Diocese of Madhya Kerala of the Church of South India

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Diocese of Madhya Kerala
Country India
Ecclesiastical province Church of South India
Congregations 404
Members 0.3 million
Cathedral Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kottayam
Secular priests 165
Current leadership
Bishop Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen

The Madhya Kerala Diocese is one of the twenty-two dioceses of the Church of South India (Commonly referred as CSI) (successor of the Church of England) covering the central part of Kerala. When the Church of South India was formed on 27 September 1947 the diocese was called the Diocese of Central Travancore.It was a part of the erstwhile Anglican Diocese of Travancore and Cochin founded in 1879.The Diocese was later renamed as Diocese of Madhya Kerala.

History of the Diocese[edit]

The history of the Madhya Kerala Diocese dates back to the work of the Church Missionary Society in the state of Travancore. The Rev. R. H. Kerr and the Rev. Claudius Buchanan, visited the Malabar Syrians in 1806, during the episcopate of Mar Dionysius I. It was Lord William Bentinck, who sent Dr. Kerr to Travancore for the purpose of investigating the state of the native church.

Anglican Diocese of Travancore and Cochin[edit]

Early in 1876, the Society began negotiations with the Secretary of State for India so that a new diocese can be formed under the Jerusalem Bishopric Act for the Church of England in the Native States of Travancore and Cochin. The Rev. J. M. Speechly, then Principal of the C. N. I., was announced as the first Bishop of the New Diocese. In 1888, the Rt. Rev. J. M. Speechly left for England and was unable to return, and the Rt. Rev. E. N. Hodges (1890-1904), a C. M. S. Missionary from Ceylon followed him as the Bishop of the diocese. He was installed in the Pro-Cathedral, Kottayam in November 1890.During the episcopate of Bishop Hodges, the first missionary enterprise of the diocese was organised as its Home Mission, was started at Adoor in 1903.Bishop Hodges retired in 1905 and was succeeded by Bishop Charles Hope Gill (1905-1925), who was consecrated in Westminister Abbey and arrived in Kottayam in 1906. The Diocesanisation which began in 1879 was fulfilled in 1920, when Bishop Gill constituted, "Travancore and Cochin Diocesan Council" to assist in the management of the temporal affairs and financial business of the church.[1] The diocese was earlier known as the Anglican Diocese of Travancore & Cochin, and later the Diocese of Central Travancore on the formation of the Church of South India on 27th September, 1947. Subsequently, it was renamed the Diocese of Madhya Kerala.

About the Diocese[edit]

The Diocesan Headquarters is at Kottayam, Kerala.The Bishop's House and a Retreat Centre is in the campus of the Headquarters.


The Diocese also publishes an official newsletter named Njananikshepam (The Treasury of Knowledge) every month.The newsletter was published first in the year 1848 from C.M.S press, Kottayam.

Bishops of the Diocese[edit]

The Bishops of the Madhya Kerala Diocese :

Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen



  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. C.K Jacob (1947–57)
  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. M.M John (1958–74)
  • The Rt. Rev. T.S. Joseph (1974–81)
  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. M.C. Mani (1981–93)
  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. Sam Mathew (1993-01)
  • The Rt. Rev. Thomas Samuel (2001–11)
  • The Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen (2011- ),Deputy Moderator of CSI (2014-)

The current Bishop of the Diocese is Rt. Rev. Thomas K Oommen since March 5, 2011.


The Diocese has a Diocesan Council which governs the diocese. All the clergy of the diocese and elected laymen from the local congregations are the members of the Diocesan Council.
The Diocese is divided into 2 zones (North Zone and South Zone), each headed by a District Minister. And it is further divided into 12 District Councils. The Bishop of the diocese is assisted by the Executive Committee, formed by an election from the Diocesan Council.[2]

  • Bishop - The Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen
  • Clergy Secretary - Rev. Oommen George
  • Lay Secretary - Adv. Stephen J. Daniel
  • Treasurer - Rev.Sabu K Cheriyan
  • Registrar - Simon T John

District Councils of the Diocese[edit]

The Diocese is divided into 12 District Councils. Each Council has a chairman presbyter.

Number District Council Pastorates Outstation Pastorates
1 Adoor Adoor,

Kadampanad, Kollam, Kulathupuzha, S.Kunnida, Munroethuruthu, Puthuval, Thazhathumon, Thiruvananthapuram

2 Elanthoor Cheenerkara,Elanthoor,Kallely,Kidangannoor,Kuzhikkala,Mallassery,Nallanikunnu,Omalloor,Pathananthitta, Punnackad
3 Ettumanoor Ettumanoor,Kattampakal,Koothattukulam,

Muttuchira,Njeezhoor,Ottiankurnnu,Piravam, Vaikom,Varikkamkkunnu,Velloor

4 Kodukulanji Angadickal,Chengannur,Karode, Kodukulanji, Kollakadavu,Cheruvalloor
5 Kottayam Arpookara,Ascension Kottayam, Cathedral Kottayam,

Central Kumarakom,Erikadu,Kothala,Kumaranelloor, Machukadu,Manganam,Manarcadu,Muttambalam,Olassa,Pampady,Thiruvanchoor,Vadavathoor

6 Kumplampoika Ayroor,Chittar,Ennooramvayal(Vechoochira),Karikkattor,Kumplampoika,Neerettucavu,Pullikkallu


7 Mallappally Ezhumattoor,Kaipatta,Keezhvaipur,Koothrappally

Kottanad,Mallappally,Mammood,Narakathani Nedungadappally,Pariyaram

8 Mavelikara Mavelikara,Kallumala,Cherukunnam,Kattanam,Kappil,

Bharanikkavu,South Puthuppally,Alumpedika Njakkanal,Chamavila,Kayamkulam,Kanneetti, Mynagappally,Monkuzhy

9 Mundakkayam Mundakkayam,Thidanad,Vazhoor,Kanam,Edakunnam,


10 Pallom Pallom,Panimattom,Velluthuruthy,Kavalam,

Changanacherry,Kollad,Alappuzha, Karumadi,Njaliakuzhy,Mooledom, Thuruthy,Muhamma,Nalunnakkal,Poovanthuruthu

11 Punnavely Punnavely,Neelampara,Chelakompu,Mundathanam,

Kangazha,East Meenadom,Mulekkunnu

12 Tiruvalla Tholassery,Kaviyoor,Perumthuruthy,

Valanjavattom,Thalavady,Mundiappally, Kunnamthanam,Kuttoor,Poovathoor, Kumbanad,Warikkadu

Institutions under Madhya Kerala Diocese[edit]


Printing Press


Higher Secondary Schools

High Schools

  • CMS College Higher Secondary School Kottayam
  • Baker Memorial Girls High School Kottayam
  • Bishop Hodges Higher Secondary School Mavelikara
  • CMS Higher Secondary School Mallapally
  • CMS Higher Secondary Kuzhikala
  • Buchanan Girls High School Pallom
  • CMS High School Mundakayam
  • CMS High School Kattanam
  • CMS High School Kumplampoika
  • CMS High School Nedugadapally
  • CMS High School Pallom
  • CMS High School Punnavely
  • CMS High School Olassa
  • CMS High School Puthupally
  • CMS High School Kanam
  • CMS High School Thiruvalla
  • CMS High School Thalavady
  • CMS High School Mundiapally

Theological Education

  • Bishop Mani Theological Institute Kottayam

Self Financing Schools

Teacher Training Institutes

Special Schools

  • C.S.I VHSS for the Deaf, Thiruvalla
  • C.S.I HSS for the Partially Hearing, Manakkala,Adoor

Important Churches under CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese[edit]



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