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Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3 PAL box art.jpg
Developer(s) Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Director(s) Patrick Plourde
Patrik Méthé
Producer(s) Dan Hay
Programmer(s) Cedric Decelle
Artist(s) Jean-Alexis Doyon
Vincent Jean
Genseki Tanaka
Writer(s) Jeffrey Yohalem
Lucien Soulban
Li Kuo
Composer(s) Brian Tyler
Series Far Cry
Engine Dunia Engine 2[1]
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release date(s) AU 20121129November 29, 2012

EU 20121130November 30, 2012
NA 20121204December 4, 2012

Genre(s) First-person shooter, action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Distribution Optical disc, download

Far Cry 3 is an open world, action-adventure[2][3] first-person shooter video game developed mainly by Ubisoft Montreal in conjunction with Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Red Storm, Ubisoft Shanghai, and Ubisoft Reflections, published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The game was released on November 29, 2012 in Australia,[4] November 30 in Europe,[5] and December 4 in North America.[6] A stand-alone expansion titled Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was released on April 30, 2013.

Far Cry 3 is set on a tropical island between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.[7] After a vacation goes awry, protagonist Jason Brody must save his friends, who have been kidnapped by pirates and escape from the island and its unhinged inhabitants.

Far Cry 3 was critically acclaimed upon release, with reviewers praising its world design, open-ended gameplay and story, while the game's multiplayer mode was criticized. Following the game's success, Ubisoft announced a sequel, Far Cry 4. It is the third installment in the Far Cry series.


Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter, which also features role-playing game elements including experience points, skill trees, and a crafting system. The player has the ability to take cover behind objects to break enemies' lines of sight and to peek around and over cover and blindfire. The player has the ability to perform silent takedowns by performing melee attacks from above, below, or close behind. The game's narrative director, Jason Vandenberghe, said that the story mode map is around ten times larger than the game's previous installments. Players are given the ability to survey and plan out their attacks with stealth takedown combinations and tag enemies with the camera in order to track their movement once they break the player's line of sight.[8]

Equipment is controlled by a simple system. As missions are completed, new items are unlocked to be purchased or crafted by Jason, using the pelts of various animals found around the island to improve items-, weapons- and ammunitions-carrying capabilities. When scramblers on radio towers are removed, areas of the map are opened and weapons in the shop are first made available for buying, and ultimately made free. Apart from the basic model of each category which can be picked up on shot goons or at the start of several missions, most weapons can be upgraded with one or more additions : silencers, larger magazines, better sights are the most common improvements. A special group of weapons (one per category), unlocked depending on achievements, possess maxed out category statistics and/or unique abilities. All weapons are based off existing weapons, using most or all of their official designation, and comes with a description describing their main advantages and inconvenients. Weapon comparison can be made depending on 5 statistics : accuracy, damage (per round), range, rate of fire, and mobility (the better the mobility, the faster the character can move while firing). Apart from guns, the player also has access to a few unique weapons or tools. Ammunitions for each weapon category can be picked up or, in the case of arrows, retrieved after use. Reloading and magazine swap speeds vary from weapon to weapon. Reloading takes place automatically when the weapon runs empty, or can be triggered manually. For the bow, arrow nocking and pulling takes time before shooting, and conditions the arrow's arch, precision and power : the longer, the better. Area effect arrows can eventually be crafted.

As outposts of Vaas' pirate group are attacked and retaken, the vicinity around the outpost becomes safer, it unlocks new side quests for that area, involving missions like hunting the many different wildlife species on the island to upgrade ones equipment.[9]

Skills are collected by gaining experience from completing missions and killing enemies, and are unlocked in three skill trees, which correspond to the Spider, the Heron, and the Shark. Each skill tree upgrades different aspects of Jason's abilities, with the Spider upgrading his stealth takedowns and hunting skills, Shark for assault takedowns and health, with the Heron upgrading his long-range takedowns and mobility. As skills are collected, the tattoo on Jason's forearm grows which is made up of several different tribal designs resembling the three animal skill trees.


The game starts with a cinematic showing protagonist Jason Brody on vacation with a group of friends in Bangkok celebrating Jason's younger brother Riley on getting his pilots license. During their vacation they decide to take a skydiving trip. They land on a pirate-infested island, and are taken hostage by Vaas, their leader. Vaas plans to extort ransom money from their parents, then sell them into slavery. With the help of his older brother Grant, Jason breaks out of captivity, however Grant is killed by Vaas in the escape. Jason is rescued by Dennis Rogers, who is part of the Rakyat, the island natives who suffer due to the activities of the pirates. Dennis, seeing great potential in Jason, convinces him that the only way to save his friends is to become a warrior. Jason agrees and Dennis gives him the tattoos of a Rakyat warrior. Then Dennis asks Jason to help the Rakyat in their fight against the pirates arguing that this will also lead him to finding and freeing his friends. Jason then runs a number of missions for the Rakyat and ends up finding one of his friends, Daisy, at the house of Dr. Earnhardt. Impressed with Jason's prowess, the Rakyat allow him entrance to their sacred temple. Their leader Citra initiates him into the tribe after Jason finds the Dragon Knife, a dagger that is a relic for the Rakyat. Dennis then sends him to more missions for the Rakyat. During this second mission streak, Jason is helped at times by Dr. Earnhardt and Willis Huntley, a CIA agent. He finally succeeds in rescuing his captive friends Keith, Oliver and his girlfriend Liza, but not his younger brother Riley. He also discovers that Vaas, who turns out to be Citra's brother, is employed by Hoyt Volker, a deranged South African slave trader. As the adventure progresses, Jason gradually overcomes his initial reluctance in using violence and becomes more eager to accept missions from Dennis, filled with anger against Vaas and now Hoyt. The Rakyat start to revere him as a fearsome warrior. When he is told that Riley is dead, he refuses to join his friends in their escape from the island, preferring to stay and fight with the Rakyat, with the hope that he will eventually kill Vaas and Hoyt.

After bidding goodbye to his friends, Jason joins the Rakyat in an assault on the pirate's base. After a bloody confrontation with the pirates, Jason encounters Vaas. Vaas drugs him and he enters a delusional state, fighting multiple versions of Vaas in his hallucination. He finally reaches to the true Vaas, and after a brief struggle, he stabs him through the chest with the Dragon Knife, and collapses right besides him. He wakes up in the Rakyat's temple next to Citra who blames Hoyt for turning her brother Vaas into a pirate. Jason then becomes even more determined in killing Hoyt. He contacts CIA agent Huntley who tells him about Sam Becker, an undercover operative acting as a privateer for Hoyt's personal army. Huntley helps him reach the nearby island that Hoyt controls and get in touch with Sam. From this point on Jason works closely with Sam with the plan to gain Hoyt's trust, get close to him, and assassinate him. They slowly uncover a planned conspiracy against Hoyt and after Jason collects the evidence and kills the conspirators, Sam presents him to Hoyt. Hoyt is very pleased and invites both Jason and Sam to a poker night. He also requests Jason to torture a prisoner, who turns out to be his brother Riley. On the way to poker night, Sam and Jason destroy Hoyt's communication center and fuel station. They finally meet Hoyt at the poker night, but Sam is stabbed in the throat and killed, with Hoyt all the while knowing that they are both traitors. Jason and Hoyt have a lengthy knife fight, and Hoyt is killed. Jason then searches for and rescues Riley. The two escape to the Rakyat island with one of Hoyt's helicopters. During this escape Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries is played in an allusion to the 1979 film Apocalypse Now. They stop by Dr. Earnhardt's house where they find the house burning, and the doctor lying on the ground. With his last words, he says to them that the house was attacked by the Rakyat, and that they have their friends.

Jason and Riley arrive at the Rakyat Temple where they find a big crowd of Rakyat people along with Citra and Dennis. Citra drugs Jason and tries to convince him to slay his friends in a ritual and join her so that he can lead the long-suffering Rakyat to glory. The player must then decide to save his friends or join Citra, after which an ending cinematic plays. If Jason saves his friends, Dennis tries to murder him with a machete only for Citra to stand in the way, receiving the fatal wound. Citra is then shown dying in Jason's hands whispering that she loves him and don't want him to leave, Jason laments and leaves the island. If Jason kills his friends he is then shown finishing copulating with Citra in a ritual. After copulation Citra stabs him and while Jason dies she tells him that he dies like a warrior and that their child will become a leader of the Rakyat. In both cases the story ends with a picture of the ancient knife stuck in the sand at the beach, but if the player decides to save his friends, a boat will also be seen leaving the island.


In August 2010, PC Gamer reported that development of Far Cry 3 was in "full swing" at Ubisoft Montreal.[10] In the same month, Game and Swedish retailer Webhallen listed the game for a 2010 release, which didn't happen.[11] In January 2011, Ubisoft declined to comment on speculation that Far Cry 3 would be hitting shelves in October after Game Informer listed the game as an October arrival in its 2011 preview feature.[12]

In February, the Official PlayStation Magazine suggested that the game was due for release at the end of 2011 as the following quote suggested, "Start taking the malaria medicine in preparation: Far Cry 3 could be arriving before the end of the year."[13] This statement was withdrawn in next month's edition where it was stated that the game would be shown on 2011's E3 and that the release date would be bumped back to 2012.[full citation needed] In May, the CVs of a couple of stuntmen listed Far Cry 3 as one of their previous projects.[14]

Far Cry 3 features a sandbox editor.[15] Furthermore, after confirmations of PC split screen on the Far Cry 3 official site as well as content delivery service Steam, the feature was dropped days before release.[16]

The game's writer Jeffrey Yohalem claimed that the intention of the game's plot was to make a statement about "what shooting means and what it does to humanity". The game's protagonist Jason Brody is not a trained soldier, but rather an everyman who is forced to become a killer over the course of the game. Yohalem claims that as a result the game examines "what happens when that guy is put into a situation where he has to survive minute by minute and save his friends? Will he pick up a gun and how does that affect him? [...] This is a story about a normal guy who picks up a gun and that can't end well".[17] Producer Dan Hay emphasized that the emotional "turns" in the characters were a major theme in the game, stating that "that was the emotional thing we wanted and when we first saw it, it was with Vaas." Hay further commented that the game merged the systemic feel and emotional feel from the previous two Far Cry games in order to take the game in a "very, very surprising direction."[2]

Marketing and release[edit]

Players who pre-ordered Far Cry 3 received The Lost Expeditions Edition of the game. It contains two exclusive missions not available in the regular version. These missions, "The Forgotten Experiment" and "Ignition in the Deep", offer 40 minutes of additional playtime, plus a Type 10 Japanese World War II flare gun for use in the game's multiplayer modes.[18] Players in North America who pre-ordered Far Cry 3 from GameStop received The Monkey Business bonus pack. It includes four more missions "hosted by Hurk and his bomb-carrying monkeys", and "two bonus ways to humiliate your friends" in multiplayer.[19] The Insane Edition of the game includes all pre-order bonuses and all other forms of launch DLC, along with a Vaas bobblehead and a manual teaching survival skills for usage in real situations of danger.

Ubisoft commissioned Michael Lambert, a Minecraft enthusiast, and artists Axel Janssen and Yohann Delcourt to create a custom map and texture pack mimicking Far Cry 3's setting and characters within the popular indie game Minecraft. The Far Cry 3 Minecraft texture pack, was released, along with a Far Cry 3 Minecraft custom adventure map, on October 26, 2012 on the official Far Cry 3 website.[20]

Ubisoft released the free exclusive DLC High Tides for the PlayStation 3 version of Far Cry 3.[21] The DLC was later released for PC on February 1, 2013 as a free Uplay reward.


The game's soundtrack was composed by Brian Tyler[22] and was released electronically on December 4, 2012.[23]


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings (PS3) 89.18%[25]
(X360) 89.14%[26]
(PC) 88.12%[27]
Metacritic (X360) 91/100[28]
(PS3) 90/100[29]
(PC) 88/100[30]
Review scores
Publication Score
1UP.com B−[31]
Computer and Video Games 9.4/10[32]
Edge 8/10[33]
Eurogamer 10/10[34]
G4 5/5 stars[35]
Game Informer 9.0/10[36]
GamesRadar 4.5/5 stars[37]
GameSpot 9.0/10[38]
GameTrailers 8.6/10[39]
IGN 9.0/10[40]
Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) 9/10[41]
Official Xbox Magazine 8.5/10[42]
Official Xbox Magazine UK 9/10[43]

Far Cry 3 was a commercial success. It had sold about 4.5 million units as of February 2013,[44] and more than 6 million copies as of May 2013.[45]

Critical reception[edit]

Far Cry 3 received widespread critical acclaim. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the PlayStation 3 version 89.18% and 90/100,[25][29] the Xbox 360 version 89.14% and 90/100[26][28] and the PC version 88.12% and 88/100.[27][30]

The game was highly praised by Eurogamer, who awarded it a 10/10, claiming that "Far Cry 3 is all the best things about open-world gaming".[34] Edge also added to the praise, calling the game "wild, reactive and unpredictable", giving Far Cry 3 an 8/10.[33] G4TV gave the game a 5/5, praising the game's open world, long and satisfying campaign missions, solid gunplay with a variety of weapons to unlock and customize, and a compelling story.[35] Game Informer gave the game a score of 9.0/10, praising the game's story, characters, open world exploration, and gameplay.[36] GameTrailers gave the game an 8.6/10, criticizing the repetitive feel of the island, but praising the story, characters and its likeness to Assassin's Creed.[39] IGN gave the game a 9.0/10, praising the game's excellent cast of characters, unpredictable enemy encounters, and its open world environment.[40]


For the 2013 D.I.C.E. Interactive Achievement Awards, Far Cry 3 was nominated for seven awards including: "Game of the Year", "Action Game of the Year", "Outstanding Character Performance" for Vaas Montenegro, "Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction", "Outstanding Achievement in Animation", "Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction", and "Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition".[46] Far Cry 3 also received two Game Developer's Choice Awards nominations for Best Visual Arts and Best Technology.[47] Also received numerous nominations at the 9th British Academy Video Games Awards in the categories of Best Game, Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, Game Design and Story, while winning the category for Best Action game.[48]

Major awards and nominations
Year Award Category Result Ref.
Far Cry 3
Inside Gaming Awards Best Character Design (Vaas Monetenegro) Nominated [49][50]
2013 New York Videogame Critics Circle Awards Best Game Nominated [51][52]
Best Writing in a Game Nominated
Best World (Rook Islands) Nominated
Best Overall Acting (Michael Mando as Vaas Montenegro) Nominated
D.I.C.E. Awards Game of the Year Nominated [53]
Action Game of the Year Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Animation Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition Nominated
Outstanding Character Performance (Vaas Montenegro) Nominated
British Academy Video Games Awards Best Game (Dan Hay, Patrick Plourde, Patrik Methe) Nominated [54]
Action (Dan Hay, Patrick Plourde, Patrik Methe) Won
Artistic Achievement (Jean-Alexis Doyon, Genseki Tanaka, Vincent Jean) Nominated
Audio Achievement (Dan Hay, Tony Gronick, Brian Tyler) Nominated
Game Design (Patrick Methè, Jamie Keen) Nominated
Story (Jeffrey Yohalem, Lucien Soulban, Li Kuo) Nominated
National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards Game of the Year Nominated [55]
Art Direction, Contemporary Nominated
Control Design, 3D Won
Direction in a Game Cinema Nominated
Game Design, Franchise Nominated
Graphics, Technical Won
Lead Performance in a Drama (Michael Mando as Vaas Montenegro) Nominated
Lighting/Texturing Nominated
Original Dramatic Score, Franchise Nominated
Sound Effects Nominated
Writing in a Drama Nominated
Game, Franchise Action Nominated
Game Developers Choice Awards Best Technology Won [56]
Best Visual Arts Nominated
Game Audio Network Guild Awards Audio of the Year Nominated [57][58]
Sound Design of the Year Nominated
Best Dialogue Won
Best Audio Mix Won
Golden Joystick Awards Game of the Year Nominated [59][60]
Best Visual Design Nominated
Best Gaming Moment (The Definition of Insanity) Won


In June 2013, in light of the acclaim garnered by Far Cry 3, Ubisoft promised they had plans for a Far Cry 4. Ubisoft said it would most likely be an open world game, which they believe is the future of gaming.[61] In March 2014, Eurogamer published an article stating that Far Cry 4 will be set in the Himalayas and will have "ridable elephants." Also stated was the game's release will be in the "first half of 2015."[62] On May 15, 2014, Far Cry 4 was officially confirmed by a Ubisoft financial report and is expected to hit PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on November 18, 2014 in North America and November 20 in Europe.[63]


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