2005 Summer Universiade

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XXIII Summer Universiade
23. Yaz Universiade Oyunları
Slogan : World Unity on the Aegean Blue
Host cityİzmir, Turkey
Nations participating171 (estimated)
Athletes participating9,500 (estimated)
Events14 sports
Opening ceremonyAugust 11
Closing ceremonyAugust 22
Officially opened byAhmet Necdet Sezer
Main venueİzmir Atatürk Stadium

The 2005 Summer Universiade, also known as the XXIII Summer Universiade, took place in İzmir, Turkey.


The emblem is the letter “U”, inspired by the bird’s-eye view of the Gulf of İzmir. This shape has perfectly fit the letter “U” of Universiade, symbolizing its multi-cultural feature, while the smooth outline emphasizes the harmony and uniformity of the Universiade spirit.


Name: EFE

Efes are the leaders and heroes of societies that lived in Western Anatolia during the early nineties. The village dandy Efe, guards and defends all the members of his society and also deals with all kinds of their social work and events as if he is the father of all. For this reason, all the members of the society behave respectfully towards him with strong, emotional, family ties. The Efes were legends in these areas with their smart, fearless, alert dashing behaviors as brave and manly young fellows. They became the symbol of braveness, power and justice throughout the Aegean history.

Nowadays, the word “Efe” is the explanation of a virtuous, brave man who is the symbol of justice in every case. Therefore, we call successful athletes “Efe” stating their various qualifications in one brief word.



Core Events[edit]

Optional Events[edit]


Medal table[edit]

  *   Host nation (Turkey)
1 Russia (RUS)26162365
2 China (CHN)21161249
3 Japan (JPN)18182056
4 Ukraine (UKR)18161852
5 United States (USA)17121443
6 Poland (POL)128828
7 South Korea (KOR)1114934
8 Turkey (TUR)*1011627
9 Chinese Taipei (TPE)62412
10 Italy (ITA)561324
11 France (FRA)53715
12 Germany (GER)45817
13 Brazil (BRA)42915
14 Great Britain (GBR)39719
15 Belarus (BLR)36615
16 Canada (CAN)36312
17 Estonia (EST)3126
18 Uganda (UGA)3003
19 Iran (IRN)26412
20 Netherlands (NED)2125
21 Czech Republic (CZE)2024
22 Croatia (CRO)2002
23 Mexico (MEX)15713
24 North Korea (PRK)1326
25 New Zealand (NZL)1315
26 Kazakhstan (KAZ)1269
27 Hungary (HUN)1225
 Serbia and Montenegro (SCG)1225
29 Cuba (CUB)1146
30 Spain (ESP)1124
31 Jamaica (JAM)1113
 Thailand (THA)1113
33 Georgia (GEO)1034
34 South Africa (RSA)1023
35 Austria (AUT)1012
 Romania (ROM)1012
37 Latvia (LAT)1001
 Mongolia (MNG)1001
 Slovenia (SLO)1001
40  Switzerland (SUI)0235
41 Portugal (POR)0202
42 Armenia (ARM)0145
 Ireland (IRL)0145
44 Australia (AUS)0134
 Greece (GRE)0134
 Morocco (MAR)0134
47 Belgium (BEL)0123
 Slovakia (SVK)0123
49 Finland (FIN)0112
 Lithuania (LIT)0112
 Senegal (SEN)0112
52 Algeria (ALG)0101
 Egypt (EGY)0101
 Moldova (MDA)0101
55 Azerbaijan (AZE)0022
 Kenya (KEN)0022
57 Malaysia (MAS)0011
Totals (57 nations)197196244637

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