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National Highway 3
Road map of India with A.B. Road highlighted in blue
Route information
Part of
Length: 1,161 km (721 mi)
NS: 95 km (Agra - Gwalior)
Phase III: 375 km
Major junctions
North end: Agra, Uttar Pradesh
South end: Mumbai, Maharashtra
States: Uttar Pradesh: 26 km
Rajasthan: 32 km
Madhya Pradesh: 712 km
Maharashtra: 391 km
Agra - Gwalior - Indore - Dhule - Nashik - Mumbai
Highway system
NH 2A NH 4

National Highway 3, or NH 3, commonly referred to as the MumbaiAgra Highway or AB Road, is a major Indian National Highway that runs through the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra in India.[1]

Photograph of Four-lane National Highway 3, near Dhule, Maharashtra.
NH 3 on the way to Indore, Madhya Pradesh
National Highway 3 in north Madhya Pradesh
NH3 through Maharashtra

The highway originates in Agra in Uttar Pradesh, generally travels southwest through Dhaulpur in Rajasthan, Morena, Gwalior, Shivpuri, Guna, Biaora, Maksi, Dewas, Indore & Julwaniya in Madhya Pradesh, and Dhule, Nashik, Thane and terminates at Mumbai in Maharashtra. NH 3 runs for a distance of 1,190 km (740 mi)

The stretch between Agra and Gwalior is marked as the North-South corridor by the National Highways Authority of India. In greater Mumbai area, the highway is also known as Eastern Express Highway which continues as Mumbai Nashik Expressway.

Currently, the stretch between Agra to Gwalior is four lane. The stretch from Gwalior via Shivpuri, Guna, Maksi up to Dewas road is not four lane. The condition between Shivpuri and Maksi is not good. Only patch work is done by NHAI. Now the tender for four lane along the same stretch is also done and work is going to start and may be completed up 2014. Even the stretch between Gwalior and Shivpuri is not great. However it can be done relatively easily.

Road from Dewas to Indore is currently being converted to six lane. Road from Indore to Mumbai is completely 4 lane but only problem was at Nasik city where the highway went within the city and hence an elevated expressway of 25km has been built to solve the problem of traffic.Stretch from Nashik to Mumbai is 4 lane Mumbai Nashik Expressway.

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