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Yisrael Hazaka (Hebrew: ישראל חזקה‎‎, lit. Strong Israel) was a political party in Israel. It was established by former Labor Party MK Efraim Sneh on 25 May 2008.[1] It participated in the 2009 Knesset elections but failed to pass the electoral threshold, receiving 6,722 votes (0.20%) and not receiving any seats.

Yisrael Hazaka
ישראל חזקה
Leader Efraim Sneh
Founded 2008
Split from Israeli Labor Party
Ideology Social democracy
Two-state solution
Political position Centre-left
Election symbol


The party was established in May 2008, and received its licence from the party registrar at the end of September.

Although Israel uses the closed list method of party list proportional representation, Yisrael Hazaka announced that it would conduct a primary election open to the general public (after a party committee decides on who is eligible to run, given their contributions to the country) to determine its candidates for the Knesset.[2]

Notable members included former Shinui MK Erela Golan (who wrote the party's policy on religion and state),[3] and former Labor MK Michael Bar-Zohar.


Party policies include:[3]

  • Giving equal status to all streams of Judaism
  • Not allowing enemy countries to have nuclear weapons
  • Restoring and rebuilding the welfare state


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