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[purge] [edit]

For those without the leisure time required to read through my userboxes: former Astronomy grad student (MS), with another MS in Mechanical Engineering (focusing on alternative fuel use and maximizing efficiency in developing countries) and BSs in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, interested in galaxy-scale out to large-scale structure. I enjoy researching primary sources, adding missing information, fixing errors, making things look pleasing, ordered, and complete, taking & manipulating photos, standardization & consistency within articles, citations, and templates, and automation wherever (reasonably) possible. Being bludgeoned with perspective my entire academic life has taught me to not give a fuck, and in the best possible way. So please assume good faith, then speak your mind, be brief and concise, don't be afraid to follow or break convention, as long as you're not a dick. You can expect the same.


What follows is an attempt to describe myself solely in user boxes. These will be used in lieu of immediate semi-permanent creative inspiration. For the sake of humanity, all user boxes have been hidden by default. You alone will be responsible for any life threatening or altering effects caused by reading this page in its entirety.

Activity/Putting my OCD to good use[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Astronomy This user is a member of
WikiProject Astronomy.
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  Green 00ff00 pog.svg General article & citation cleanup of Category:Astronomy articles, including, but not limited to:
      Green 00ff00 pog.svg Standardizing |year=/|date= citation usage where appropriate (talk).
      Green 00ff00 pog.svg Standardizing L, R, M, etc. usage. Adding those templates to articles, when appropriate (talk).
      Green 00ff00 pog.svg Trying to standardize use of parsecs first, light-years second, where appropriate.
      Green 00ff00 pog.svg Cycle AWB through watchlist to correct pages with > 2 minor errors.
  Green 00ff00 pog.svg Taking bites out of the WikiProject Astronomy cleanup listing, and perusing WP:Vital articles/Physical sciences#Astronomy.
      Green 00ff00 pog.svg Finding pages with unintentional links to disambiguation pages and fixing the easy ones. Sometimes I'm even on the leaderboard.
      Green 00ff00 pog.svg Finding, adding, and formatting proper references to remove {{citation needed}} tags, reference errors, and hidden categories for astronomy articles.
  Green 00ff00 pog.svg Sometimes listening to the sound of Wikipedia.

To do[edit]

  Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Standardize MOS:DateFormat for astro articles (talk).
  Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Make article stub on A3558.
  Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Expand on the differences between galaxy groups and clusters (talk).
  Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Consistify/make pretty the List of voids.

Not doing (anymore)[edit]

  Red pog.svg Populating the more-difficult-to-find {{Infobox galaxy cluster}} statistics (member #, velocity dispersion, ICM temperature, mass) from journal articles for the most popular Abell clusters (doing so for all would take way too much time and wouldn't be as much benefit).

Done (large and/or systematic changes)[edit]

  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Extended the "Earth-Moon-thing" size-comparison format to 8 more Solar System objects between the size of Enceladus and Titania.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg List all most pages in Category:Astronomy (here and here).
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Resolve ambiguities surrounding cluster designations for many NGC articles.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Template related:

  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Added many needed parameters to {{Infobox astro object}}.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Added documentation to the {{NGCX}} family of templates.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Added |Velocity dispersion=, |Flux=, and |Distance (co-moving)= parameters to {{infobox galaxy cluster}}.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Add notes and helpful wikicode to all {{Infobox galaxy cluster}} parameters for clarity and consistent usage.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Created & transcluded {{Infobox supercluster}} to all superclusters.

  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Abell catalog related:

  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Turned the boring, ugly, unorganized List of Abell clusters into this very nice table while adding ra, dec, Abell richness, and BM type (inspired by this heroic effort by User:Dr. Submillimeter).
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Added |Bautz-Morgan type= parameter to {{Infobox galaxy cluster}}. Populated it and |richness class= for all List of Abell clusters and Category:Abell objects, respectively.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Created and assigned 6 new categories for/to all Abell cluster richness 0-5.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Corrected all Abell cluster pages with {{Infobox galaxy}} to {{Infobox galaxy cluster}}.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Made {{Catalogs}} variable width so it looks nicer at the bottom of a page (talk), and added it to all Abell object pages.
  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Populated the easily gotten {{Infobox galaxy cluster}} statistics (α, δ, constellation, z, co-moving distance, x-ray flux) from NED for all Abell cluster pages.

  Purple 8000ff pog.svg Organized the List of galaxy clusters and removed synonymous usage of galaxy clusters with galaxy groups.


Arp 107 (via Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies)Calcium monohydride (via Inorganic compounds by element)Coronet cluster (via Corona Australis)Galactic ridge(via Milky Way)Kilonova (via Gamma-ray burst)Nuclear pasta (via Neutron star)Virgocentric flow (via Virgo Cluster)Virial mass (via Binding energy and Gravitational binding energy)

Pages & templates significantly contributed to (and improved, hopefully)[edit]

  Blue 0080ff pog.svg List of Abell clustersVelocity dispersionEridanus clusterAstrophysical X-ray sourceAntlia ClusterAbell 520Abell 2199Coma ClusterKitt Peak National ObservatoryVirgocentric flowCalcium monohydride
  Blue 0080ff pog.svg {{Infobox astro object}}{{Infobox galaxy cluster}} ★ {{Infobox globular cluster}} ★ {{Infobox star}} ★ {{Catalogs}} ★ {{Earth radius}} ★ {{Jupiter radius}}

Pages & templates created[edit]

  Blue 0080ff pog.svg {{Deg2HMS}}{{hub}}{{Infobox supercluster}} ★ {{Solar luminosity}} ★ {{Solar radius}} ★ {{Lunar mass}} ★ {{Lunar radius}} ★ {{Fe/H}} ★ {{alpha/Fe}}
  Blue 0080ff pog.svg Bautz-Morgan classification
  Blue 0080ff pog.svg Abell 133Abell 262Abell 478Abell 665Abell 907Abell 1413Abell 1795Abell 1991Abell 2390
  Blue 0080ff pog.svg NGC 1721NGC 1723NGC 1725NGC 1728Pages in Category:Astronomy
  Blue 0080ff pog.svg Many, many #REDIRECTs. Mostly capitalization (not all shown; ain't nobody got time for that) and typo-related: Abell 1060Abell catalogAbell CatalogueAbell richness classAbell richness groupAbell s0636Abell s636abs adsABSADSads absadsabsAGN classificationAntlia dwarfApogalacticAstronomical X-ray sourceAsynchronous serial protocolBautz-Morgan ClassificationBautz-Morgan typeBautz-MorganBinding massBolometricCanadian Astronomy Data CentrecD galaxyChandra X-ray observatoryCollinder ★ {{CSdoc}} ★ {{ColBegin}} ★ {{ColEnd}} ★ Coma (constellation) ★ {{deg2Hms}} ★ Dorado groupDraco dwarfEridanus groupFe/HGalactic cosmic radiationGould beltHydra clusterICM temperature ★ {{Infobox asteroid}} ★ {{Infobox Supercluster}} ★ Intracluster MediumLunar radius ★ {{NavBar}} ★ {{NGCX}} ★ O CetiOuter space treatyPA-Risc‎PAndASPandora clusterPandora's clusterPerigalacticPlanck collaborationS. Lucia Stroncone Observatory ★ {{Ra}} ★ R. B. Tully ★ {{Solar system}} ★ Tidal disruptionTransit-methodTucana dwarfType 2 SupernovaUltra high energy gamma-rayUltra high-energy gamma rayUltra high-energy gamma-rayVirgo stellar streamVirgo-centric flow/infallWikipedia:GenFixesWP:LinkRotWP talk:AstronomyZeta orionis

Frequently used links & code (personal, yet public, cheat sheet)[edit]

Frequently used reference material[edit]

  1. ^ "Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects". Simbad. Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg. 1 December 2014. Retrieved 18 December 2014. Avoid the usage of Cr, prefer Collinder 

Parser functions, calculation, and logic within templates (not formatting related)[edit]

Unit conversion, notation, and special characters[edit]

  • {{HMS2Deg|22|06|15}} →  331.5625
  • {{Deg2HMS|331.5625|p=0|sup=yes}} →  22h 6m 15s
  • 19.0{{±|1.8|1.7}} [[parsec|Mpc]] (62.0{{±|5.9|5.5}} [[light-year|Mly]]) →  19.0+1.8
    Mpc (61.9+5.9
  • {{#expr: (200/6) * 2 round 3}} →  66.667
  • : [ ] { | } →  : [ ] { | }
  • - – — & σ Σ λ Λ →  - – — & σ Σ λ Λ
  • ±  ≈ ≉ ≟ ≠ ≡ ≢ ≣ ≤ ≥
≦ ≧ ≨ ≩ ≪ ≫ ≬ ≭ ≮ ≯
≰ ≱ ≲ ≳ ≴ ≵ ≶ ≷ ≸ ⋅
× ☉ ♃ ⊕ ☾


  • Columns:
    • {{cmn|colwidth=30em| ... }} →  the best list-option—continuously determines how many columns best fit the page.
    • {{cmn|3|
       * some
       * bulleted
       * list
      →  splits that list up dynamically(!) into 3 (forced) columns.
    • {{ColBegin|3}} ... {{ColEnd}} →  does the same thing.
    • {{ColBegin}} ... {{ColEnd}} →  defaults to only 2 columns, meh.
    • See {{div col}} for more variants.
  • {| cellpadding="0" style="vertical-align:top; float: right;" border="0"
     |- valign="top"
     | [[Image:blah.gif|thumb|top|300px|Caption text.]]
     | [[Image:stuff.jpg|thumb|top|300px|Things.]]
    →  is an easy way to lay pictures horizontally rather than vertically.
  • {{clear}} →  forces horizontal white space until next section, usually after a picture.
  •   →  Non     -     Breaking     SPace. Ascii chr 160, instead of ascii 32 (typical keyboard space).
  • [[File:Santa riding a dinosaur with Jesus with a lightsaber.jpg|275px|right|thumb|Caption this.]] →  inserts a variable size picture and caption text.
  • <span><div><gallery widths="300px" heights="300px"> →  (usually) prettifies things.
  • <pre style="width:50%; height:150px; overflow:scroll;"> →  Begins a scrolling list.

Citations & links[edit]

  • User:Tom.Reding#Frequently used links & code →  links directly to subsections of an article.
  • {{anchor|Foo}} to be used to link to [[User:Tom.Reding#Foo]]'s in-page position.
  • <span id="Simpler section title"></span> for [[User:Tom.Reding#Simpler subsection title]] linking when special characters are used.
  • <ref name="Reding">...</ref> ... <ref name="Reding" /> →  to name your refs for easy reref'ing later in the same article.
  • {{Refimprove|date=March 2015}} or {{Refneeded|date=March 2015}} →  use occasionally.
  • {{Citation needed|date={{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}}} →  use liberally.
  • {{Sky|03|28|13.8|-|20|44|40|321000000}} →  links to wikisky (not whiskey). Put after references. 321000000 = lightyears (for zoom level!).
  • {{tq}} makes nice-looking in-line talk-quotes.

Other wikicode[edit]

  • #REDIRECT [[Tidal force]] + {{an R template}}→  is all you need to have as the body in a redirect page.
  • <code><nowiki> w/e </nowiki></code>, {{tl|sometemplate}}, {{t1|blah}}, {{tlx|etc|a{{=}}1|b{{=}}2}} →  make everything above.
  • <tt><nowiki> blah </nowiki></tt> →  or this (which doesn't highlight the background).