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Birra Moretti
Birra Moretti Logo 2015.jpeg
Location Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opened 1859
Owned by Heineken
Active beers
Name Type
Birra Moretti Pale lager
Birra Moretti La Rossa Double bock
Baffo d'Oro Premium malt
Birra Moretti Doppio Malto Blonde ale
Birra Moretti Zero Non-alcoholic
San Souci Premium lager

Birra Moretti was an Italian brewing company, founded in Udine in 1859 by Luigi Moretti with the name of Beer Factory and Ice.[1] In 1996 the company was acquired by Heineken International. The brewing plant in Udine was sold to the newly formed Birra Castello S.p.A.; Moretti is now a brand of Heineken.[2]


Brand history[edit]

It was founded in 1859 by Luigi Moretti in Udine, at the time still part of the Austrian empire, as the Beer and Ice Factory. The first bottles went on sale in 1860. In those years the production and consumption of beer in Italy were almost modest. It was initially expected to produce 2,500 hectoliters of beer per year, enough to meet the provincial market.[3] The Moretti family has owned the property until 1989, then selling the brand to various beer companies, up to the purchase in 1996 by Heineken,[4] which holds the trademark.[5] The original factory in Udine was closed in 1992, with transfer to San Giorgio di Nogaro, also in Friuli.

Following the accusation to Heineken by the Antitrust Authority to have a dominant position on the Italian market,[6] the Dutch group was forced to surrender in 1997 the production plant in San Giorgio di Nogaro, Udine, which was purchased by a new brewery group which owns the property: the group Birra Castello spa. production was then moved to various plants in Italy controlled by the Heineken group: Assemini, Comun Nuovo, Massafra, Pollein that produce different beers under the brand Birra Moretti.

In 2015 they are launched on the market by 6 new products: two new Radler, Birra Moretti Radler Gazzosa and Chinotto, and 6 beers dedicated to the culinary traditions of many Italian regions: Birra Moretti to Friuli, Birra Moretti Sicilian, Beer Moretti to Piedmont, Tuscany Birra Moretti, Birra Moretti Pugliese and the Lucana.[7]

Moustache Moretti History[edit]

On the official website of the company it is said that in 1942 the Commendatore Lao Menazzi Moretti saw an elderly mustached sitting at a table of historical trattoria Boschetti of Tricesimo in the province of Udine. Moretti, thinking that man could well represent his beer, he would ask permission to photograph him in exchange for a reward to his liking. "Che al mi dedi di bevi, mi baste" - said the man in the Friulian language, or "Give me to drink, enough for me".[8] That photo was later handed over to the illustrator Segala, alias Franca Segala, who designed the famous manifesto.[9]

In fact, it seems that the photo has been taken by the German photographer Erika Groth-Schachtenberger in 1939. The photos portray a Tyrolean farmer from Thaur in Tirol, only a few kilometers from Innsbruck. The Groth would not have authorized the use of his pictures realized for the Moretti advertising campaigns only in 1956, seeing a billboard; this discovery would also resulted in a legal dispute.[10][11][12]

Over the years, the Moustache was played by various actors; the most familiar face was that of the famous actor and voice actor Marcello Tusco, replaced after his sudden death, by Orso Maria Guerrini.


The products Birra Moretti
Birra Moretti bottled at 33cl and 66cl

There are six beers under the Birra Moretti brand.[13] Birra Moretti is the main brand, a 4.6% abv pale lager launched in 1859; followed by La Rossa, a 7.2% strong dark lager or doppelbock. Other brands include:

  • Birra Moretti Ricetta Originale: lager beer with a golden color with alcohol content 4.8% vol[14]
  • Birra Moretti Baffo D'Oro: bottom-fermented beer, brewed using only Italian spring malts, alcohol content 4.8% vol.[15]
  • Birra Moretti Grand Cru: Ale beer, re-fermented in the bottle, the amber color. It is produced in Belgium from Affligem brewery.[16][17]
  • Birra Moretti Doppio Malto: Ale beer, golden in color with alcohol content 7% vol.[18]
  • Birra Moretti La Bianca: Weiss beer, top-fermented, light in color with alcohol content 5% vol.[19]
  • Birra Moretti La Rossa: double malt beer from dark amber color alcohol content 7.2% vol.[20]
  • Birra Moretti Radler Limone: Radler beer bottom-fermented, pale yellow color, produced using Sicilian lemons with alcohol 2% vol.[21]
  • Birra Moretti Radler Chinotto: Radler beer bottom-fermented, amber color, produced using chinotti from Savona with alcohol 2% vol.[22]
  • Birra Moretti Radler Gazzosa: Radler beer bottom-fermented, pale yellow color, produced using Calabrian lemons with alcohol 2% vol.[23]
  • Birra Moretti alla Friulana: lager, light colored and straw produced using rennet apples from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia, with alcohol content 5.9% vol.[24]
  • Birra Moretti alla Siciliana: lager beer, produced using orange blossoms from Sicily with alcohol content 5.8% vol[25]
  • Birra Moretti alla Piemontese: lager beer, with a slightly amber color, characterized by the presence, among the ingredients, blueberries and rice kind of "Andrew" from Piedmont with alcohol content 5.5% vol[26]
  • Birra Moretti alla Toscana: lager beer, the honey color, produced using such ingredients, barley grown in Tuscany with alcohol content 5.5% vol.[27]
  • Birra Moretti alla Pugliese: lager beer, golden yellow color, produced using, as an ingredient, the prickly pear and burnt wheat, with alcohol content 5.6% vol.[28]
  • Birra Moretti alla Lucana: lager, amber color, produced usingr, as an ingredient, laurel and barley malted Lucan, with alcohol content 5.8% vol.[29]
  • Birra Moretti Zero: Beer non-alcoholic lager.[30]

Special Editions[edit]

  • Campioni di Emozioni (2014): on the occasion of the 2014 World Cup, the company launches a special edition of Birra Moretti: Emotions of Champions. 7 new labels are produced, in which Moretti Baffo 7 interprets famous gestures of elation made by famous Italian footballers.
  • La Cucina Stellata (2015).

Moretti beer and football[edit]

Football trophy[edit]

From 1997 to 2008, the Birra Moretti sponsored Birra Moretti Trophy, a summer football tournament by invitation. The first three editions were held in Udine, the birthplace of the company. Each edition saw the participation of three teams that faced with the formula of meetings by 45 minutes, as many other summer friendly tournaments. After the first three editions, the tournament moved first at the Stadio San Nicola in Bari and from 2005 to 2008 at the Stadio San Paolo in Naples.

Moretti stadium[edit]

In Udine until the 80 he was present the Stadio Moretti, at the beginning of the company's property and then detected by the city of Udine, Udinese Calcio's historic area. It was a particular stage as it also had a gravel track to practice speedway. Abandoned in favor of the Friuli Stadium, it was demolished in 1988 and in its place now stands a city park. The park was named after the great soccer player Udine Alfredo Foni, yet citizenship continues to call the Moretti park beyond the name change took place in 2011.

Birra Moretti Football[edit]

Birra Moretti Football, or simply BMC, was a football online game whose players, coaches and fans are real people. The site was opened on 6 June 2006.

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