The Case Study of Vanitas

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The Case Study of Vanitas
Vanitas no Carte (first released image for the series).jpg
First official image released for Vanitas no Carte, featuring the series' protagonist.
(Vanitasu no Karute)
GenreFantasy, Steampunk, Supernatural, Gaslamp fantasy
Written byJun Mochizuki
Published bySquare Enix
English publisher
MagazineMonthly Gangan Joker
Original runDecember 22, 2015 – present
Volumes6 (List of volumes)
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The Case Study of Vanitas (Japanese: ヴァニタスの手記カルテ, Hepburn: Vanitasu no Karute) is a shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. Individual chapters are set to be serialized in Monthly Gangan Joker starting December 2015. Announced shortly after the end of Mochizuki's previous series, Pandora Hearts, the series' name was only revealed in Gangan Joker's November 2015 issue. The Case Study of Vanitas is set in 19th-century Paris and contain vampire and steampunk thematics.[1]

On December 3, 2015, Yen Press announced on its official Twitter account that it would be publishing new chapters of the series concurrently with Japan.[2]


During a blimp ride to Paris, Noé Archiviste meets Vanitas: a human claiming to be a doctor for vampires, curing them of the malnomen which cause vampires to behave predatorily against their will. The book with which he heals, the Book of Vanitas, is connected to the original Vanitas, the Vampire of the Blue Moon, hated by the Vampires of the Red Moon who form traditional Vampire society. Noé and Vanitas join forces to heal vampires, but there lurks a threat of some unknown force named Charlatan which may be responsible for corrupting the sick vampires.


  • Noé Archiviste – A vampire who is ordered to discern the power of the Book of Vanitas by his teacher.
  • Vanitas – The owner of the Book of Vanitas, self-described doctor to vampires.
  • Lucius 'Luca' Oriflamme – A young noble Vampire. He is a nephew of Lord Ruthven.
  • Jeanne – Sometimes called The Hellfire Witch, she acts as a chevalier to Luca. She wields a crimson gauntlet called "Carpe Diem."
  • Dominique de Sade – A lady of de Sade Vampire aristocracy family. Along with her elder sister, she is an heir to the De Sade family.
  • Dante – A dhampir who sells Vanitas information.
  • Amelia Ruth – The vampire saved in the first arc of the manga; now works as a maid at the hotel where Vanitas and Noé stay in Paris.
  • Count Parks Orlok – In charge of vampire affairs in human Paris, who Noé and Vanitas report to.
  • Nox – One of Count Parks Orlok's personal security. She works alongside her brother, Manet.
  • Manet – One of Count Parks Orlok's personal security. He works alongside his sister, Nox.
  • Veronica de Sade – The elder sister of Dominique, a Beastia.
  • Lord Ruthven – An influential lord of Vampires who serves The Queen as a member of the senate.
  • Laurent Fortis – A chasseur working in the Catacombs. Known as The Sixth Paladin. He wields a mighty spear called "Durandal."


No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 April 22, 2016[3]ISBN 978-4-7575-4961-6December 20, 2016[4]ISBN 978-0-316-55281-3
2 October 22, 2016[5]ISBN 978-4-7575-5105-3May 23, 2017[6]ISBN 978-0-316-47168-8
3 April 22, 2017[7]ISBN 978-4-7575-5329-3November 14, 2017[8]ISBN 978-0-316-41284-1
4 November 22, 2017[9]ISBN 978-4-7575-5505-1August 21, 2018[10]ISBN 978-1-975-38106-6
5 July 21, 2018[11]ISBN 978-4-7575-5758-1January 22, 2019[12]ISBN 978-1-975-38368-8
6 February 22, 2019


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