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Notable events of 1977 in comics. See also List of years in comics.


Year overall[edit]










  • With issue #94 (August /September cover date), DC revives Showcase, continuing the numbering from the 1956 series, which ceased publishing in 1970.
  • With issue #57, DC revives Aquaman, continuing the numbering from the 1962 series, which ceased publishing in 1971.
  • With issue #230, DC cancels Superboy (at this point titled Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes).
  • With issue #29, DC cancels DC Special (1968 series).
  • With issue #12 (August /September cover date), DC cancels Hercules Unbound.
  • With issue #12, Marvel cancels The Inhumans.
  • With issue #12, Marvel cancels the anthology title Marvel Presents.














  • September 5: Tatsuo Yoshida, Japanese manga artist and animator (Speed Racer), dies at age 45 from liver cancer. [14]
  • September 7: Alexis, French comics artist (Al Crane, Cinémastock, Superdupont, Le Transperceneige), dies at age 30 of a ruptured aneurysm.[15]
  • September 16: Rie Cramer, Dutch illustrator, novelist and comics artist (published text comics in Zonneschijn and Doe Mee), passes away at age 89.[16]


  • October 5: Jotie T'Hooft, Belgian poet and comics artist (Jesus Superstar), commits suicide by a drug overdose at age 21.[17]



Specific date unknown[edit]

Exhibitions and shows[edit]

There were many TV shows based on comics in 1977, featuring Spider-Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Wonder Woman.



Eagle Awards[edit]

Presented in 1978 for comics published in 1977:

First issues by title[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Black Lightning

Release: April. Writer: Tony Isabella. Artist: Trevor Von Eeden.

DC Special Series: catch-all series primarily for one-shots of different formats, released on an irregular schedule

Release: September. Editor: Paul Levitz.

Jonah Hex

Release: March/April. Writer: Michael Fleisher. Artist: José Luis García-López.

Men of War

Release: August. Editor: Paul Levitz.

Shade, the Changing Man

Release: June/July. Writers: Steve Ditko and Michael Fleisher. Artist: Steve Ditko.

Star Hunters

Release: October /November Writer: David Michelinie. Artists: Don Newton and Bob Layton.

Marvel Comics[edit]

Black Panther

Release: January. Writer/Artist: Jack Kirby.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Release: August. Writer: Doug Moench. Artists: Herb Trimpe and Jim Mooney.

John Carter, Warlord of Mars

Release: June. Writer: Marv Wolfman. Artists: Gil Kane and Dave Cockrum.

Human Fly

Release: September. Writer: Bill Mantlo. Artists: Lee Elias.

Logan's Run

Release: January. Writer: Gerry Conway. Artists: George Pérez and Klaus Janson.

Marvel Super Action

Release: May. Reprints classic Captain America stories.

Marvel Super Special

Premiere issues features the rock band Kiss in a 40-page fictional adventure written by Steve Gerber, penciled by Alan Weiss, John Buscema, Rich Buckler, and Sal Buscema.

The Rampaging Hulk

Release: January by Curtis Magazines. Editor: John Warner.

Star Wars

Release: July. Writer: Roy Thomas. Artist: Howard Chaykin.

What If

Release: February. Writer/Editor: Roy Thomas.

Independent publishers[edit]

2000 AD

Release: February 26 by IPC Media. Editor: Tharg the Mighty.

Cerebus the Aardvark

Release: December by Aardvark-Vanaheim. Writer/Artist: Dave Sim.

Heavy Metal

Release: April by HM Communications, Inc.. Editor: Sean Kelly and Valerie Marchant.

La Compagnia della Forca

Writer & Artist: Magnus

Rip Off Comix

Release: April by Rip Off Press.


Bessatsu Hana to Yume

Release: July

Initial appearance by character name[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]

Other titles[edit]


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