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XITS font project
XITS Sample.svg
Designer(s)Khaled Hosny
Date created2010
Date released2011
LicenseSIL Open Font License
Design based onSTIX Fonts project
Also known asXITS Math
Latest release version1.200
Latest release date2 October 2018

The XITS font project is an OpenType implementation of STIX fonts version 1.x with math support for mathematical and scientific publishing.[1] The main mission of the Times-like XITS typeface is to provide a version of STIX fonts enriched with the OpenType MATH extension.

Specimen of XITS Math usage.


  • OpenType mathematical layout features needed for use with new formula editor in MS Office 2007 and the new TeX engines XeTeX and LuaTeX, providing high quality mathematical typesetting.
  • Right to left and Arabic mathematical notation support (since version 1.011[2]).
  • General OpenType features in text fonts (Kerning, Standard Ligatures, Fractions and Oldstyle Figures).

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Other OpenType fonts with mathematical layout extensions:

XITS is shipped with:


  1. ^ First STIX and now XITS, project announcement on 4th of June 2010
  2. ^ Version 1.011 announcement

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