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This article is about the Catholic organization. For the supercomputer, see Cray XT3. For EVS Broadcast Equipment production server, see XT3 (EVS).
Xt3 logo.jpg
Type Online Catholic News
Owner(s) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney
Founded June 12, 2008
Website www.xt3.com

Xt3.com is a Catholic social online network and news site, established for the 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia. The name stands for "Christ in the Third Millennium" and is operated by the Archdiocese of Sydney, with the support of Archbishop Cardinal George Pell.[1]

Xt3.com has around 70,000 members from all over the world.

The website states that it supports Pope Benedict XVI's view of world communications, which embraces new technologies, new relationships, and promotes a culture of respect, dialogue and friendship, in an environment promoting truth and authenticity of life in the digital age. Xt3 reinforces the 2012 Message for World Communications Day, in which the Pope calls for authentic questions, reflection and contemplation.[2]

The site was named "Best Website for a Publication" at the annual Australian Catholic Press Association Awards for Excellence in Adelaide on 8 September 2011.[3]

Catholic resources[edit]

Xt3 is content-driven website, and features an expanding library of videos, audio interviews, podcasts, print articles, and messages from the Vatican.[4] Other features include a Prayer Wall, Ask a Priest and a special section called iActiv8, which has information about World Youth Day, to be held next in Rio de Janeiro in 2013.[5]

Xt3 has also released Smartphone Apps for iPhone and Android devices, including an Advent Calendar App in 2011[6] and 2012,[7] as well as an App for the season of Lent in 2012.[8]

In October 2012, Xt3 launched an online Youth Ministry library, allowing youth ministers from around to world to access Catholic resources free of charge.[9] And in December 2012, the xt3 team produced a 'Gangnam Style' Advent video, which has received over 15,000 hits on YouTube since it was released on 29 November 2012.[10] This video was featured as an Advent resource on the Vatican youth website pope2you.net.[11]


Xt3.com hosted the first live webcast of a Catholic church event, live streaming the Official Handover of the WYD Cross and Icon in Rome, on Palm Sunday 2009.[12] Since this date, Xt3 has streamed other major events, including the canonisation of Mary MacKillop in 2010, the Beatification of John Paul II in 2011, World Youth Day Madrid in 2011, and the Official Opening of Domus Australia on 19 October 2011, with Pope Benedict XVI.[13]

Xt3 will be webcasting all the events from World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro from 22–29 July 2013.[14] The webcast will be hosted on Xt3's live portal Xt3.com/wydlive.

Press coverage[edit]


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