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Nantou County
Flag of Nantou County
Coat of arms of Nantou County
Coat of arms
Taiwan ROC political division map Nantou County.svg
Coordinates: 23°54′55.28″N 120°41′4.32″E / 23.9153556°N 120.6845333°E / 23.9153556; 120.6845333Coordinates: 23°54′55.28″N 120°41′4.32″E / 23.9153556°N 120.6845333°E / 23.9153556; 120.6845333
Country Taiwan
Region Central Taiwan
Seat Nantou City
Largest city Nantou City
Boroughs 1 cities, 12 (4 urban, 8 rural) townships
 • County Magistrate Chen Chih-ching (acting)
 • Total 4,106.436 km2 (1,585.504 sq mi)
Area rank 2 of 22
Population (Jan. 2014)
 • Total 517,037
 • Rank 15 of 22
 • Density 130/km2 (330/sq mi)
Time zone CST (UTC+8)
Flower Plum blossom (Prunus mume)
Tree Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphora)
Top:Shuili Water Creek in Shuili Township, 2nd left:Mount Yu, 2nd right:Nantou County Museum of History in Nantou City, 3rd left:View of Sun Moon Lake, from Xuanzang Temple in Yuchi Township, 3rd right:Evergreen Glassland in Renci Township, Bottom left:Tou George Pond in Taiwan Educational University of Nature, Bottom right:Mount Hehuan
Hehuanshan is one of the higher mountains in Nantou County.

Nantou County (Chinese: 南投縣; pinyin: Nántóu Xiàn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lâm-tâu-kōan) is the second largest county of Taiwan.[1] It is also the only landlocked county in Taiwan. Its name derives from the Hoanya Taiwanese aboriginal word Ramtau. Nantou County is officially administered as a county of Taiwan Province.

Its mountainous area makes it a tourist destination; Sun Moon Lake is located in this county. Other well-known areas of the county are Hehuanshan and Sitou. Notable cities in Nantou are Nantou City and Puli Town. Nantou County butterfly is Broad-tailed swallowtail butterfly (Agehana maraho). Nantou's tung-ting tea is one of the most famous and high-quality oolong teas grown in Taiwan.[2]


During the Japanese rule of Taiwan, Nantou was administered under Taichū Prefecture together with Changhua County and Taichung City. After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China in 1945, Nantou County was established as a county of Taiwan Province in 1950 and Nantou Township was designed as the county capital. In 1981, the capital was upgraded from Nantou Township to Nantou City.


Nantou County consists of one city, four urban townships and eight rural townships. Nantou City is the seat of the county which houses the Nantou County Government and Nantou County Council.


  1. Nantou City (南投市)


Urban townships[edit]

  1. Caotun Township (草屯鎮)
  2. Jiji Township (集集鎮)
  3. Puli Township (埔里鎮)
  4. Zhushan Township (竹山鎮)

Rural townships[edit]

  1. Guoxing Township (國姓鄉)
  2. Lugu Township (鹿谷鄉)
  3. Mingjian Township (名間鄉)
  4. Ren'ai Township (仁愛鄉)
  5. Shuili Township (水里鄉)
  6. Xinyi Township (信義鄉)
  7. Yuchi Township (魚池鄉)
  8. Zhongliao Township (中寮鄉)

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