Lucazi language

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Native to Angola, Zambia
Native speakers
unknown (undated figure of 900,000+)[1]
Standard forms
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
lch – Luchazi
nba – Nyemba
mfu – Mbwela

Luchazi (Lucazi, Chiluchazi) is a Bantu language of Angola and Zambia. Ethnically distinct varieties, many of which are subsumed under the generic term Ngangela, are all "fully intelligible".[2] These are Luchazi itself, Nyemba, Mbwela of Angola (Ambuella, Shimbwera, not to be confused with Mbwela of Zambia) and Ngonzela.


Luchazi proper has five vowels (/a ɛ i ɔ u/), three tone levels, and the following consonants:[3]

p t tʃ k
f s ʃ h
β z l j w
m n ɲ ŋ

There are also prenasalized stops, /mpʰ ntʰ ŋkʰ/, /mb nd ɲdʒ ŋɡ/.

There are possibly other consonants, such as /ts/(?) and /tʲ/(?). /ʃ/ and /ŋ/ are rare and may be from loans.


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