Ein Qiniyye

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Not to be confused with Ein Qiniya.
Ein Qiniya
عين قنية
Ein Qiniya is located in the Golan Heights
Ein Qiniya
Ein Qiniya
Ein Qiniyye
Coordinates: 33°14′13″N 35°43′51″E / 33.23694°N 35.73083°E / 33.23694; 35.73083Coordinates: 33°14′13″N 35°43′51″E / 33.23694°N 35.73083°E / 33.23694; 35.73083
Country Golan Heights, (Internationally recognized as Syrian territory occupied by Israel)
Israeli District North District
Israeli Subdistrict Golan
Syrian Governorate Quneitra Governorate
Syrian District Quneitra District
Population 1,900

Ein Qiniyye (Arabic: عين قنية‎; Hebrew: עֵין קֻנִיֶּה) is an Arab village in the Golan Heights. Ein Qiniyye was granted local council status in 1982. Its inhabitants are mostly Syrian citizens and members of the Druze community.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Ein Qiniyye had a population of 1,900 in 2006. The village is located at the foot of Mount Hermon, 750 meters above sea level.

Some of the young people of the village study at Syrian universities, although a Druze cleric advised them against applying until the war was over.[1] According to a resident of Ein Qiniyye, his relatives in Syria believe that the anti-government protests are backed by the United States and Israel, and want Assad to remain in power.[2]


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