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Proposals, March 2009

Please check how many articles qualify for a stub type before proposing it.

If (after approval) you create a stub type, please be sure to add it to the list of stub types. This page will be archived in its entirety once all discussions have been closed; there is no need to move them to another page.

Category:Philosopher stubs

Category:Jamaican sportspeople stubs




Create templates by country for economists

Split of Category:Yorkshire and the Humber school stubs

Category:Chinese figure skating biography stubs

Split of Category:Hospital stubs

Category:Croatian football club stubs

UPmerged template has >60 articles. Propose category. Speedy?Waacstats (talk) 16:31, 27 March 2009 (UTC)

Category:United States motorcycle sport biography stubs


Speedy Category:An Giang geography stubs

Russian volleyball biographies

Category:German volleyball biography stubs

Parliamentary Procedure

Split of US-road-stubs

Split involving sportspeople

Speedy Category:Uruguayan sportspeople stubs

Speedy Category:Chilean sportspeople stubs

split of politicians

Grisons -> Graubünden

Prehistoric arthropods and synapsids

Speedy Cat:Norway tram stubs

Split of athletics and sport

Speedy sport

Create templates for photographers and architects

Category:Algerian building and structure stubs

Category:Middle Eastern sports venue stubs

Speedy Category:Lithuanian painter stubs

Speedy Category:Swiss painter stubs

Speedy Panamanian sportspeople

Category:Nepal political party stubs

Create struct templates for Africa

{{Northern Ireland Association of Aeromodellers-stub}}


{{Nebula-stub}} & Category:Nebula stubs

Goverment Worker

International-Relation Stub