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Code page 950 is Microsoft's implementation of the de facto standard Big5. The code page is not registered with IANA,[1] and hence, is not a standard to communicate information over the internet. The major difference between code page 950 and Big5 is the incorporation of some ETEN characters at F9D6-F9FE (碁, 銹, 裏, 墻, 恒, 粧, and 嫺) and 34 box drawing characters and block elements. It was updated in 2000 with the addition of the euro sign (€), at 0xA3E1. This update is called Code page 1370 by IBM (as IBM did not change Code page 950), but Microsoft Windows refers to it as a Code page 950 update.

Private Use Area usage[edit]

Mapping from Big5 EUDC to PUA code points[2]
Big5 range Unicode range Formula[3]
81 40–8D FE U+EEB8–U+F6B0 0xeeb8 + (157 * (H-0x81)) + (L<0x80)?(L-0x40):(L-0x62)
8E 40–A0 FE U+E311–U+EEB7 0xe311 + (157 * (H-0x8e)) + (L<0x80)?(L-0x40):(L-0x62)
C6 A1–C8 FE U+F6B1–U+F848 0xf672 + (157 * (H-0xc6)) + (L<0x80)?(L-0x40):(L-0x62)
FA 40–FE FE U+E000–U+E310 0xe000 + (157 * (H-0xfa)) + (L<0x80)?(L-0x40):(L-0x62)

This mapping is also used in HKSCS where a given glyph is not yet found in the Unicode revision specified.[4]

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