1987 World Championships in Athletics – Men's pole vault

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1987 World Championships
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These are the official results of the Men's Pole Vault event at the 1987 IAAF World Championships in Rome, Italy. There were a total of 24 participating athletes, with two qualifying groups and the final held on Saturday September 5, 1987.


Gold Soviet Union Sergey Bubka
Soviet Union (URS)
Silver France Thierry Vigneron
France (FRA)
Bronze Soviet Union Radion Gataullin
Soviet Union (URS)


Qualification Round
Group A Group B
03.09.1987 – ??:??h 03.09.1987 – ??:??h
Final Round
05.09.1987 – 15:30h


  • All results shown are in metres
Q automatic qualification
q qualification by rank
DNS did not start
NM no mark
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


Standing records prior to the 1987 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Sergey Bubka (URS) 6.03 m June 23, 1987 Czechoslovakia Prague, Czechoslovakia
Event Record  Sergey Bubka (URS) 5.70 m August 14, 1983 Finland Helsinki, Finland
Broken records during the 1987 World Athletics Championships
Event Record  Sergey Bubka (URS) 5.85 m September 5, 1987 Italy Rome, Italy

Qualifying round[edit]

  • Held on Thursday 1987-09-03
1.  Marian Kolasa (POL) 5.55 m
 Sergey Bubka (URS)
3.  Atanas Tarev (BUL) 5.50 m
4.  Hermann Fehringer (AUT) 5.40 m
 Zdenek Lubenský (TCH)
 Radion Gataullin (URS)
7.  Bernhard Zintl (FRG) 5.30 m
8.  Timo Kuusisto (FIN) 5.20 m
9.  Liang Xueren (CHN) 5.10 m
10.  István Bagyula (HUN) 5.00 m
 Billy Olson (USA) NM
 Philippe Collet (FRA)

1.  Earl Bell (USA) 5.55 m
 Ferenc Salbert (FRA)
 Aleksandrs Obizajevs (URS)
4.  Nikolay Nikolov (BUL) 5.50 m
 Delko Lesev (BUL)
 Thierry Vigneron (FRA)
7.  Gianni Stecchi (ITA) 5.40 m
 Miro Zalar (SWE)
9.  Mirosław Chmara (POL) 5.20 m
 Joe Dial (USA) NM
 Bob Ferguson (CAN)
 Kimmo Kuusela (FIN)


Med 1.png  Sergey Bubka (URS) 5.85 m CR
Med 2.png  Thierry Vigneron (FRA) 5.80 m
Med 3.png  Radion Gataullin (URS) 5.80 m
4.  Marian Kolasa (POL) 5.80 m
5.  Earl Bell (USA) 5.70 m
 Nikolay Nikolov (BUL)
7.  Delko Lesev (BUL) 5.60 m
8.  Atanas Tarev (BUL) 5.60 m
9.  Aleksandrs Obizajevs (URS) 5.50 m
10.  Ferenc Salbert (FRA) 5.50 m
11.  Gianni Stecchi (ITA) 5.40 m
12.  Miro Zalar (SWE) 5.30 m
 Hermann Fehringer (AUT) NM
 Zdenek Lubenský (TCH)

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