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This is a timeline of significant events in comics in the 1900s.


U.S. publications[edit]

European publications[edit]

  • Johannes Franciscus Nuijens (Korporaal Achilles), a Dutch Catholic teacher, publishes the political comic book Aanleiding tot den Engelsch-Transvaalschen Oorlog (Reason for the English-Transvaal War). [2]


U.S. publications[edit]


Chinese publications[edit]

European publications[edit]

U.S. publications[edit]

  • January 8: first appearance of The Story of Hungry Henrietta by Winsor McCay.[9]
  • June 26: first appearance of A Pilgrim’s Progress by McCay.
  • October 15: first publication of Little Nemo in Slumberland by McCay in New York Herald.[10]
  • Unknown date: a collection of McCay's Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend strips is published by the Frederick A. Stokes Company of New York.



U.S. publications[edit]

  • November 1: first appearance of The Umbrella Man by John Hager for the Seattle Daily Times, appearing on the front page as a supplement for the weather.[11] Not titled as the Umbrella Man, but called that May 3, 1913, under a section called "Features of Today's Paper".


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