Fangyuan, Changhua

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Coordinates: 23°55′30″N 120°18′57″E / 23.92500°N 120.31583°E / 23.92500; 120.31583

Fangyuan Township in Changhua County
Fangyuan Township

Fangyuan Township (Chinese: 芳苑鄉; pinyin: Fāngyuàn Xiāng) is a rural township in Changhua County, Taiwan. The population was 35,057 in January 2014.


Fangyuan has been assigned the Postal code is 528. With the total area of 91.38 km², the township is the second largest in Changhua County after Erlin Township.


As in January 2014, there were 35,057 people, 10,087 households. The population density was 380 people km²


The Wanggong Fishery (王功漁港) Harbour is a locally renowned place to visit.

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