer, Missouri
  35. Brookfield High SchoolBrookfield, Missouri
  36. Twin Rivers High SchoolBroseley, Missouri
  37. Brunswick High School (Missouri)Brunswick, Missouri
  38. Buffalo High SchoolBuffalo, Missouri
  39. Bunceton High SchoolBunceton, Missouri
  40. Bunker High SchoolBunker, Missouri
  41. Ballard High SchoolButler, Missouri
  42. Butler High SchoolButler, Missouri
  43. Cabool High SchoolCabool, Missouri
  44. Northeast High SchoolCairo, Missouri
  45. Calhoun High SchoolCalhoun, Missouri
  46. California High SchoolCalifornia, Missouri
  47. Camdenton High SchoolCamdenton, Missouri
  48. Cameron High SchoolCameron, Missouri
  49. California High SchoolCampbell, Missouri
  50. Canton High School (Missouri)Canton, Missouri
  51. Notre Dame Regional High SchoolCape Girardeau, Missouri
  52. Carl Junction High SchoolCarl Junction, Missouri
  53. Caruthersville High SchoolCaruthersville, Missouri
  54. Cassville High SchoolCassville, Missouri
  55. Mark Twain High SchoolCenter, Missouri
  56. Crest Ridge High SchoolCenterview, Missouri
  57. Centralia High School (Missouri)Centralia, Missouri
  58. Chadwick High SchoolChadwick, Missouri
  59. Chaffee Junior-Senior High SchoolChaffee, Missouri
  60. Chamois High SchoolChamois, Missouri
  61. Chillicothe High School (Missouri)Chillicothe, Missouri
  62. Clopton High SchoolClarksville, Missouri
  63. Midway High SchoolCleveland, Missouri
  64. Clever High SchoolClever, Missouri
  65. Clinton High SchoolClinton, Missouri
  66. Cole Camp High SchoolCole Camp, Missouri
  67. Concordia High SchoolConcordia, Missouri
  68. St. Paul Lutheran High SchoolConcordia, Missouri
  69. Conway High SchoolConway, Missouri
  70. Cooter High SchoolCooter, Missouri
  71. Craig High SchoolCraig, Missouri
  72. Crane High School (Missouri)Crane, Missouri
  73. Sherwood High SchoolCreighton, Missouri
  74. Crocker High SchoolCrocker, Missouri
  75. Crystal City High SchoolCrystal City, Missouri
  76. Cuba High SchoolCuba, Missouri
  77. Dadeville High SchoolDadeville, Missouri
  78. De Soto High SchoolDe Soto, Missouri
  79. North Platte High SchoolDearborn, Missouri
  80. Lakeland High SchoolDeepwater, Missouri
  81. Delta High School (Missouri)Deering, Missouri
  82. De Kalb Junior-Senior High SchoolDe Kalb, Missouri
  83. Dexter High SchoolDexter, Missouri
  84. Dixon High SchoolDixon, Missouri
  85. Doniphan High SchoolDoniphan, Missouri
  86. Drexel High SchoolDrexel, Missouri
  87. North Harrison High SchoolEagleville, Missouri
  88. East Prairie High SchoolEast Prairie, Missouri
  89. Knox County High SchoolEdina, Missouri
  90. El Dorado Springs High SchoolEl Dorado Springs, Missouri
  91. Eldon High SchoolEldon, Missouri
  92. Southern High SchoolEllington, Missouri
  93. East Carter High SchoolEllsinore, Missouri
  94. Elsberry High SchoolElsberry, Missouri
  95. Eminence High SchoolEminence, Missouri
  96. Russellville High SchoolRussellville, Missouri
  97. Everton High SchoolEverton, Missouri
  98. Highland Junior-Senior High SchoolEwing, Missouri
  99. Excelsior Springs High SchoolExcelsior Springs, Missouri
  100. Excelsior Springs Tech High SchoolExcelsior Springs, Missouri
  101. Exeter High SchoolExeter, Missouri
  102. Fair Play High SchoolFair Play, Missouri
  103. Middle-Buchanan High SchoolFaucett, Missouri
  104. Fayette High SchoolFayette, Missouri
  105. Rockwood Summit High SchoolFenton, Missouri
  106. Festus High SchoolFestus, Missouri
  107. North Technical High SchoolFlorissant, Missouri
  108. St. Thomas Aquinas Mercy High SchoolFlorissant, Missouri
  109. Fordland High SchoolFordland, Missouri
  110. Fredericktown High SchoolFredericktown, Missouri
  111. Fulton High SchoolFulton, Missouri
  112. Gainesville High SchoolGainesville, Missouri
  113. Gallatin High School (Missouri)Gallatin, Missouri
  114. Glasgow High School (Missouri)Glasgow, Missouri
  115. Golden City High SchoolGolden City, Missouri
  116. East Buchanan High School (Missouri)Gower, Missouri
  117. Grain Valley High SchoolGrain Valley, Missouri
  118. East Newton High SchoolGranby, Missouri
  119. Grandview High School (Grandview, Missouri)Grandview, Missouri
  120. Worth County High SchoolGrant City, Missouri
  121. Green City High SchoolGreen City, Missouri
  122. Green Ridge High SchoolGreen Ridge, Missouri
  123. Greenfield High SchoolGreenfield, Missouri
  124. Greenville High School (Missouri)Greenville, Missouri
  125. Hale High School (Missouri)Hale, Missouri
  126. Halfway Secondary SchoolHalfway, Missouri
  127. Penney High SchoolHamilton, Missouri
  128. Hannibal High SchoolHannibal, Missouri
  129. Hardin-Central High SchoolHardin, Missouri
  130. Harrisburg High SchoolHarrisburg, Missouri
  131. Harrisonville High SchoolHarrisonville, Missouri
  132. Hartville High SchoolHartville, Missouri
  133. Hayti High SchoolHayti, Missouri
  134. Herculaneum High SchoolHerculaneum, Missouri
  135. Hermann High SchoolHermann, Missouri
  136. Hermitage High School (Missouri)Hermitage, Missouri
  137. Grandview High School (Hillsboro, Missouri)Hillsboro, Missouri
  138. Hillsboro High SchoolHillsboro, Missouri
  139. Holcomb High SchoolHolcomb, Missouri
  140. Holden High School (Missouri)Holden, Missouri
  141. Hollister High SchoolHollister, Missouri
  142. Northwest High SchoolHouse Springs, Missouri
  143. Houston High School (Missouri)Houston, Missouri
  144. Northwest High SchoolHughesville, Missouri
  145. Westran High SchoolHuntsville, Missouri
  146. Iberia High SchoolIberia, Missouri
  147. Arcadia Valley High SchoolIronton, Missouri
  148. Jackson High School (Missouri)Jackson, Missouri
  149. Jasper High SchoolJasper, Missouri
  150. Blair Oaks High SchoolJefferson City, Missouri
  151. Jennings High School (Missouri)Jennings, Missouri
  152. College Heights Christian SchoolJoplin, Missouri
  153. Clark County High School (Missouri)Kahoka, Missouri
  154. Bishop Hogan High SchoolKansas City, Missouri
  155. Center High School (Missouri)Kansas City, Missouri
  156. Hickman Mills High SchoolKansas City, Missouri
  157. Lutheran High SchoolKansas City, Missouri
  158. Northeast High SchoolKansas City, Missouri
  159. St. Teresa's AcademyKansas City, Missouri
  160. Kearney High School (Missouri)Kearney, Missouri
  161. Kennett High School (Missouri)Kennett, Missouri
  162. Keytesville High SchoolKeytesville, Missouri
  163. King City High School (Missouri)King City, Missouri
  164. Kingsville High SchoolKingsville, Missouri
  165. La Monte High SchoolLa Monte, Missouri
  166. La Plata High School (Missouri)La Plata, Missouri
  167. Community High SchoolLaddonia, Missouri
  168. Schuyler County High SchoolLancaster, Missouri
  169. Laquey High SchoolLaquey, Missouri
  170. Lathrop High SchoolLathrop, Missouri
  171. Lawson High SchoolLawson, Missouri
  172. West County High SchoolLeadwood, Missouri
  173. Lebanon High School (Missouri)Lebanon, Missouri
  174. St. Michael the Archangel High School (Lee's Summit)Lee's Summit, Missouri
  175. Leopold High SchoolLeopold, Missouri
  176. Lexington High SchoolLexington, Missouri
  177. Licking High SchoolLicking, Missouri
  178. Lincoln High SchoolLincoln, Missouri
  179. Linn High SchoolLinn, Missouri
  180. Lockwood High SchoolLockwood, Missouri
  181. Louisiana High SchoolLouisiana, Missouri
  182. Southwest High SchoolLudlow, Missouri
  183. Macon High SchoolMacon, Missouri
  184. Malden High SchoolMalden, Missouri
  185. Mansfield High SchoolMansfield, Missouri
  186. Maplewood-Richmond Heights High SchoolMaplewood, Missouri
  187. Woodland High School (Missouri)Marble Hill, Missouri
  188. Marceline High SchoolMarceline, Missouri
  189. Marionville High SchoolMarionville, Missouri
  190. Marquand-Zion High SchoolMarquand, Missouri
  191. Marshall Senior High School (Missouri)Marshall, Missouri
  192. Marshfield High SchoolMarshfield, Missouri
  193. Maysville Junior-Senior High SchoolMaysville, Missouri
  194. Meadville High SchoolMeadville, Missouri
  195. Scotland County R-1 High SchoolMemphis, Missouri
  196. Northwestern High SchoolMendon, Missouri
  197. Mercer High SchoolMercer, Missouri
  198. Mexico High SchoolMexico, Missouri
  199. Milan High School (Missouri)Milan, Missouri
  200. Moberly High SchoolMoberly, Missouri
  201. Monett High SchoolMonett, Missouri
  202. Monroe City High SchoolMonroe City, Missouri
  203. Holt County High SchoolMound City, Missouri
  204. Mountain Grove High SchoolMountain Grove, Missouri
  205. Liberty High SchoolMountain View, Missouri
  206. Mount Vernon High SchoolMount Vernon, Missouri
  207. Neelyville High SchoolNeelyville, Missouri
  208. Neosho High SchoolNeosho, Missouri
  209. Nevada High SchoolNevada, Missouri
  210. Callaway County High SchoolNew Bloomfield, Missouri
  211. New Franklin High SchoolNew Franklin, Missouri
  212. New Haven High School (Missouri)New Haven, Missouri
  213. Central High SchoolNew Madrid, Missouri
  214. Newburg High SchoolNewburg, Missouri
  215. Newtown-Harris High SchoolNewtown, Missouri
  216. Niangua High SchoolNiangua, Missouri
  217. Nixa High SchoolNixa, Missouri
  218. Norborne High SchoolNorborne, Missouri
  219. Norwood High SchoolNorwood, Missouri
  220. Adair County R-I High SchoolNovinger, Missouri
  221. Oak Grove High SchoolOak Grove, Missouri
  222. Odessa High School (Missouri)Odessa, Missouri
  223. St. Dominic High SchoolO'Fallon, Missouri
  224. Oran High SchoolOran, Missouri
  225. South Holt High SchoolOregon, Missouri
  226. Orrick High SchoolOrrick, Missouri
  227. School of the OsageOsage Beach, Missouri
  228. Osborn High SchoolOsborn, Missouri
  229. Osceola Junior-Senior High SchoolOsceola, Missouri
  230. Otterville High SchoolOtterville, Missouri
  231. Owensville High School (Missouri)Owensville, Missouri
  232. Ozark High SchoolOzark, Missouri
  233. Pacific High SchoolPacific, Missouri
  234. Palmyra High School (Missouri)Palmyra, Missouri
  235. Paris High School (Paris, Missouri)Paris, Missouri
  236. Central High SchoolPark Hills, Missouri
  237. Meadow Heights High SchoolPatton, Missouri
  238. Raymore-Peculiar High SchoolPeculiar, Missouri
  239. Perryville High School (Missouri)Perryville, Missouri
  240. St. Vincent High SchoolPerryville, Missouri
  241. Marion County High SchoolPhiladelphia, Missouri
  242. Clearwater High School (Missouri)Piedmont, Missouri
  243. Pierce City High SchoolPierce City, Missouri
  244. Cooper County High SchoolPilot Grove, Missouri
  245. Plato High SchoolPlato, Missouri
  246. Platte City High SchoolPlatte City, Missouri
  247. Plattsburg High SchoolPlattsburg, Missouri
  248. Polo High SchoolPolo, Missouri
  249. Poplar Bluff High SchoolPoplar Bluff, Missouri
  250. Portageville High SchoolPortageville, Missouri
  251. Potosi High SchoolPotosi, Missouri
  252. Prairie Home High SchoolPrairie Home, Missouri
  253. Princeton Junior-Senior High SchoolPrinceton, Missouri
  254. Linn County High SchoolPurdin, Missouri
  255. Purdy High SchoolPurdy, Missouri
  256. Puxico High SchoolPuxico, Missouri
  257. Northeast Nodaway High SchoolRavenwood, Missouri
  258. Reeds Spring High SchoolReeds Spring, Missouri
  259. Republic High SchoolRepublic, Missouri
  260. Rich Hill High SchoolRich Hill, Missouri
  261. Richland High SchoolRichland, Missouri
  262. Ridgeway High School (Missouri)Ridgeway, Missouri
  263. Risco High SchoolRisco, Missouri
  264. Logan-Rogersville High SchoolRogersville, Missouri
  265. Russellville High SchoolRussellville, Missouri
  266. Salem High SchoolSalem, Missouri
  267. Salisbury High SchoolSalisbury, Missouri
  268. Scott City High SchoolScott City, Missouri
  269. Senath-Hornersville High SchoolSenath, Missouri
  270. Seneca High SchoolSeneca, Missouri
  271. Seymour High SchoolSeymour, Missouri
  272. North Shelby High SchoolShelbyville, Missouri
  273. Silex High SchoolSilex, Missouri
  274. Slater High SchoolSlater, Missouri
  275. Smithville High SchoolSmithville, Missouri
  276. Rosary High SchoolSpanish Lake, Missouri
  277. Spokane High SchoolSpokane, Missouri
  278. New Covenant Academy (Missouri)Springfield, Missouri
  279. Soldan International StudiesSt. Louis, Missouri
  280. St. Clair High SchoolSt. Clair, Missouri
  281. St. Elizabeth High SchoolSt. Elizabeth, Missouri
  282. John F. Hodge High SchoolSt. James, Missouri
  283. Beaumont High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  284. Central High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  285. Gateway High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  286. Hancock High School (Missouri)St. Louis, Missouri
  287. Northwest High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  288. Principia High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  289. Ritenour High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  290. Riverview Gardens High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  291. Roosevelt High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  292. St. Elizabeth AcademySt. Louis, Missouri
  293. St. John the Baptist College Preparatory High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  294. St. Joseph Institute for the DeafSt. Louis, Missouri
  295. Vianney High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  296. Stanberry High SchoolStanberry, Missouri
  297. Ste. Genevieve High SchoolSte. Genevieve, Missouri
  298. South Pemiscot High SchoolSteele, Missouri
  299. Steelville High SchoolSteelville, Missouri
  300. Stockton High SchoolStockton, Missouri
  301. Stoutland High SchoolStoutland, Missouri
  302. Strafford High SchoolStrafford, Missouri
  303. Sturgeon High SchoolSturgeon, Missouri
  304. Sullivan High School (Missouri)Sullivan, Missouri
  305. Summersville High SchoolSummersville, Missouri
  306. South Technical High SchoolSunset Hills, Missouri
  307. Sweet Springs High SchoolSweet Springs, Missouri
  308. Tarkio High SchoolTarkio, Missouri
  309. Thayer High SchoolThayer, Missouri
  310. Tina-Avalon High SchoolTina, Missouri
  311. Tipton High SchoolTipton, Missouri
  312. Trenton High School (Missouri)Trenton, Missouri
  313. Union Star High SchoolUnion Star, Missouri
  314. Putnam County High SchoolUnionville, Missouri
  315. Skyline High SchoolUrbana, Missouri
  316. Valley Park High SchoolValley Park, Missouri
  317. Vandalia High SchoolVandalia, Missouri
  318. Morgan County High SchoolVersailles, Missouri
  319. Viburum High SchoolViburnum, Missouri
  320. Vienna High SchoolVienna, Missouri
  321. Walnut Grove High SchoolWalnut Grove, Missouri
  322. North Pemiscot High SchoolWardell, Missouri
  323. Grandview High School (Ware, Missouri)Ware, Missouri
  324. Warsaw High SchoolWarsaw, Missouri
  325. Southwest High SchoolWashburn, Missouri
  326. Waynesville High SchoolWaynesville, Missouri
  327. Weaubleau High SchoolWeaubleau, Missouri
  328. Wellington-Napoleon High SchoolWellington, Missouri
  329. West Plains High SchoolWest Plains, Missouri
  330. West Platte High SchoolWeston, Missouri
  331. Wheatland High SchoolWheatland, Missouri
  332. Willow Springs High SchoolWillow Springs, Missouri
  333. Windsor High SchoolWindsor, Missouri
  334. Winona High SchoolWinona, Missouri
  335. Winston High SchoolWinston, Missouri
  336. Wright City High SchoolWright City, Missouri
  337. Zalma High SchoolZalma, Missouri
  338. Lutheran High School St. Charles CountySaint Peters, Missouri
  339. McAuley Catholic High SchoolJoplin, Missouri
  340. Timberland High SchoolWentzville, Missouri
  341. Wellsville High SchoolWellsville, Missouri
  342. West Nodaway High SchoolSkidmore, Missouri
  343. Fatima High SchoolWestphalia, Missouri
  344. Carrollton High SchoolCarrollton, Missouri
  345. Lutheran High-St. CharlesSt. Peters, Missouri
  346. Heartland High SchoolBelton, Missouri
  347. Hallsville High SchoolHallsville, Missouri
  348. Winfield R-IV High SchoolWinfield, Missouri
  349. New Life AcademyBranson, Missouri
  350. Christian Academy of Greater St. LouisSt. Louis, Missouri
  351. Chilhowee High SchoolChilhowee, Missouri
  352. South Shelby High SchoolShelbina, Missouri
  353. Blue Ridge Christian SchoolKansas City, Missouri
  354. Center Place Restoration SchoolIndependence, Missouri
  355. Hogan Preparatory AcademyKansas City, Missouri
  356. Career AcademySt. Louis, Missouri
  357. Bosworth High SchoolBosworth, Missouri
  358. Life Christian High SchoolSunset Hills, Missouri
  359. North Nodaway Junior-Senior High SchoolHopkins, Missouri
  360. Saxony Lutheran High SchoolCape Girardeau, Missouri
  361. Gateway Christian High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  362. Lafeyette High SchoolChesterfield, Missouri
  363. Plaza Heights Christian AcademyBlue Springs, Missouri
  364. Kingston High SchoolCadet, Missouri
  365. New Madrid County Central High SchoolNew Madrid, Missouri
  366. Van-Far High SchoolVandalia, Missouri
  367. Sumner High SchoolKansas City, Missouri
  368. Rosary High SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  369. Mary Institute and Country Day SchoolSt. Louis, Missouri
  370. Adair County R-II High SchoolBrashear, Missouri


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