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Notable events of 1987 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

Events and publications[edit]

Year overall[edit]















  • January 2: Jacques Laplaine, aka J. Lap, French comics artist (Le Petit President, Monsieur Cloche, the Tintin parody Tintin à la recherche du veau d'or), dies at age 65. [7]
  • January 13: Ed Kuekes, American cartoonist and comics artist (Alice in Wonderland, Do You Believe?), dies at age 85.[8]
  • January 23: E. Nelson Bridwell, American comics writer (DC Comics, Inferior Five), dies from lung cancer at age 55.
  • January 23: Dow O. Walling, American comics artist and TV presenter (Skeets, Jimmy's Jobs), dies at age 84.[9]
  • January 27: Rod Ruth, American illustrator and comics artist (The Toodles), passes away at age 74.[10]



  • March 22: Ib Steinaa, Danish animator and comics artist (Disney comics, assisted on Ferd'nand and Lisse og Lasse), dies at age 60.[19]



  • May 30: Al Shapiro, aka "A. Jay", American comics artist (Harry Chess), passes away at age 55 from AIDS.[21]




  • October 5: Ed Stevenson, American illustrator and comics artist (Ted Powers), dies at age 91.[27]
  • Specific date unknown: Radu Duldurescu, Romanian comics artist (Cutu si Miau, Mache Fantomas, Pestera Aurie, Fix Contra Vix, Muky si Mache), passes away from pancreatic cancer at age 60.[28]



Specific date unknown[edit]

  • Lenn Redman, American caricaturist, animator, novelist, poet, illustrator, comics artist, cartoonist and activist (worked on Mary Worth), dies at age 74 or 75. [36]
  • Vicq, Belgian comics artist (Taka Takata, Korrigan, Les Frères Bross), passes away in a hospital at age 50 or 51, after having become a reclusive person the past years. His death is only noticed several years later.[37]

Exhibitions and shows[edit]



Eagle Awards[edit]

Presented in 1988 for comics published in 1987. Distributed on Saturday, September 24, 1988, at UKCAK88, The Institute of Education, London WC1.

American Section[edit]

British Section[edit]

Kirby Awards[edit]

Eisner Awards[edit]

Presented in 1988 for comics published in 1987:

Harvey Awards[edit]

Presented in 1988 at the Chicago Comicon for comics published in 1987:

First issues by title[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Captain Atom

Release: March. Writer: Cary Bates. Artists: Pat Broderick and Bob Smith.

Doom Patrol vol 2.

Release: October. Writer: Paul Kupperberg. Artists: Steve Lightle and Gary Martin.[46]

The Flash vol. 2

Release: June. Writer: Mike Baron. Artists: Jackson Guice and Larry Mahlstedt.

Justice League

Release: May. Writers: Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis. Artists: Keith Giffen, Kevin Maguire, and Terry Austin.

The Question

Release: April. Writer: Dennis O'Neil. Artists: Denys Cowan and Rick Magyar.[47]

The Shadow

Release: August. Writer: Andrew Helfer. Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz.


Release: April. Writer: Doug Moench. Artists: Gene Colan and Steve Mitchell.

Suicide Squad

Release: May. Writer: John Ostrander. Artists: Luke McDonnell and Karl Kesel.[48]

Superman vol. 2

Release: January. Writer: John Byrne. Artists: John Byrne and Terry Austin.


Release: December. Writer: John Ostrander and Del Close. Artists: David Lloyd, William Messner-Loebs, and Don Simpson.

Wonder Woman vol. 2

Release: February. Writers: Greg Potter and George Pérez. Artists: George Pérez and Bruce Patterson.

Young All-Stars

Release: June. Writers: Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas. Artists: Michael Bair and Brian Murray.

Limited series[edit]

Doc Savage (4 issues)

Release: November. Writer: Dennis O'Neil. Artists: Adam Kubert and Andy Kubert.

Doctor Fate (4 issues)

Release: July. Writer: J. M. DeMatteis. Artists: Keith Giffen and Dave Hunt.

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters (3 issues)

Release: August. Writer/Artist: Mike Grell.

Outcasts (12 issues)

Release: October. Writers: John Wagner and Alan Grant. Artists: Cam Kennedy and Steve Montano.

Phantom Stranger (4 issues)

Release: October. Writer: Paul Kupperberg. Artists: Mike Mignola and P. Craig Russell.

Silverblade (12 issues)

Release: October. Writer: Cary Bates. Artists: Gene Colan and Klaus Janson.

Slash Maraud (6 issues)

Release: November. Writer: Doug Moench. Artist: Paul Gulacy and .

Sonic Disruptors (7 issues; originally solicited for 12)

Release: December. Writer: Mike Baron. Artists: Barry Crain and John Nyberg.

World of Krypton (4 issues)

Release: December. Writer: John Byrne. Artists: Mike Mignola and Rick Bryant.

Marvel Comics[edit]

Action Force

Release: March 8 by Marvel UK. Reprints of Marvel's G.I. Joe comic.


Release: August by Star Comics. Writer: Stephen Perry. Artists: Mike Witherby and James Sanders, III.

Silver Surfer

Release: July. Writer: Steve Englehart. Artists: Marshall Rogers and Joe Rubinstein.

Solo Avengers

Release: December. Writer: Tom DeFalco. Artists: Mark D. Bright and Joe Rubinstein.

Strange Tales vol. 2

Release: April. Writer: Bill Mantlo. Artist: Bret Blevins.

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Release: November by Star Comics. Writer: Jim Salicrup. Artists: Mark Bagley and Romeo Tanghal.

Limited series[edit]

Comet Man (6 issues)

Release: February. Writers: Bill Mumy and Miguel Ferrer. Artists: Kelley Jones and Gerry Talaoc.

Fallen Angels (8 issues)

Release: April. Writer: Jo Duffy. Artist: Kerry Gammill.

Marshal Law (6 issues)

Release: October by Epic Comics. Writer: Pat Mills. Artist: Kevin O'Neill.

The Transformers: Headmasters (4 issues)

Release: July. Writer: Bob Budiansky. Artists: Frank Springer and Ian Akin & Brian Garvey.

The X-Men vs. The Avengers (4 issues)

Release: May. Writer: Roger Stern. Artists: Marc Silvestri and Joe Rubinstein.

Other publishers[edit]

The American

Release: June by Dark Horse Comics. Writer: Mark Verheiden. Artist: Chris Warner.

The Original Astro Boy

Release: September by Now Comics. Writer: Mike Dimpsey. Artist: Ken Steacy.

Betty and Veronica (vol. 2)

Release: June by Archie Comics. Artist: Dan DeCarlo.


Release: April by Dark Horse Comics. Writer/Artist: Paul Chadwick.


Release: January by Arrow Comics. Writer/Editor: Stuart Kerr.

Eddy Current (12-issue limited series)

Release: July by Mad Dog Graphics. Writer/Artist: Ted McKeever.


Release: January by Eclipse Comics. Writer: Steven Barnes. Artists: Lela Dowling and Steve Gallacci.

Good Girls

Release: April by Fantagraphics Books. Writer/Artist: Carol Lay.

Laugh (vol. 2)

Release: June by Archie Comics. Editor: Victor Gorelick.


Release: January by Hero Comics. Writer: Steve Perrin Artist: Pete McDonnell

Ninja High School

Release: January by Antarctic Press. Writer/Artist: Ben Dunn.

Savage Henry

Release: January by Vortex Comics. Writer/Artist: Matt Howarth.

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Release: May by Mirage Studios. Writers: Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. Artists: Jim Lawson and Ryan Brown.

The Trouble with Girls

Release: August by Eternity Comics. Writers: Will Jacobs and Gerard Jones. Artists: Tim Hamilton and Dave Garcia.

Tutto West

Release: June by Sergio Bonelli editore; reprints of the classic Italian Western comics, written in the Fifties and the Sixties by Gian Luigi and Sergio Bonelli.


Release: by Israel Comics. Writer/Artist: Michael Netzer.

Usagi Yojimbo

Release: July by Fantagraphics. Writer/Artist: Stan Sakai.

Xenozoic Tales

Release: February by Kitchen Sink Press. Writer/Artist: Mark Schultz.

Zio Paperone

Release: December by Arnoldo Mondadori editore; Italian version of the Carl Barks Library.:

Initial appearances by character name[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]

Independent titles[edit]


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