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Project Runway (season 6)
Runway Season 6 contestants
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 14
Original channel Lifetime
Original run August 20, 2009 – November 19, 2009
Additional information
Filming dates September 2008 – February 2009
Winner Irina Shabayeva
No. of tasks 13
No. of designers 16
All-Stars Gordana Gehlhausen
All-Stars 2 Althea Harper
All-Stars 3 Irina Shabayeva
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 5
Next →
Season 7

The sixth season of Project Runway, a reality competition show about fashion design, premiered on Lifetime on August 20, 2009, the first season to be aired on that network. The production of this season started in September 2008 and finished the pre-finale filming on October 17, 2008. It is the only season of Project Runway filmed at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

Returning as judges are supermodel Heidi Klum, fashion designer Michael Kors, and Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia. Tim Gunn returned as a mentor to the aspiring designers. This is the second season which consisted of all female finalists.

The winner of this season of Project Runway, Irina Shabayeva, received an editorial feature in an issue of Marie Claire magazine, a cash prize of $100,000 to start her own line, and an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Paris.[1] Furthermore, the winning model of this season, Kalyn Hemphill, received a $25,000 cash prize from L’Oreal and took part in the winning designer's fashion spread in Marie Claire.[2]

The premiere was preceded by a two-hour special episode of Project Runway: All-Star Challenge where eight past contestants (Daniel Vosovic, Santino Rice, Jeffrey Sebelia, Uli Herzner, Mychael Knight, Chris March, Sweet P, and Korto Momolu) competed in one challenge with a cash prize of $100,000.[3] Vosovic won the challenge, while Momolu came in second place, Sweet P in third, and March in fourth.

Gordana Gehlhausen later appeared in Project Runway: All Stars in 2012, where she finished 11th out of 13. Althea Harper, in the same year, competed in the second season of the All Stars edition placing 8th out of 13.


Name Age Place of residence Place finished
Ari Fish 25 Kansas City, Missouri 16th
Malvin Vien 23 Brooklyn, New York 15th
Mitchell Hall 25 Savannah, Georgia 14th
Qristyl Frazier 41 Brooklyn, New York 13th
Johnny Sakalis 29 West Hollywood, California 12th
Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman 30 Chicago, Illinois 11th
Louise Black 31 Dallas, Texas 10th
Rodney Epperson 49 New York, New York 9th
Shirin Askari 23 Richardson, Texas 8th
Nicolas Putvinski 26 New York, New York 7th
Logan Neitzel 25 Seattle, Washington 6th
Christopher Straub 29 Shakopee, Minnesota 5th
Gordana Gehlhausen 44 Charleston, South Carolina 4th
Carol Hannah Whitfield 23 Charleston, South Carolina 3rd
Althea Harper 23 Dayton, Ohio Runner-up
Irina Shabayeva 26 New York, New York Winner


Name Age From Place of residence Place finished
Yosuzi Sylvester 21 Venezuela Los Angeles, California 16th
Erika Macke 21 United States Las Vegas, Nevada 15th(Withdrew)
Erica Milde 23 United States Chicago, Illinois 14th
Valerie Roy 27 United States New York, New York 13th
Emarie Wiltz 29 United States New York, New York 12th
Fatma Dabo 25 Gambia Los Angeles, California 11th
Vanessa Fitzgerald 20 United States New York, New York 10th
Tara Egan 21 United States Chicago, Illinois 9th
Ebony Jointer 19 United States Hacienda Heights, California 8th
Celine Chua 28 Singapore New York, New York 7th
Kojii Helnwein 25 Ireland Los Angeles, California 6th
Katie Sticksel 22 United States Los Angeles, California 5th
Matar Cohen 24 Israel New York, New York 4th
Lisa Blades 24 United States Los Angeles, California 3rd
Tanisha Harper 24 United States Los Angeles, California Runner-up
Kalyn Hemphill 19 United States New York, New York Winner


Designer Elimination Table
Designer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 82 9 10 11 12 14 Episode
13 - Finale, Part 1
Gordana IN IN LOW IN LOW LOW HIGH WIN IN HIGH LOW OUT 12 - The Art of Fashion
Logan IN IN IN LOW IN IN IN LOW LOW LOW OUT 11 - The Best of the Best
Nicolas IN IN LOW IN LOW WIN IN1 IN HIGH OUT 10 - Around the World in Two Days
Shirin IN WIN IN IN IN IN HIGH HIGH OUT 9 - Sequins, Feathers and Fur, Oh My!
Epperson IN IN LOW HIGH IN HIGH LOW OUT 8 - A Fashionable New Beginning
Louise IN HIGH IN IN IN LOW OUT 7 - The Sky Is the Limit
Ra'mon HIGH LOW WIN IN IN OUT 6 - Lights, Camera, Sew!
Johnny HIGH IN HIGH LOW OUT 5 - Fashion Headliners
Qristyl LOW IN LOW OUT 4 - What a Woman Wants
Mitchell LOW LOW OUT 3 - Rumble on the Runway
Malvin IN OUT 2 - We Expect Fashion
Ari OUT 1 - Welcome to Los Angeles!
  • ^Note 1 : Heidi Klum cited Nicolas as "very lucky" repeatedly, stating had he not had immunity from the last challenge, he could have also been out.
  • ^Note 2 : Tim Gunn announced that this would be the last challenge awarding immunity to the winner. Immunity will no longer be granted from episode 9 and onward until the competition ends.
     The designer won Project Runway Season 6.
     The designer was advanced to Fashion Week.
     The designer won the challenge.
     The designer came in second but did not win the challenge.
     The designer had one of the highest scores for that challenge, but did not win.
     The designer had one of the lowest scores for that challenge, but was not eliminated.
     The designer was in the bottom two, but was not eliminated.
     The designer lost and was out of the competition.
     The designer had one of the highest scores but was eliminated.

Models of the Runway[edit]

Model Elimination Table5
Model 1 2 3 4 5 6 77 88 9 10 9 11 12 14 Episode
Kalyn QF MH IS IS IS IS NP NP NP IS IS IS WINNER (IS) 14 - That's a Wrap!
13 - Bryant Park Bound
Matar NP SA QF RE RE RE GG GG GG CS GG GG OUT 12 - NY Here We Come!
Kojii CW CW LN LN LN LN LB RE LN NP LN OUT 11 - It's a Sticky Situation
Celine IS IS NP NP NP NP CS LN IS LN OUT 10 - Burlesque Babies
Ebony SA NP SA SA SA SA CW SA SA OUT 9 - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Tara GG GG GG GG GG GG AH AH OUT 8 - A Fresh Start
Vanessa RC RC RC RC RC RC SA OUT 7 - You're My Pumpkin Pie
Fatma LN LN MH LB LB LB OUT 6 - Hot Mess
Emarie JS JS JS JS JS OUT 5 - Chic Clique
Valerie MV MV CW6 QF OUT 4 - It's My Party and I'll Wear What I Want To
Erica RE RE RE OUT 3 - Frenemies
Erika AF QF WD6 2 - They Love Me, They Love Me Not
Yosuzi MH OUT 1 - Off the Runway
  • ^Note 5 : The aftershow "Models of the Runway" fully reveals the eliminated model of a future challenge.
  • ^Note 6 : Valerie was originally eliminated in Episode 2; however, she was brought back after Erika, Carol Hannah's model, voluntarily withdrew.
  • ^Note 7 : All the designers were required to switch models for this episode.
  • ^Note 8 : In place of the models, a group of divorcées modeled designs based on their old wedding dresses. Colored boxes in this column refer to the models assigned to the winning and losing designers.
  • ^Note 9 : The designers were once again required to switch models for this episode.
     The model won Project Runway Season 6.
     The model wore the winning design that challenge.
     The model wore the losing design that challenge.
     The model was eliminated.
     The model was brought back into the competition.
     The model withdrew from the competition.

Designer legend

  • Althea: AH
  • Ari: AF
  • Carol Hannah: CW
  • Christopher: CS
  • Epperson: RE
  • Gordana: GG
  • Irina: IS
  • Johnny: JS
  • Logan: LN
  • Louise: LB
  • Malvin: MV
  • Mitchell: MH
  • Nicolas: NP
  • Qristyl: QF
  • Ra'mon: RC
  • Shirin: SA


Episode 1: Welcome to Los Angeles![edit]

Original Airdate: August 20, 2009

The designers were asked to create a dress made for a red carpet event, focusing on innovation on their creation and making a statement on who they are as a designer. They were preassigned models for their challenge, given 30 minutes to sketch their design, a 30 minute shopping spree at Mood with a budget of $200, and two days to complete their design.

Episode 2: We Expect Fashion[edit]

Original Airdate: August 27, 2009

Designers were to create a pregnancy look for supermodel Rebecca Romijn, who was carrying twins. She was looking for something that was fashionable and easy to move in, but also something appropriate for a pregnant woman to wear out in public. Designers were given 30 minutes to sketch, a 30 minute shopping spree at Mood with a budget of $100, and two days to complete the look. The prize for the winning designer was immunity for the next challenge.

Episode 3: Rumble on the Runway[edit]

Original Airdate: September 3, 2009

The designers were taken to the beach, where they were told to create a fashionable, surfer-inspired outfit, and were placed in teams of two. Tim drew the names of team leaders via a random lotto; those team leaders then selected their partners in the order they were chosen, as follows:

Team Team Members
1 Shirin and Carol Hannah
2 Logan and Christopher
3 Nicolas and Gordana
4 Mitchell and Ra'mon
5 Althea and Louise
6 Qristyl and Epperson
7 Johnny and Irina

Later on in the challenge, it was revealed that they would also be creating an avant-garde look inspired by their ready-to-wear, surfer-inspired outfit. They had $50 for the first look and $200 for the second. Most of the episode focused on Qristyl and Epperson, who had trouble getting along, and Mitchell and Ra'mon; Mitchell had trouble keeping on task, which caused Ra'mon to have to create both looks mostly on his own. At judging, Qristyl and Mitchell were in the bottom two, Qristyl for not being able to lead her team and Mitchell for not doing anything.

Note: This episode marks the first time a designer (and team leader) of a winning look was eliminated.

Episode 4: What a Woman Wants[edit]

Original Airdate: September 10, 2009

The designers were challenged to create an eye-catching outfit to please their surprise client: their models. This outfit is intended for model industry events. Designers were given a budget of $100 to shop at Mood, and a day to complete the look. The winning designer would have immunity for the next challenge.

  • Guest Judges: Marc Bouwer (sitting in for Michael Kors), Zoe Glassner (sitting in for Nina Garcia), Jennifer Rade
    • WINNER: Althea
    • ELIMINATED: Qristyl

Episode 5: Fashion Headliners[edit]

Original Airdate: September 17, 2009

Designers were taken to the Los Angeles Times, and were challenged to create an outfit made out of newspaper. They had three minutes to grab the newspaper they desired to use for design and then completed the look in a day. Designers were provided with paints and could use muslin, which could not be shown on the runway, for infrastructure. The winner would have immunity for the next challenge.

  • Guest Judges: Tommy Hilfiger (sitting in for Michael Kors), Zoe Glassner (sitting in for Nina Garcia), Eva Longoria
    • WINNER: Irina
    • ELIMINATED: Johnny

Episode 6: Lights, Camera, Sew![edit]

Original Airdate: September 24, 2009

Designers were challenged to create a movie character and design a look inspired by different movie genres for this character. Due to Irina's win in the last challenge (and the odd number of remaining contestants), Tim allowed her to choose whichever genre she desired. After that, two people were allotted per genre. Tim chose their names out of a bag at random.

The designers and their genres were as follows:

Genre Designers
Action/Adventure Carol Hannah, Logan
Film Noir Althea, Irina, Louise
Period Piece Christopher, Gordana
Sci-Fi Nicolas, Ra'mon
Western Epperson, Shirin

They were given $150 and a day to complete their designs. The winner received immunity for the next challenge. The judges praised Nicolas, Epperson, and Christopher for their creativity and the ideas behind their muses. Meanwhile, Gordana and Louise were criticized for a lack of creativity, while Ra'mon's dress showed a lack of craftsmanship. It was this, along with his fabric selection, that got him eliminated.

  • Guest Judges: John Varvatos (sitting in for Michael Kors), Zoe Glassner (sitting in for Nina Garcia), Arianne Phillips
    • WINNER: Nicolas
    • ELIMINATED: Ra'mon

Episode 7: The Sky Is the Limit[edit]

Original Airdate: October 1, 2009

Designers were challenged to create two garments for Macy's, Inc.; both had be blue and fit in with Macy's, Inc.'s line. Designers had to pitch ideas to Macy's executive Martine Reardon, who chose five designers' ideas for completion. The designers then had to work in pairs; team leaders were the designers with the favored sketches, who then chose their partners in the following order when Tim selected their name from a bag at random. The leaders and their partners, respectively, were:

Team Team Members
1 Althea and Logan
2 Christopher and Epperson
3 Louise and Nicolas
4 Irina and Gordana
5 Carol Hannah and Shirin

The winner of this challenge would not receive immunity, but would instead make a holiday dress to be sold in select Macy's stores nationwide and on Macy' There was a suggested possibility for one or more people to go home. Had two people gone home, Christopher would have been the other

  • Guest Judges: Zanna Roberts (sitting in for Nina Garcia), Martine Reardon
    • WINNER: Irina (teamed with Gordana Gehlhausen)
    • ELIMINATED: Louise (teamed with Nicolas Putvinski)

Episode 8: A Fashionable New Beginning[edit]

Original Airdate: October 8, 2009

Designers were challenged to reconstruct a divorcée's wedding gown and turn it into a new dress. Each designer was allocated a divorcée, who fed their respective designers ideas on how to translate their gowns. They were given $25 to spend at Mood and were allowed to buy a maximum of two yards of fabric. The challenge ended at midnight. The winner of the challenge received the last immunity for the remainder of the season's challenges.

  • Guest Judges: Zanna Roberts (sitting in for Nina Garcia), Tamara Mellon
    • WINNER: Gordana
    • ELIMINATED: Epperson

Episode 9: Sequins, Feathers and Fur, Oh My![edit]

Original Airdate: October 15, 2009

The designers were required to make a dazzling and show-stopping stage look for guest judge Christina Aguilera. This outfit was intended to catch the attention of the audience in the back of the theater, as well as appear chic on camera close-ups. They were given budget of $300 and two days to complete their designs. The winner would no longer be granted immunity from this point forth.

Episode 10: A Tale of Seven Cities[edit]

Original Airdate: October 22, 2009

For this challenge, the designers embarked on a trip to the Michael Kors boutique, where Kors briefed them about drawing inspiration from seven select locales around the world. Designers chose in the following order, beginning with Carol Hannah as a benefit from her previous win:

Location Designer
Palm Beach, Florida Carol Hannah
Greece Nicolas
Saint-Tropez Althea
New York City Gordana
Aspen, Colorado Irina
Santa Fe, New Mexico Christopher
Hollywood, California Logan

They were given $150 to shop at Mood and one day to complete their looks.

Episode 11: The Best of the Best[edit]

Original Airdate: October 29, 2009

Before being presented with their challenge, the designers were required to be facing away from the runway. When Heidi emerged, they were surprised to see looks of theirs from previous challenges. They were asked to create a companion piece from their winning look. (Irina, who has three wins as of this episode, was given her most recent look; Logan, who has never won or been in the top before, was presented with his first look by default.) The designers were given $100 to shop at Mood and one day to complete their outfits. In the workroom, Althea noticed Logan was creating a similar collar to that of her top three design from Episode 9. On the runway, Irina insinuated that Althea's coat was inspired by Irina's previous winning look, but the judges ignored this complaint and awarded Althea the win.

Episode 12: The Art of Fashion[edit]

Original Airdate: November 5, 2009

For their final runway challenge before New York Fashion Week, the designers embarked to Los Angeles's famed Getty Center (a portion of the J. Paul Getty Museum), where they were greeted by Tim and the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa. After the mayor greeted them, Tim explained that their challenge would be to draw inspiration from any location in and around the Getty Center. After 30 minutes of browsing (with their models in tow as muses) and 30 minutes of sketching, they were given $300 to shop at Mood for the final time. On the runway, no concise top or bottom was indicated. Rather, the judges had compliments and criticisms for all. Heidi then asked each designer to explain why they felt they were worthy of making it to Bryant Park and which two designers they would take with them. There was no one winner for this challenge; instead, each designer was either advanced to the final round or eliminated. However, the magazine featuring the winner featured Carol Hannah.

  • Guest Judges: Cynthia Rowley (sitting in for Michael Kors), Cindy Crawford
    • ADVANCED: Althea, Carol Hannah, and Irina
    • ELIMINATED: Christopher and Gordana

Episode 13: Finale - Part 1[edit]

Original Airdate: November 12, 2009

For part 1 of the finale, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn sent the remaining contestants (Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea) home with $9000 and ten weeks to create a 12-piece collection. The narrative shifts to a few weeks later when Tim Gunn arrives at the contestants' homes to critique their collections. In addition to providing an outside opinion, he also joins each contestant for a meal with their friends and family. Ten days before New York Fashion Week, Tim calls Irina to inform her that the images that she is using for her collection are copyrighted and cannot be used. The week before Bryant Park, Althea and Irina arrive in New York; Tim arrives later to inform them that Carol Hannah has fallen ill with a stomach virus, although she feels better and joins them in the workroom the next day. The three, over the course of the next week, pick models and finish their collections before Heidi and Tim arrive with a surprise: they must create, complete and integrate one more piece into their collection. Previous contestants Gordana, Logan and Christopher arrive to help them. The show ends with Carol Hannah falling ill once again.

Team Team Members
1 Althea and Logan
2 Irina and Gordana
3 Carol Hannah and Christopher

Episode 14: Finale - Part 2[edit]

Original Airdate: November 19, 2009

  • Guest Judge: Suzy Menkes
    • WINNER: Irina
    • ELIMINATED: Carol Hannah and Althea


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