Fangyuan, Changhua

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Coordinates: 23°55′30″N 120°18′57″E / 23.92500°N 120.31583°E / 23.92500; 120.31583

Fangyuan Township in Changhua County
Fangyuan Township

Fangyuan Township (Chinese: 芳苑鄉; pinyin: Fāngyuàn Xiāng) is a rural township in Changhua County, Taiwan.


Fangyuan has been assigned the Postal code is 528. With the total area of 91.38 km², the township is the second largest in Changhua County after Erlin Township. As in January 2014, there were 35,057 people, 10,087 households. The population density was 380 people km²

Administrative divisions[edit]

Fangyuan Village, Fangzhong Village, Renai Village, Xinyi Village, Houliao Village, Sange Village, Yongxing Village, Xinjie Village, Lushang Village, Luping Village, Sancheng Village, Furong Village, Dingbu Village, Wanggong Village, Boai Village, Heping Village, Xingren Village, Minsheng Village, Xinbao Village, Wujun Village, Caohu Village, Jianping Village, Lunjiao Village, Wenjin Village, Xinsheng Village, Hanbao Village.[1]

Tourist attractions[edit]

The Wanggong Fishery (王功漁港) Harbour is a locally renowned place to visit.

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