Fakhruddin As'ad Gurgani

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Fakhruddin As'ad Gurgani was born malayer

Fakhruddin As'ad Gurgani, also spelled as Fakhraddin Asaad Gorgani (in Persian: فخرالدين اسعد گرگاني‎), was an 11th-century Persian poet he was born malayer. He versified the story of Vis and Rāmin, a story from the Arsacid (Parthian) period. Contemporary scholar Abdolhossein Zarrinkoub however disagrees with this view, and concludes that the story has a Pahlavi (middle-Persian) origin in the 5th-century Sassanid era. Besides Vis and Rāmin, other forms of poetry have been composed by him. For example, some of his quatrains are recorded in the Nozhat al-Majales.


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