Wisconsin gubernatorial election, 1918

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Wisconsin gubernatorial election, 1918

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  Emanuel Lorenz Philipp.jpg 3x4.svg Seidell-Emil-1910.jpg
Nominee Emanuel Lorenz Philipp Henry A. Moehlenpah Emil Seidel
Party Republican Democratic Socialist
Popular vote 155,799 112,576 57,523
Percentage 46.99% 33.95% 17.35%

Wisconsin gubernatorial election, 1918 County Results.png
County results

Governor before election

Emanuel L. Philipp

Elected Governor

Emanuel L. Philipp

The 1918 gubernatorial election in Wisconsin was held on November 5, 1918. Republican candidate Emanuel Lorenz Philipp won the election with 47%[1] of the vote, winning his third and last term as Governor of Wisconsin. Philipp defeated Democratic Party candidate Henry A. Moehlenpah and Socialist candidate Emil Seidel.


The Republican Party (United States) backed the current governor and railroad executive Emanuel L. Philipp for his third term run, the Democratic Party (United States) backed Henry A. Moehlenpah a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and a failed candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin in 1908, the Socialist Party of America backed the first Socialist mayor of a major city in the United States and former Vice Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America in the 1912 presidential election and the Prohibition Party backed William C. Dean.

Election Results[edit]

Gubernatorial election in Wisconsin, 1918 [2]
Party Candidate Running mate Votes Percentage
Republican Emanuel L. Philipp 155,799 46.99%
Democratic Henry A. Moehlenpah 112,576 33.95%
Socialist Emil Seidel 57,523 17.35%
Prohibition William C. Dean 5,296 1.60%
Write-ins Write-ins 388 0.12%
Totals 331,582 100.00%
Republican hold Swing

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