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This article is about the beer brand. For places in Iran, see Kalik, Iran (disambiguation). For the Baha Men album, see Kalik (album).
Kalik Family Photo

Kalik is a Bahamian brand of beer. It is made by the Commonwealth Brewery in Nassau which also produces Heineken, Guinness and Vitamalt.[1] Currently there are five variations of Kalik beer: regular Kalik with 5% alcohol by volume (alc./vol.), extra-strength Kalik Gold 7% alc./vol., Kalik Light 4.5% alc./vol., Kalik Lime 4% alc./vol., and Kalik Radler 2% alc./vol.

Kalik was designed by Heineken International in 1988, based on studies of the Bahamian market. It seized market leadership from Beck's, which had dominated the local market before.

Kalik is a lager with 5% alc./vol. It is brewed in the Bahamas.

Kalik is a staple during Junkanoo – the Bahamas' most important and largest cultural event, and also a Bahamian genre of music. [2] According to the bottle label the name of Kalik is derived from sound of cowbells heard during the annual Bahamian festival of Junkanoo.

Kalik Gold is a 7% alc./vol. beer. It was introduced in 1992 as a limited edition brew to mark the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the new world. After its popularity grew, it became a staple of the Kalik family.

Kalik Light, a distinctively savory light beer with 4.5% alc./vol., was introduced in 1997 in response to consumers’ requests for a Bahamian light beer. It is used to sponsor Bahamian Regattas and other water sport event.

Kalik Lime was introduced in 2010, it is Kalik beer with a hint of citrus. It is 4% alc./vol.

Kalik Radler is the newest addition to the family having beer introduced in May 2014. It is a 2% alc./vol. blend of Kalik beer and lemon juice.


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