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Nader Ebrahimi (Persian: نادر ابراهیمی‎) (April 3, 1936 – June 5, 2008) was an Iranian writer, screenwriter, photographer, director and actor. Nader Ebrahimi He was born in 1936 in Tehran.

Ebrahimi is mostly known as a famous novelist. Three Opinions about the Man Who Came from Nowhere, A Quiet Loving and Forty Short Letters to My Wife, are some of the many books he has written. Ebrahimi was afflicted with Alzheimer's disease in 2001. [1]


  • "Atash bedune dood" (Fire Without Smoke)
  • Sedaye Sahra (The Sound of the Desert) )
  • Aan ke khial baft, aan ke amal kard (The One Who Dreamed, the One Who Acted)
  • Ibn Mashgaleh(the son of jobs), first published 1345,Roozbehan Publisher, Ebrahimi's autobiography, first volume
  • Abu al-mashagel( the father of jobs),first published 1365,Roozbehan Publisher,Ebrahimi's autobiography, second volume