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Ten hollow purple circles arranged in a slanted 2D pyramid shape. The words "grono net" are positioned to resemble the stem of a bunch of grapes.
Alexa rank positive decrease 542,386 (April 2014)[1] was a large social networking website in Poland. Apart from hosting many discussion forums, it contained features allowing the sharing of photos, links to cultural events in particular cities, the sale of property and job searches. Although the site itself was free, there were a number of additional features for paying subscribers, such as the ability to moderate your own forums, take part in competitions, upload more photos and remove on-site advertisements. It required an invitation from an existing member to register. It had over 2 million members.[2] On July 1, 2012, the service was abruptly terminated without any announcement from its owners. had been experiencing financial difficulties for several years and had struggled in the face of competition from rival Polish site Nasza Klasa and the growth of Facebook. Another complaint by active users was the censorious attitude of the site's official moderators - a feature that is absent from other social networks.[3]

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