Mother-in-law (tamale)

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Mother-in-Law Sandwich 01.jpg
Place of origin United States
Region or state Chicago area
Main ingredients Bread
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The mother-in-law sandwich is a Chicago area fast food dish that features a Chicago-style corn-roll tamale nestled in a hot dog bun and smothered with chili.[1] The mother-in-law is made with Chicago's unique style of tamale, a machine-extruded cornmeal roll, wrapped in paper, which is typically cooked in a hot-dog steamer.[2]


Although African-Americans migrating from the Southern United States may have brought tamales to Chicago, no one knows how this sandwich developed.[3] Some speculate it may have had its beginnings in Mexico City's torta de tamal, a tamale on a bolillo. The precise origins of the Chicago tamale style are also obscure.[2]