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This is a Korean name; the family name is Jung.
Krystal Jung at the SMTown Live World Tour III (3).jpg
Background information
Birth name Chrystal Soo Jung[1]
Also known as Krystal Jung, Jung Soo Jung[2]
Born (1994-10-24) October 24, 1994 (age 20)[1]
San Francisco, California, United States[1]
Genres K-pop, dance
Occupation(s) Singer, actress
Instruments Lead vocal, piano
Years active 2000–present
Labels S.M. Entertainment
Associated acts f(x), Jessica Jung, SM Town, SM The Ballad
Hangul 크리스탈 정
Revised Romanization Keuriseutal Jeong
McCune–Reischauer K'ŭrisŭt'al Chŏng
Korean name
Revised Romanization Jeong Su-jeong
McCune–Reischauer Chŏng Sujŏng

Chrystal Soo Jung (born October 24, 1994),[1] better known as Krystal Jung, Krystal, or by her Korean name Jung Soo Jung, is a Korean American idol singer and actress. Discovered by S.M. Entertainment in 2000, she began filming for commercials and music videos by 2002. She is a member of both the South Korean girl group f(x) and the ballad group S.M. The Ballad, and has participated in various television dramas such as High Kick 3, The Heirs, and My Lovely Girl.

Early life[edit]

Krystal was born as Chrystal Soo Jung in San Francisco, California,[1] where her family from South Korea settled in the 1980s. During a family trip to South Korea in early 2000, at the age of five, she and her older sister Jessica were spotted by talent agency S.M. Entertainment, which earned her a cameo appearance in Shinhwa's "Wedding March" music video. The agency saw potential in both Krystal and her sister and offered them singing and dancing lessons, opting to professionally train them in a singing career. However, the offer was turned down by her parents, reasoning that Krystal was too young. Therefore, her parents at first only allowed her older sister to join the agency, who debuted as a member of the girl group Girls' Generation. Since then, the Jung sisters have appeared together in many events.[3][4]

In 2002, Krystal began appearing in television commercials. She first appeared in a Lotte commercial with Korean actress Han Ga In.[5]

In 2006, her parents finally allowed her to join S.M. Entertainment, and the agency then enrolled her in dance classes, including jazz and ballet. Krystal was trained for 3 years before debuting as a part of f(x) in 2009.[6]


After moving to South Korea, Krystal attended Korea Kent Foreign School, then graduated from Hanlim Performing Arts High School on February 7, 2013, where she was honored with an achievement award.[7] She is currently attending Sungkyunkwan University, majoring in performing arts.[8] She is fluent in both English and Korean.

Personality and public image[edit]

Krystal stated: "I don't really like crowded places. When people stare at me, I feel so uncomfortable. My job is being a celebrity, so I'm supposed to enjoy and get used to people staring at me. I can't seem to do that."[9][10] Her sister, Jessica, further remarked: "When she was little, people would stare at her because she's pretty, and she'd always hide and cry."[11] Because of this reason, during her Amazing f(x) trip to New Zealand, Krystal chose to do skydiving as a mean of unleashing her freedom and fear of attention, telling the viewers, "Skydiving means I'll jump out from the sky and forget everything else".[9][10]

Earlier in her career, Krystal was being criticized by the public as having an attitude problem.[12][13][14] As a result of this, Krystal even had to apologize publicly on one occasion.[15] Subsequently Krystal stated: "When people see my expression they usually say that I look cold or even ask if I'm mad. I was just standing there, so I realized for the first time that I appear that way after hearing those kinds of comments. But the people around me know that I'm not like that. Truthfully, I'm more affectionate and fragile-hearted than people think."[16][17]

In the same interview, she also revealed her introverted personality. She confessed that she cannot quickly become friendly with people whom she meets for the first time. Therefore, she is thankful towards people who approach her first.[16][17]

Music career[edit]

Solo activities[edit]

A sample of Krystal - Because of Me (나 때문에)

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See a complete list of her discography

In 2010, as a part of her participation in the Melody Project,[18][19][20][21] Krystal released a solo song named "Melody".[22] In 2011, she had another song "Because of Me" for the Sign OST.[23] Over the years, Krystal has recorded several other soundtracks in collaboration with her fellow f(x) members or S.M. artists. They include "Hard but Easy",[24] "Spread its Wings",[25] Calling Out,[26] "Grumbling",[27] "Butterfly",[28] and "Say Yes".[29] In 2014, she released the song “All Of A Sudden”,[30] for her own drama, My Lovely Girl.

During various concerts, Krystal has covered live versions of "Tik Tok"[31] and "California Gurls"[32] with Jessica, as well as "My First Kiss" with Key.[33] She has also revealed her piano skills on stage through a performance with Jessica, with the song "Someday".[34]


See also: F(x) (band)

f(x) is a five-member K-pop girl group, composing of Krystal, Amber, Victoria, Luna and Sulli.

The group was initially introduced to the public through a video teaser on August 24, 2009.[35][36] Their first single, "LA chA TA", was released on September 1.[37] They publicly debuted on September 2, in a showcase specifically designed to introduce them.[6][38] On September 5, they performed their first televised performance on the MBC's music show Music Core.[39][40]

Apart from participating in f(x) songs, Krystal and Luna also have a few of their own duets which include "You're my Destiny" and "Sorry, Dear Daddy". Other duet tracks, featured Amber as the rapper, are "Goodbye Summer" and "Beautiful Stranger".

SM The Ballad[edit]

See also: SM The Ballad

SM the Ballad is a ballad group formed in 2010, consisting of several S.M. artists. Krystal joined the group as a new member in 2014.[41]

Being featured in SM the Ballad Vol. 2, she had a duet with Chen for the track "When I Was... When U Were..." and another duet with Changmin for the Japanese version of the title track, Breath.[41] Krystal performed her duet with Chen live at the SM The Ballad Joint Recital on February 12, 2014.[42] As for "Breath", its official music video was released through S.M. Entertainment's official YouTube channel.[43]

Acting career[edit]

See a complete list of her filmography

2010: Debut & Melody Project[edit]

Krystal debuted as an actress in the long-running sitcom More Charming by the Day,[44] making her first appearance in episode 60.[45] She played a minor character named Jung Soo Jung, a quirky girl who lies a lot in front of everyone. During a later episode, her character had a chance to sing a cover of "It's First Love".[46] Subsequently, Krystal received the "Newcomer Comedy Award" at the 2004 MBC Entertainment Award for this role.[47]

During the same year, Krystal also participated in the Melody Project, a series of music videos, in which she played a young student who is in love with her music teacher. There are six parts to the series; four parts have been released so far. Each music video is supposed to depict a distinctive emotion associated with love.[18][19][20][21][22] The director, Oh Joon Jung, commented on Krystal "Despite her young age, she's professionally expressed the complex emotions the character has in the story."[48]

2011 - 2013: High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short-legged & The Heirs[edit]

In 2011, Krystal appeared in High Kick 3, playing the role of Ahn Soo Jung, a superficial and shallow girl, who does not have much depth of feelings. She and her onscreen brother, Ahn Jong Suk, also often act violently towards one another.[49] Because of this, Krystal had to explain that in real life she is not like the character she portrays.[50] On the other hand, Ahn Nae Sang, playing Krystal's father in the show, expressed that he "was shocked at Krystal's natural acting" and believed that she will succeed later. To this, however, Krystal acknowledged that she still has a long way to go before becoming a real actress.[50][51]

In 2013, Krystal was cast in The Heirs, portraying the role of Lee Bo Na, a wealthy high school student, who appears to be somewhat spoiled, yet is still cute and has a good heart. Her character in the show has generated positive recognition among the viewers. For instance, CNBLUE's Jonghyun confessed to become a fan of Krystal after having watched her, stating that her character "came out really pretty and charming".[52] Lee Bo Na and Yoon Chan Young were also voted as the Best Onscreen Couple at the 2013 DramaFever Awards.[53] Throughout the course of filming, Krystal was well-liked among her co-stars and staff members.[54][55] The producer, during his interview featured in the DVD edition of the drama, also praised Krystal for her natural acting.[56]

2014 - present: Potato Star 2013QR3 & My Lovely Girl[edit]

In March, due to a request from Director Kim Byung Wook, whom Krystal has previously worked with in High Kick 3, she made a cameo appearance in Potato Star 2013QR3.[57] Though her appearance was brief, Go Kyung-pyo, playing her crush in the sitcom, stated that he became a fan of Krystal, noting on her being a bright and caring friend, and that her participation in the show was a joyful memory to remember.[58]

Krystal starred in her first leading role in the SBS's drama My Lovely Girl, alongside with Rain and L (Kim Myungsoo). She portrayed a character named Se Na, who moves from the countryside to Seoul to pursue a music career and ends up meeting a fateful love during the process. Commenting on Krystal's work attitude, Director Park Hyung Ki stated "Despite taking on a difficult character, she shows her determination to pull it off through her gaze to the point you can see sincerity in Krystal when she’s in front of the camera."[59][60] The drama started airing on September 17, 2014.[61][62]

Variety show appearances[edit]

See a complete list of her variety shows

2010: Dream Team 2 & The M-Wave[edit]

Krystal appeared on Let's Go Dream Team 2, where she broke a high jump record that had been set on the show 10 years ago with a height of 1.95 meters.[63]

She was also a host of The M-Wave with fellow artist Thunder from MBLAQ.[64][65]

2011: SBS's Kiss & Cry[edit]

As a participant in the figure-skating show Kiss & Cry, Krystal demonstrated a total of 8 performances stretching throughout a 14-week broadcast. Having practiced figure-skating only shortly before the show started;[66] and even though there were also some mishaps,[67][68] she impressed the judges and viewers through many difficult lifts and movements. People on one occasion commented that Krystal executed all her elements cleanly and finished strong.[69] Kim Yuna, on the other hand, remarked that although she thought one performance lacked some colors; "...the skills demonstrated were enough for me to believe if someone said Krystal was an ice dancer."[70] David Wilson also commented on the chemistry between Krystal and her partner, Lee Dong Hoon. He poked fun at the two, asking "Just makes me wonder... is there something going on between the two of you?" Krystal and her partner were then announced as the winners of the competition, earning them the opportunity to skate at the Kim Yuna's "Samsung Galaxy★Hauzen All That Skate Summer 2011" ice show.[71] Krystal later revealed about an incident where she could have almost killed her partner. While practicing for a lift, the blade of her skate came across his neck and could have cut through his skin if he had not avoided it right in time.[72][73]

2014: OnStyle's Jessica & Krystal[edit]

Jessica & Krystal, featuring Krystal and her sister, Jessica Jung, premiered on June 3 and consisted of 10 episodes. The show took on a more close-up and personal side of the two sisters, showing their affection towards one another,[74] featuring their daily life activities, as well as never-before-seen footages.[75]

During one interview segment, the two sisters addressed their public "cold" image together. Jessica explained "The average person thinks of idols' bright images, but my sister and I tend to not have strong expressions. If I'm not so lively, other people could misunderstand. I wish they wouldn't think me as rough." and Krystal added "I don't particularly want to explain. This is us, so what could we do?"[76] They also expressed their sisterly bond, saying "If we didn't work in the same business, we wouldn't be this close...we understand each other more than anyone else. If we didn't have each other, it would have been difficult."[77]

Relationship with bandmates[edit]

When describing the friendship between Krystal and her bandmate Sulli, Amber stated: "Krystal and Sulli are like Tom and Jerry. They are always bickering, but you know they secretly love each other".[78] Sulli added: "The people who don't know might think we are fighting...that's just how we express our love."[79]


Further information: F(x) discography
Year Album Song Duration Artist
2009 KBS2 Invincible Lee Pyung Kang OST "Hard but Easy" 03:51 With Luna
2010 KBS God of Study OST "Spread Its Wings" 03:56 With Luna & Amber
KBS Cinderella's Sister OST "Calling Out" 04:22 With Luna
Melody Project Part II – Moderato "Melody" 04:21 Solo
2011 SBS Sign OST "Because of Me" 03:15 Solo
MBC Sunday Night – Enjoy Today OST "Grumbling" 04:24 With Lee Teuk
2012 SBS To the Beautiful You "Butterfly" 03:01 With Jessica
2014 SM the Ballad Vol. 2 – Breathe "When I Was... When U Were..." 03:54 With Chen
"Breath" (Japanese Ver.) 04:30 With Changmin
Make Your Move 3D OST "Say Yes" 03:58 With Jessica & Kris
My Lovely Girl OST “All Of A Sudden” 04:27 Solo


Further information: F(x) filmography

Television drama[edit]

Year Title Role Network Notes
2010 More Charming By The Day Jung Soo Jung MBC Supporting Role
2011 Welcome to the Show Herself SBS Cameo
2011–2012 High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged Ahn Soo Jung MBC Supporting Role
2013 The Heirs Lee Bo Na SBS Supporting / Third-Leading Role
The Miracle[80] Lee Bo Na SBS Supporting characters
2014 Potato Star 2013QR3 Noh Soo Jung tvN Cameo / Episode 81
My Lovely Girl Yoon Se Na SBS First-Leading Role


Year Title Role Notes
2012 I AM. – SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden Herself Documentary of SMTown in New York

Variety shows[edit]

Date Channel Title Episode Role Notes
2010–2011 KBS2 Dream Team 2 22, 29, 32, 55 Guest Krystal & Minho win the Couple Dream Team in episode 22. Krystal makes a record high jump of 1.95m during episode 32.
Arirang TV The M-Wave Host Krystal is a host along with Thunder of MBLAQ
2011 SBS Kiss & Cry 1–14 Winner Starring: Krystal, IU, Kim Yuna, Shin Dong-yup, Jin Ji-hee, Kim Byung-man, Lee Ah-hyun, Lee Kyu-hyuk, Park Jun-geum, Seo Ji-suk, Son Dam-bi, and U-Know Yun-ho
SBS Strong Heart 88 & 89 Guest Taecyeon once asked Krystal to have her singing featured in "Hands Up". However, she had to decline as the song contains lyrics about drinking and clubbing, and Krystal was still a minor at the time.[81]
2012 SBS Running Man 93 & 94 Winner along with Gary Guest Star: f(x)'s Krystal, Kara's Gyuri & SeungYeon, 4Minute's HyunA, MissA's Suzy. Krystal receives a pure gold tiara.[82]
2013 OnStyle Project Runway Korea 9 Guest Judge Project Runway Korea All Stars. Krystal is a guest judge. The winning dress is featured in Krystal's 1st Look magazine photoshoots (May 2013 Edition)[83][84]
2014 OnStyle Jessica & Krystal 1-10 Regular Cast with her sister Jessica, featuring daily activities of the two sisters[75]
SBS Running Man 214 Winner along with team "My Lovely Girl" My Lovely Girl special episode[85]

Music video appearances[edit]

Year Song title Artist Role Notes
2000 "Wedding March" Shinhwa Little Girl
2006 "Still Believe" Rain Herself[86]
2009 "Juliette" SHINee Juliette[87]
2010 "Sweet Dreams" Alex Herself Melody Project – Andante
"Melody" Krystal Herself Melody Project – Moderato
2013 "Spring Will Probably Come" Byul Herself Melody Project – Fermata
"Memories Are More Beautiful Than Farewell" Tei Herself Melody Project – Adagio
2014 "Breath" (Japanese Version) Krystal ft Changmin Herself S.M. The Ballad Vol.2

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
MBC Entertainment Awards
Newcomer Comedy Award[47] More Charming By The Day Won
4th KoreanUpdates Awards
Most Favourite Couple with Kang Min-hyuk[88] The Heirs Nominated
2nd DramaFever Awards
Best Couple with Kang Min-hyuk[53][89] Won
16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival
Young Actress Award[90][91] Nominated
7th Style Icon Awards
Top 10 Style Icons with Jessica Jung Jessica & Krystal Nominated
5th KoreanUpdates Awards
Best Actress My Lovely Girl Pending
Most Favourite Couple with Rain Pending
3rd DramaFever Awards
Best Actress of the Year Pending


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