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খুলনা জেলা
Location of Khulna in Bangladesh
Location of Khulna in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 22°21′N 89°18′E / 22.35°N 89.30°E / 22.35; 89.30Coordinates: 22°21′N 89°18′E / 22.35°N 89.30°E / 22.35; 89.30
Country  Bangladesh
Division Khulna Division
 • Total 4,394.45 km2 (1,696.71 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
 • Total 2,318,527
 • Density 530/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Literacy rate
 • Total 57.81%
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Postal code 9000

The Khulna District (Bengali: খুলনা জেলা , Khulna Jela also Khulna Zila) is a district of Bangladesh. It is located in the Khulna Division. It has an area of 4394.45 km² and is bordered on the north by the Jessore District and the Narail District, on the south by the Bay of Bengal, on the east by the Bagerhat District, and on the west by the Satkhira District.[1]


Administrator of Zila Porishod: Shaikh Harun-or-Rashid [1]

Deputy Commissioner (DC): Anis Mahmud [2]

Geography & climate[edit]

Major rivers of Khulna District are the Rupsa (continuation of the Bhairab and Atrai), Arpangachhia, Shibsa, Pasur, and the Koyra.[1]


Khulna is under the jurisdiction of the Jessore Education Board. This board varies the SSC and HSC standard.


  • Bayarbhanga Bishamwar High School(Estd-1945)
  • Barnamala Bidhyapith Sonadanga
  • Charbandha Secondary School,Paikgacha,Khulna
  • Coronation Secondary Bidanikatan, Khulna
  • Pallimangal Girls' High School, Goborchaka
  • RangpurKalibati High School
  • Rotary School, Khalispur, Khulna
  • Rev. Paul's High School, Gallamami, Khulna
  • Bajua Union High School,Bajua, Dacope, Khulna
  • Cantonment Public Secondary School
  • Damoder M.M. High School
  • Moshiali Secondary School. Phultala,khulna.(by:-Shafikul)
  • Daulatpur Muhashin Boys School
  • Daulatpur Muhashin Girls School
  • Dighalia M. A. Mazid Secondary School
  • Fatima High School
  • zia high school,khulna,joraget
  • Govt. Coronation Secondary Girls' School, Khulna
  • Govt. Laboratory High School
  • Hamid Nagor Govt. Primary School, Rayermohal, Khulna
  • H.R.H. Princh Agakhan High School
  • Khulna Collegiate School
  • Khulna Govt. Girls' High School (Monnujan School)
  • Khulna Govt. Railway Boys High School
  • Khulna Govt. Railway Girls High School
  • Khulna Model School and College
  • Khulna Newsprint Mills Secondary School, Khalishpur
  • Khulna Public School and College,Boyra
  • Khulna Zilla School and College
  • Khalishpur School Estate on 1905
  • Lions School and College Khulna (In Pakistan period: Lions English School, Khulna(Establish on 1962)
  • Military Collegiate School Khulna (MCSK)
  • Naubahini Secondary School, Khulna
  • Nirala Ideal Secondary School
  • Paigram Kazba Secondary school
  • Phulbari High school.
  • Phultala Re-Union High School
  • Platinum Secondary School, Khalispur
  • Naubahini Secondary School, Khulna
  • Nirala Ideal Secondary School
  • Paigram Kazba Secondary school
  • Phulbari High school.
  • Phultala Re-Union High School
  • Platinum Secondary School, Khalispur
  • Port Secondary School, Khalishpur (updated by dalim, ssc-1993)
  • Rayermohal Govt. Primary School, Rayermohal, Khulna
  • Rupsha high school, khulna kaml khan
  • St. Joseph's High School, Khulna
  • Senhati Secondary School (established 1887)
  • Port Secondary School, Khalishpur (updated by dalim, ssc-1993)
  • Rayermohal Govt. Primary School, Rayermohal, Khulna
  • Rupsha high school, khulna
  • St. Joseph's High School, Khulna
  • st.jons primari school,khulna
  • Senhati Secondary School (established 1887)

Besides, Khulna has six IGV(Integrated General and Vocational) schools and one technical school of UCEP(Underprivileged Children's Educational Programs), which is a non-profitable organization. Six IGV schools are:

  • K.Z.P.-Coronation Technical School, Khulna Shadar.(Estate on 1905)
  • UCEP-K C C School, Rupsha
  • UCEP-Sonadanga School, Sonadanga
  • UCEP-M A Majid School, Fulbarigate
  • UCEP-Khalishpur School, Khalishpur
  • UCEP-Zohra Samad School, Tootpara
  • UCEP-Wazed Ali School, Banorgati


Polytechnic Institutions[edit]


Medical schools[edit]


  1. Terokhada Upazila
  2. Batiaghata Upazila
  3. Dacope Upazila
  4. Dumuria Upazila
  5. Dighalia Upazila
  6. Koyra Upazila
  7. Paikgachha Upazila
  8. Phultala Upazila
  9. Rupsa Upazila

Subdistricts in proposed Paikgachha District[edit]

  1. Dacope Upazila
  2. Koyra Upazila
  3. Paikgachha Upazila


Khulna is named after a goddess of the Hindu religion, Khulleshwari. In 1947, the district of Khulna had a slight Hindu majority of 52% but was included in Pakistan rather than India (see Radcliffe Line). Now the district's total population is about 80% Muslim. Now it is the third largest district in Bangladesh.

Mr Khan A. Sabur, BA, LLB, Mr M. A. Majeed, BA, LLB was Muslim League Leader at the time of partition. Their close friend Mr. Syed Mohommod Abdul Halim was a government official of Khulna. They formed Boundary Committee for Khulna. Mr.Syed Md. Abdul Halim was very good in English. Mr Syed Md. Abdul Halim, BA, Hon's, Calcutta (1910-1999) drafted the original Memorandum in this regard. About 80 dista??? paper needed for this historical work. Mr Halim's father-in-law's house was in Moulvipara. Every night Mr Halim read, correction the Memorandum before the Muslim League Officials. Mr Halim's native village was Bonomalidia under Madhukhali Upazila (Boalmari Upazila) of Faridpur District. Mr Halim died in 1999, and is buried in Banani graveyard, Dhaka. Mr Khan A. Sabur left all of his property to the people of Khulna; he was unmarried and devoted his life to politics.


  • Railway: Khulna-Dhaka, Khulna-Rajshahi; Khulna-Kolkata(proposed).
  • Roads & Highway: Khulna-Jessore-Dhaka, Khulna-Gopalganj-Dhaka; Khulna-Barisal, Khulna-Satkhira, Khulna-Port of Mongla.


Khulna is a port city.It is the most increasing city in the south. Mongla is the major sea port of the country. In Daulatpur there are several jute mills. By road, railway and riverway it is connected to other parts of the country. This infrastructure plays a vital role in the city's economy, which also depends upon fishing and salt industries. Khulna has a newsprint mill that will about reopen in the near future. The Khulna shipyard receives limited support from the Bangladesh Navy by building small, ocean-going ships. The Khulna textile and hardboard mills will reopen soon under private ownership. RAJA in Khulna.....


The district of Khulna has 10859 mosques, 680 temples, 81 churches, 15 Buddhist temples and 9 tombs.

Places of interest[edit]

  • The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. The royal Bengal tiger inhabits the area; it is said that seeing the tiger enables a person to understand what a tiger means. There are many other rare animals in the area, including monkeys, chitra deer, crocodiles, wild cocks, wild pigs and thousands of kinds of birds.
  • From Kuakatan, both the rising and the setting of the sun into the ocean can be seen.


Print media:

  • Prothom Alo (National)
  • janakantho news[national]
  • The Daily Kaler kantho (National)
  • Daily Purbanchal (Local)
  • Daily Samakal


Satellite Television:

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