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Zagorka Special – 2010s bottle

Zagorka is a Bulgarian beer brand from the city of Stara Zagora. It is brewed at the Zagorka Brewery.

The company was founded in 1902, in the Czech tradition, by a doctor who returned from Prague. The current brewery was opened in 1958 and since 1994 is owned by Heineken.[1] The company produces three Bulgarian brands (Zagorka, Ariana and Stolichno) and three licensed brands (Heineken, Amstel and Desperados).[2]

The "Zagorka" brand has three variants – Zagorka Special (lager, 5% ABV) and two artisan beers – Zagorka Reserve (dark, flavoured with berries, 6% ABV, since 2011) and Zagorka Fusion (Light, flavoured with grapes, 2% ABV, since 2012).[3]

Historically, Zagorka had several other variants, including Zagorka Light (Загорка Светло), and Zagorka Gold (both until the early 2000s). The label was originally written in Cyrillic, with a period of overlap in the late 1990s ("Light" having Cyrillic labels and "Special" having Latin ones), and it is currently written only in Latin.



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