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Pashtun names are names used among the Pashtun people.

Given names[edit]

Pashtun given names are derived up from the Pashto language itself. After the Islamic conquest of Afghanistan, other names adopted by Pashtuns come from Arabic though can at times, take the phonology of Pashto, e.g. the Arabic "Zulaikha", a woman's name, can become "Zlaikha" due to the consonant cluster nature of Pashto. Other names, though they come directly from Pashto itself, will display pronunciation differences germane to the two main accents of Pashto. For example "Zarlakht" a Pashtun girl's name as pronounced by Peshawaris (and other northern Pashtuns) will be pronounced as "Zarlasht" by the Pashtuns of Bannu (as well as other Pashtun populations who inhabit rehions further to the south).


Surnames can either come from being borrowed from other languages, or used from given names. Also, many Pashto last names come from the name of the tribe: in this case their name would end in -zai (son) or khel (village), (e.g. a Ghilzai Pashtun would likely have Ghilzai as their last name) or a last tribal name with no suffix (e.g. Afridi, Sarbanri, Abdali).

Khan is also a name used commonly among Pashtuns, though it is not a native to the Pashtun language and is adopted from the neighbouring Turkic.


Pashtun names are found among the Pashtun population, and some Muslim Indo-Aryans and Tajiks will carry Pashtun names, a sign of Pashtun ancestry among them.