2005 World Championships in Athletics – Men's marathon

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The Men's Marathon race at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics was held on August 13 in the streets of Helsinki with the goal line situated in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Eventual winner Jaouad Gharib attacked just before 30 km mark, getting Italian Olympic champion Stefano Baldini with him. Baldini had cramps few kilometres later and he retired after 35 kilometres.


Gold Morocco Jaouad Gharib
Morocco (MAR)
Silver Tanzania Christopher Isengwe
Tanzania (TAN)
Bronze Japan Tsuyoshi Ogata
Japan (JPN)


  • All times shown are in hours:minutes:seconds
DNS did not start
NM no mark
WR world record
WL world leading
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


Standing records prior to the 2005 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Paul Tergat (KEN) 2:04:55 September 28, 2003 Germany Berlin, Germany
Event Record  Jaouad Gharib (MAR) 2:08:31 August 30, 2003 France Paris, France
Season Best  Martin Lel (KEN) 2:07:26 April 17, 2005 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom


Finishing times[edit]

  1. Flag of Morocco.svg Jaouad Gharib, Morocco 2:10:10
  2. Flag of Tanzania.svg Christopher Isengwe, Tanzania 2:10:21 (PB)
  3. Flag of Japan.svg Tsuyoshi Ogata, Japan 2:11:16 (SB)
  4. Flag of Japan.svg Toshinari Takaoka, Japan 2:11:53
  5. Flag of Tanzania.svg Samson Ramadhani, Tanzania 2:12:08 (SB)
  6. Flag of Uganda.svg Alex Malinga, Uganda 2:12:12 (NR)
  7. Flag of Kenya.svg Paul Biwott, Kenya 2:12:39
  8. Flag of Spain.svg Julio Rey, Spain 2:12:51
  9. Flag of the United States.svg Brian Sell, United States 2:13:27 (SB)
  10. Flag of Brazil.svg Marilson Gomes dos Santos, Brazil 2:13:40 (SB)
  11. Flag of Kenya.svg Robert Cheboror, Kenya 2:14:08 (SB)
  12. Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Dan Robinson, Great Britain 2:14:26 (SB)
  13. Flag of Ethiopia (1996).svg Gudisa Shentama, Ethiopia 2:15:13
  14. Flag of Japan.svg Wataru Okutani, Japan 2:15:30
  15. Flag of the Netherlands.svg Luc Krotwaar, Netherlands 2:15:47 (SB)
  16. Flag of Poland.svg Rafał Wójcik, Poland 2:16:24
  17. Flag of Italy.svg Ottaviano Andriani, Italy 2:16:29
  18. Flag of Portugal.svg Luís Jesus, Portugal 2:16:33 (SB)
  19. Flag of Ethiopia (1996).svg Ambesse Tolosa, Ethiopia 2:16:36
  20. Flag of Japan.svg Satoshi Irifune, Japan 2:17:22
  21. Flag of Israel.svg Haile Satayin, Israel 2:17:26 (SB)
  22. Flag of the United States.svg Clinton Verran, United States 2:17:42 (SB)
  23. Flag of Morocco.svg Abdelkebir Lamachi, Morocco 2:17:53
  24. Flag of Portugal.svg Luís Novo, Portugal 2:18:36 (SB)
  25. Flag of Eritrea.svg Yared Asmerom, Eritrea 2:18:46 (SB)
  26. Flag of Andorra.svg Antoni Bernadó, Andorra 2:19:06
  27. Flag of Australia.svg Scott Westcott, Australia 2:19:18
  28. Flag of New Zealand.svg Scott Winton, New Zealand 2:19:41
  29. Flag of Kenya.svg Joseph Riri, Kenya 2:19:51
  30. Flag of Spain.svg José Manuel Martínez, Spain 2:20:07
  31. Flag of Ethiopia (1996).svg Hailu Negussie, Ethiopia 2:20:25
  32. Flag of North Korea.svg Ri Kyong-Chol, North Korea 2:20:35
  33. Flag of Brazil.svg André Luiz Ramos, Brazil 2:21:06
  34. Flag of Mexico.svg Juan Vargas, Mexico 2:21:29
  35. Flag of Italy.svg Ruggero Pertile, Italy 2:21:34
  36. Flag of France.svg Abdelhakim Bagy, France 2:21:49 (SB)
  37. Flag of Israel.svg Wodage Zvadya, Israel 2:21:57 (SB)
  38. Flag of Cape Verde.svg Nelson Cruz, Cape Verde 2:22:12 (NR)
  39. Flag of Finland.svg Francis Kirwa, Finland 2:22:22
  40. Flag of the United States.svg Jason Lehmkuhle, United States 2:22:46 (SB)
  41. Flag of Brazil.svg Claudir Rodrigues, Brazil 2:23:11 (SB)
  42. Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg Pamenos Ballantyne, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2:23:18 (SB)
  43. Flag of New Zealand.svg Jonathan Wyatt, New Zealand 2:23:19
  44. Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Huw Lobb, Great Britain 2:23:38
  45. Flag of Portugal.svg Alberto Chaíça, Portugal 2:23:42 (SB)
  46. Flag of Russia.svg Grigoriy Andreyev, Russia 2:23:50
  47. Flag of Israel.svg Asaf Bimro, Israel 2:23:58
  48. Flag of Japan.svg Michitaka Hosokawa, Japan 2:24:38
  49. Flag of Brazil.svg Clodoaldo da Silva, Brazil 2:25:02
  50. Flag of Spain.svg Kamal Ziani, Spain 2:25:06
  51. Flag of the United States.svg Peter Gilmore, United States 2:25:17
  52. Flag of Guatemala.svg Alfredo Arévalo, Guatemala 2:25:37 (SB)
  53. Flag of Finland.svg Yrjö Pesonen, Finland 2:25:39
  54. Flag of South Korea.svg Je In-Mo, South Korea 2:26:39
  55. Flag of France.svg Ismaïl Sghyr, France 2:27:07
  56. Flag of Russia.svg Oleg Bolkhovets, Russia 2:27:08
  57. Flag of Nicaragua.svg Cristian Villavicencio, Nicaragua 2:27:50
  58. Flag of the Netherlands.svg Jeroen van Damme, Netherlands 2:29:22
  59. Flag of the United States.svg Chad Johnson, United States 2:30:45
  60. Flag of South Korea.svg Cho Keun-Hyung, South Korea 2:31:59
  61. Flag of Mongolia.svg Bat-Ochiryn Ser-Od, Mongolia 2:36:31

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