1970 in Brazil

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Events in the year 1970 in Brazil.



  • March 11 - Japanese consul-general in São Paulo Nobuo Okuchi is kidnapped by the leftist guerrilla group Vanguarda Popular Revolucionária.[1]
  • March 15 - Japanese consul-general in São Paulo Nobuo Okuchi is ransomed by the Brazilian government, he is released in exchange for five political prisoners.[1]
  • June 11 - West German ambassador Ehrenfried von Holleben is kidnapped by the Vanguarda Popular Revolucionária and by the Ação Libertadora Nacional.[2]
  • June 21 - Brazil defeats Italy 4–1 at the 1970 FIFA World Cup Final in Mexico.[3] It is the third time Brazil wins the FIFA World Cup.
  • December 1 - Giovanni Enrico Bucher, the Swiss ambassador to Brazil, is kidnapped by the Ação Libertadora Nacional in Rio de Janeiro; kidnappers demand the release of 70 political prisoners.[4]



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