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Notable events of 1977 in comics. See also List of years in comics.


Year overall[edit]










  • August 23: The Flemish comics magazine Patskrant, a weekly children's supplement of the newspapers Het Nieuwsblad, De Standaard, Het Handelsblad, De Gentenaar and De Landwacht, changes its name to the Stipkrant. It will run until September 2000.
  • With issue #94 (August /September cover date), DC revives Showcase, continuing the numbering from the 1956 series, which ceased publishing in 1970.
  • With issue #57, DC revives Aquaman, continuing the numbering from the 1962 series, which ceased publishing in 1971.
  • With issue #230, DC cancels Superboy (at this point titled Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes).
  • With issue #29, DC cancels DC Special (1968 series).
  • With issue #12 (August /September cover date), DC cancels Hercules Unbound.
  • With issue #12, Marvel cancels The Inhumans.
  • With issue #12, Marvel cancels the anthology title Marvel Presents.


  • September 13: The first episode of Jeff MacNelly's Shoe is published.
  • September 24: The first issue of the short-lived British comics magazine Plug is published. It will run until 1979.
  • The first episode of David A. Trampier's Wormy is published. It will run until 1988.
  • With issue #19, DC revives Mister Miracle (1971 series), which had gone on hiatus in 1974.
  • With issue #10, Marvel publishes the final issue of 2001: A Space Odyssey.




Specific date unknown[edit]





  • March 20: Han Krug, Dutch illustrator and comics artist (Juffrouw Snater, Het Avontuur van Knor-Knor), passes away at age 86.[21]
  • March 23: Ed Dobrotka, American comics artist (continued Superboy, Lois Lane, co-creator of the Toyman), dies at age 69. [22]





  • August 1: Bernard van Vlijmen, Dutch painter, graphic artist, illustrator and comics artist (created occasional comics for Ons Eigen Tijdschrift), dies at age 81.[28]
  • August: Louis Cazeneuve, Argentine-American comics artist (co-creator of Red Raven), dies at c. age 69.




  • September 5: Tatsuo Yoshida, Japanese manga artist and animator (Speed Racer), dies at age 45 from liver cancer.[32]
  • September 7: Alexis, French comics artist (Al Crane, Cinémastock, Superdupont, Le Transperceneige), dies at age 30 of a ruptured aneurysm.[33]
  • September 16: Rie Cramer, Dutch illustrator, novelist and comics artist (published text comics in Zonneschijn and Doe Mee), passes away at age 89.[34]


  • October 5: Jotie T'Hooft, Belgian poet and comics artist (Jesus Superstar), commits suicide by a drug overdose at age 21.[35]



  • December 11: Giovanni Bissietta, aka Giuseppe Fontanelli, Italian painter, illustrator and comics artist (early unlicensed Italian comics based on Mickey Mouse), dies at age 66 or 67.[37]
  • Specicic date unknown: December: John Verpoorten, American comics inker and Marvel Comics production manager, dies at age 37.

Specific date unknown[edit]

  • Robert Baldwin, also known as Rupe, American comics artist and cartoonist (Freddy), dies at age 72 or 73.[38]
  • Walter Hofmann, aka Von Waldl, German caricaturist and comics artist (worked for Nazi publications during World War II), dies at age 71 or 72. [39]
  • Héctor Germán Oesterheld, Argentine journalist and comics writer (El Sargento Kirk, Ernie Pike, El Eternauta, Mort Cinder) mysteriously disappears, presumed arrested and murdered by soldiers of President Jorge Rafael Videla's regime.[40]
  • Gottfried Spachholz, German comics artist (propaganda comics for the DDR magazine Berliner Zeitung), dies at age 70 or 71.[41]

Exhibitions and shows[edit]

There were many TV shows based on comics in 1977, featuring Spider-Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Wonder Woman.



Eagle Awards[edit]

Presented in 1978 for comics published in 1977:

First issues by title[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Black Lightning

Release: April. Writer: Tony Isabella. Artist: Trevor Von Eeden.

DC Special Series: catch-all series primarily for one-shots of different formats, released on an irregular schedule

Release: September. Editor: Paul Levitz.

Jonah Hex

Release: March/April. Writer: Michael Fleisher. Artist: José Luis García-López.

Men of War

Release: August. Editor: Paul Levitz.

Shade, the Changing Man

Release: June/July. Writers: Steve Ditko and Michael Fleisher. Artist: Steve Ditko.

Star Hunters

Release: October /November Writer: David Michelinie. Artists: Don Newton and Bob Layton.

Marvel Comics[edit]

Black Panther

Release: January. Writer/Artist: Jack Kirby.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Release: August. Writer: Doug Moench. Artists: Herb Trimpe and Jim Mooney.

John Carter, Warlord of Mars

Release: June. Writer: Marv Wolfman. Artists: Gil Kane and Dave Cockrum.

Human Fly

Release: September. Writer: Bill Mantlo. Artists: Lee Elias.

Logan's Run

Release: January. Writer: Gerry Conway. Artists: George Pérez and Klaus Janson.

Marvel Super Action

Release: May. Reprints classic Captain America stories.

Marvel Super Special

Premiere issues features the rock band Kiss in a 40-page fictional adventure written by Steve Gerber, penciled by Alan Weiss, John Buscema, Rich Buckler, and Sal Buscema.

The Rampaging Hulk

Release: January by Curtis Magazines. Editor: John Warner.

Star Wars

Release: July. Writer: Roy Thomas. Artist: Howard Chaykin.

What If

Release: February. Writer/Editor: Roy Thomas.

Independent publishers[edit]

2000 AD

Release: February 26 by IPC Media. Editor: Tharg the Mighty.

Cerebus the Aardvark

Release: December by Aardvark-Vanaheim. Writer/Artist: Dave Sim.

Heavy Metal

Release: April by HM Communications, Inc.. Editor: Sean Kelly and Valerie Marchant.

La Compagnia della Forca

Writer & Artist: Magnus

Rip Off Comix

Release: April by Rip Off Press.


Bessatsu Hana to Yume

Release: July

Initial appearance by character name[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]

Other titles[edit]


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