2013 FIBA Asia Championship

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2013 FIBA Asia Championship
27th Asian Basketball Championship
2013 FIBA Asia Championship logo.jpg
Tournament details
Host nation  Philippines
Dates August 1–11
Teams 15 (from 44 federations)
Venues 2 (in 2 host cities)
Champions  Iran (3rd title)
MVP Iran Hamed Haddadi
Tournament leaders
Players Teams
Points Iran Haddadi (18.8)  Iran (86.8)
Rebounds Iran Haddadi (10.0)  Iran (44.6)
Assists Iran Kamrani (6.6)  Iran (20.9)
Official website
2013 FIBA Asia Championship
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The 2013 FIBA Asia Championship for Men was the intercontinental championship for basketball organized by FIBA Asia that served as the qualifying tournament for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain. The tournament was held from August 1–11 in Metro Manila, Philippines. Beirut, Lebanon was supposed to host the tournament but the hosting rights was given to the Philippines citing the Syrian Civil War and security concerns in the Middle East in general.[1] This is also the last Asian Championships that will serve as the qualifying round for the FIBA Basketball World Cup, as a qualifying window will be used starting 2019.


During the 2012 FIBA Asia Cup in Japan, FIBA Asia accepted the bids of the Philippines, Lebanon and Iran to host the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship. The Philippines' bid, which was presented by Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP; the national basketball federation) president Manuel V. Pangilinan, SBP secretary-general Sonny Barrios, Philippine Basketball Association commissioner Chito Salud and former FIBA Asia secretary general Moying Materlino, included hosting the games at the newly constructed Mall of Asia Arena.[2] The Lebanese bid was presented by national team player Fadi El Khatib, which was a 10-minute video demonstration of the venues, of which Ghazir Club Court would be the primary arena.[3] The FIBA Asia Executive Committee awarded the tournament to Lebanon, which shall be hosting its first championship.[4]

Beirut was the host of the 2012 FIBA Asia Champions Cup, the Asian club championship. However, the final between Lebanese club Al-Riyadi and Mahram Tehran was put off due to political tension in the city. In a statement, FIBA Asia secretary general Hagop Khajirian said that "FIBA Asia will take a decision on holding the Final Game of the event very soon".[5]

However, with the escalating Syrian civil war, FIBA Asia announced on January 2013 that they shall move the championship to the Philippines, after the SBP expressed willingly to still host the event. This would be the first time in 40 years that the Philippines hosted the championship.[6]


Teams that competed in the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship, grouped per preliminary round group,

According to the FIBA Asia rules, the host nation Philippines and 2012 FIBA Asia Cup champions Iran automatically qualified. East Asia, West Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Gulf each had two berths while Central Asia and South Asia each had one slot allotted. The other four places are allocated to the zones according to performance in the 2012 FIBA Asia Cup. Therefore, with Japan, Qatar, China, and Chinese Taipei finishing in the top four in that tournament other than Iran and Philippines which were both direct qualifiers, East Asia gained another three berths while the Persian Gulf gained an additional slot.

Included are the teams' FIBA World Rankings prior to the tournament.

Event Date Location Vacancies Qualified
Host nation 1  Philippines (45)
2012 FIBA Asia Cup 14–22 September 2012 Japan Tokyo 1  Iran (20)
Central Asia qualifying 7 May 2013 Kazakhstan Astana 1  Kazakhstan (47)
East Asian Basketball Championship 16–21 May 2013 South Korea Incheon 5  South Korea (33)
 China (11)
 Japan (35)
 Hong Kong (71)
 Chinese Taipei (42)
Gulf Basketball Championship 30 September–6 October 2012 Bahrain Manama 3  Qatar (36)
 Bahrain (75)
 Saudi Arabia (69)
South Asian Qualifying Round 2–4 June 2013 India New Delhi 1  India (58)
Southeast Asia Basketball Championship 20–23 June 2013 Indonesia Medan 2  Thailand (85)
 Malaysia (69)
West Asia Basketball Championship 7–9 February 2013 Iran Tehran 2  Lebanon (25)*
 Jordan (30)

Among teams that participated in 2011, Uzbekistan and Indonesia failed to qualify, and Syria did not participate. Returnees include Kazakhstan, which skipped the 2011 tournament after finishing ninth in 2009, Saudi Arabia, which failed to qualify in 2009 and last participated in 2005, Thailand, which last participated in 2001, and Hong Kong, which returned after failing to qualify in 2009 and 2011.

Suspension of the Lebanese federation[edit]

Lebanon originally qualified for the tournament after placing second in the 2013 West Asian Basketball Championship. However, after the country's basketball federation was suspended indefinitely by FIBA due to unresolved conflicts within the country's national basketball federation,[7] they were replaced by fourth-placer Iraq.[8] But Iraq declined due to lack of preparation, and FIBA Asia instead tapped the United Arab Emirates to replace them.[9] However, the United Arab Emirates also declined the invitation for the same reason, and after FIBA's confirmation of the Lebanese federation's suspension, FIBA Asia decided not to take in any more replacements, reducing the total number of teams to 15. This left Group B with only three teams, and some games were moved from the Ninoy Aquino Stadium to compensate for the lost games involving Lebanon.[10] All Group B teams thus automatically qualify for the second round, regardless of the outcome of their first round matches.


The Mall of Asia Arena (MOA Arena) was chosen as the main venue for the championship, while the Ninoy Aquino Stadium served as the second venue for the tournament.[11] Treston College Gym, the University of Makati Gym, the Makati Coliseum and the Cuneta Astrodome were the designated practice venues.[12]

Pasay Metro Manila
Mall of Asia Arena
2013 FIBA Asia Championship is located in Metro Manila
MOA Arena
MOA Arena
Ninoy Aquino Stadium
Ninoy Aquino Stadium
2013 FIBA Asia Championship (Metro Manila)
Capacity: 20,000
Ninoy Aquino Stadium
Capacity: 6,000
Ninoy Aquino Stadium.jpg


The draw was held at the Centennial Ballroom of the Manila Hotel on June 6. Unlike earlier championships where the draw favored stronger teams, FIBA Asia mandated that it will be a "pure draw", or the teams were not seeded, with the host country (the Philippines) picking 13th. At the time of the draw, two participants from the SEABA region were yet to be determined and were designated as "Southeast Asia 1" and "Southeast Asia 2".[13] A separate draw would later be held to determine which teams would be designated as "Southeast Asia 1" and "Southeast Asia 2".[14]


Each team has a roster of twelve players. Only one naturalized player per team is allowed by FIBA.

Tournament format[edit]

  • Preliminary round: Three groups of four teams and a group of three teams. Teams from the same group play against each other once. Teams are ranked by points awarded in descending order. Top three advance to the second round.
    • Group tournament ranking system:
      • Games won: 2 points
      • Games lost by ordinary circumstances: 1 point
      • Games lost by default: 1 point, and the score at the time of stoppage if the defaulting team is trailing, or a score of 2–0 if it is leading or if the game is tied.
      • Games lost by forfeit: 0 points and a score of 20–0 against the forfeiting team.
    • Tiebreaking criteria:
      1. Game results between tied teams via points system above
      2. Goal average between games of the tied teams
      3. Goal average for all games of the tied teams
      4. Drawing of lots
  • Second round: Groups A and B shall comprise Group E, while Groups C and D shall comprise Group F. Teams play against teams that have not played yet once, while the records for the teams that that had already met that also advanced are carried over. Same points and tiebreaking system as in the preliminary round. Top four advance to the final round.
  • Final round: Single-elimination tournament for the championship
    • 3rd–4th classification: Playoff for semifinals losers
    • 5th–8th classification: Single-elimination tournament for quarterfinals losers
    • 9th–12th classification: Single-elimination tournament for fifth and sixth placers in the second round
    • 13th–15th classification: Single-elimination tournament for fourth placers in the preliminary round.

Preliminary round[edit]

Qualified for the Second Round
Relegated to 13th–15th Classification

Group A[edit]

Chinese Taipei and the Philippines emerged as the favorites in the group after beating Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In a game to determine the group winner, the Taiwanese held on against the Filipinos to win the game. In a virtual elimination game, Jordan blew out Saudi Arabia to eliminate the latter team.

Team Pld W L PF PA PD Pts
 Chinese Taipei 3 3 0 265 233 +32 6
 Philippines 3 2 1 234 221 +13 5
 Jordan 3 1 2 221 215 +6 4
 Saudi Arabia 3 0 3 180 231 −51 3
1 August 2013
Jordan  87–91  Chinese Taipei Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Saudi Arabia  66–78  Philippines Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
2 August 2013
Chinese Taipei  90–67  Saudi Arabia Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Jordan  71–77  Philippines Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
3 August 2013
Philippines  79–84  Chinese Taipei Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Saudi Arabia  47–63  Jordan Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay

Group B[edit]

The opening game between Japan and Qatar went down to the final minute, with the Qataris pulling through to win. The two teams easily defeated Hong Kong, but all three teams qualified to the next round.

Team Pld W L PF PA PD Pts
 Qatar 2 2 0 162 138 +24 4
 Japan 2 1 1 150 134 +16 3
 Hong Kong 2 0 2 123 163 −40 2
1 August 2013
Japan  74–75  Qatar Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
2 August 2013
Japan  76–59  Hong Kong Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
3 August 2013
Hong Kong  64–87  Qatar Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay

Group C[edit]

First-round game between Iran and China

The Malaysians suffered blowouts of 90 points, 91 points and 22 points against Iran, China and Korea respectively to be eliminated. Iran emerged as the undefeated team, having easy wins against the Chinese and the Koreans, while the game between the East Asians was won by Korea which capitalized on late-game misses by the Chinese.

Team Pld W L PF PA PD Pts
 Iran 3 3 0 261 141 +120 6
 South Korea 3 2 1 208 193 +15 5
 China 3 1 2 223 155 +68 4
 Malaysia 3 0 3 105 308 −203 3
1 August 2013
Iran  115–25  Malaysia Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
China  59–63  South Korea Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
2 August 2013
China  113–22  Malaysia Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
South Korea  65–76  Iran Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
3 August 2013
Malaysia  58–80  South Korea Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Iran  70–51  China Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay

Group D[edit]

Kazakhstan topped the group with easy wins against Thailand and India; on their win against Bahrain, the game went into overtime, but the Kazakhs relied on key free throws to defeat the Bahrainis. The Bahrainis also needed an extra period to defeat India, thus emerged as the second in the group. In the game that turned to be an elimination game, the Indians blew out Thailand to qualify for the second round.

Team Pld W L PF PA PD Pts
 Kazakhstan 3 3 0 240 210 +30 6
 Bahrain 3 2 1 244 221 +23 5
 India 3 1 2 236 227 +9 4
 Thailand 3 0 3 194 256 −62 3
1 August 2013
India  80–82 OT  Bahrain Ninoy Aquino Stadium, Manila
Kazakhstan  81–67  Thailand Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
2 August 2013
Kazakhstan  79–76 OT  Bahrain Ninoy Aquino Stadium, Manila
Thailand  65–89  India Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
3 August 2013
India  67–80  Kazakhstan Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Bahrain  86–62  Thailand Ninoy Aquino Stadium, Manila

Classification 13th–15th[edit]

5 August – Manila
    13th place
6 August – Manila
     Saudi Arabia 93
   Malaysia 56      Thailand 80
   Thailand 71  

Second round[edit]

Qualified for the Final Round
Relegated to 9th–12th Classification
  • The results and the points of the matches between the same teams that were already played during the preliminary round shall be taken into account for the second round.

Group E[edit]

The Philippines and Chinese Taipei saw themselves beating Hong Kong and Japan, respectively, while Qatar had an easy win against Jordan. Jordan won easily against Hong Kong to remain in contention, the Philippines pulled away in their game against Qatar, while Chinese Taipei maintained their small lead against Japan to guarantee the top 2 teams from Group A of a quarterfinal berth. In a virtual elimination game, Jordan defeated the Japanese to advance to the quarterfinals. The Qatari win against Chinese Taipei gave hope for the Filipinos on winning the group, but the Philippines had a difficult win against Hong Kong to top the group nevertheless.

Team Pld W L PF PA PD Pts Tie
 Philippines 5 4 1 393 351 +42 9 1–1, 1.03
 Chinese Taipei 5 4 1 416 368 +48 9 1–1, 1.01
 Qatar 5 4 1 378 347 +31 9 1–1, 0.95
 Jordan 5 2 3 364 353 +11 7  
 Japan 5 1 4 353 368 −15 6  
 Hong Kong 5 0 5 287 404 −117 5  
5 August 2013
Qatar  75–61  Jordan Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Chinese Taipei  94–55  Hong Kong Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Philippines  90–71  Japan Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
6 August 2013
Jordan  80–54  Hong Kong Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Japan  76–79  Chinese Taipei Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Philippines  80–70  Qatar Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
7 August 2013
Japan  56–65  Jordan Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Chinese Taipei  68–71  Qatar Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Hong Kong  55–67  Philippines Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay

Group F[edit]

The qualifiers from Group C won all of their games against the teams from Group D. The closest match was the Kazakhstan-China game, where the Chinese got through when they outscored the Kazakhs 11-5 in the final 3 minutes when the score was tied. All other games were blow outs in favor of Group C teams.

Team Pld W L PF PA PD Pts
 Iran 5 5 0 408 283 +125 10
 South Korea 5 4 1 390 287 +103 9
 China 5 3 2 350 311 +39 8
 Kazakhstan 5 2 3 326 372 −46 7
 Bahrain 5 1 4 331 418 −87 6
 India 5 0 5 304 438 −134 5
5 August 2013
Iran  102–58  India Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Kazakhstan  67–73  China Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
South Korea  96–51  Bahrain Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
6 August 2013
Bahrain  56–75  Iran Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
China  79–45  India Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Kazakhstan  47–71  South Korea Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
7 August 2013
Iran  85–53  Kazakhstan Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Bahrain  66–88  China Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
India  54–95  South Korea Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay

Classification 9th–12th[edit]

Classification match between Japan and Hong Kong
Semifinals 9th place
9 August
  Japan  73  
  India  64  
10 August
      Japan  79
    Hong Kong  50
11th place
9 August 10 August
  Bahrain  79   India  75
  Hong Kong  87     Bahrain  65

Final round[edit]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
9 August – Pasay        
  Philippines  88
10 August – Pasay
  Kazakhstan  58  
  Philippines  86
9 August – Pasay
    South Korea  79  
  South Korea  79
11 August – Pasay
  Qatar  52  
  Philippines  71
9 August – Pasay
    Iran  85
  Iran  94
10 August – Pasay
  Jordan  50  
  Iran  79 3rd place
9 August – Pasay
    Chinese Taipei  60  
  Chinese Taipei  96   South Korea  75
  China  78     Chinese Taipei  57
11 August – Pasay

Semifinals 5th place
10 August – Pasay
  Kazakhstan  67  
  Qatar  72  
11 August – Pasay
      Qatar  85
    China  96
7th place
10 August – Pasay 11 August – Pasay
  Jordan  76   Kazakhstan  59
  China  79     Jordan  88


9 August
Iran  94–50  Jordan
Scoring by quarter: 31–11, 22–17, 21–8, 20–14
Pts: Haddadi 20
Rebs: Sahakian 9
Asts: Kamrani 11
Pts: Baxter 13
Rebs: Hadrab 8
Asts: Baxter 4
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Yuji Hirahara (JPN), Hatim Hamed Alharbi (KSA), Cheung Kwok Shun Andy (HKG)
9 August
Chinese Taipei  96–78  China
Scoring by quarter: 20–28, 20–22, 31–12, 25–16
Pts: Davis 26
Rebs: Davis 10
Asts: Lin C.C. 7
Pts: Yi 22
Rebs: Yi 10
Asts: Guo 7
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Yevgeniy Mikheyev (KAZ), Atanu Banerjee (IND), Abdulkarim Shakeeb (BHR)
9 August
Philippines  88–58  Kazakhstan
Scoring by quarter: 32–15, 19–25, 16–9, 21–9
Pts: David 22
Rebs: Douthit 10
Asts: Tenorio, Castro, Fonacier 4
Pts: Klimov 14
Rebs: Ponomarev 12
Asts: Johnson, Yargaliyev, Klimov 3
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Mohammad Alamiri (KUW), Snehal Bendke (IND), Tan Chin Siong (MAS)
9 August
South Korea  79–52  Qatar
Scoring by quarter: 24–14, 16–14, 21–14, 18–10
Pts: Cho 16
Rebs: Kim M.G. 7
Asts: Kim M.G., Kim T.S. 4
Pts: Hayes, Saeed 10
Rebs: Hayes 6
Asts: D. Musa 4
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Harja Jaladri (INA), Toru Katayose (JPN), Amirhossein Safarzadeh (IRN)

5th–8th place semifinals[edit]

10 August
China  79–76  Jordan
Scoring by quarter: 18–12, 14–15, 23–25, 24–24
Pts: Wang Z.Z. 33
Rebs: Wang Z.Z. 7
Asts: Sun 6
Pts: Al-Sous 17
Rebs: Hadrab 8
Asts: Baxter 8
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Toru Katayose (JPN), Ricor Buaron (PHI), Tan Chin Siong (MAS)
10 August
Kazakhstan  67–72  Qatar
Scoring by quarter: 15–20, 17–19, 13–19, 22–14
Pts: Yevstigneyev 24
Rebs: Yevstigneyev 13
Asts: Johnson 4
Pts: Y. Musa 18
Rebs: El Hadary 6
Asts: D. Musa 3
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Ferdinand Pascual (PHI), Chong Yun Aun (MAS), Yuri Hirahara (JPN)


10 August
Iran  79–60  Chinese Taipei
Scoring by quarter: 14–23, 27–12, 19–4, 19–21
Pts: Kamrani 19
Rebs: Haddadi 14
Asts: Kamrani 6
Pts: Davis 16
Rebs: Davis, Tien 5
Asts: Tseng, Tsai 3
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Arsen Andryushkin (KAZ), Jassim Abdullah (QAT), Harja Jaladri (INA)
10 August
Philippines  86–79  South Korea
Scoring by quarter: 15–19, 21–20, 29–17, 21–23
Pts: Castro 17
Rebs: Pingris 10
Asts: de Ocampo, Castro 4
Pts: Kim M.G. 27
Rebs: Kim J.S., Kim T.S. 5
Asts: Yang D.G. 7
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Mohammad Al Amiri (KUW), Yevgeniy Mikheyev (KAZ), Wang Mei (CHN)

Seventh place game[edit]

11 August
Jordan  88–59  Kazakhstan
Scoring by quarter: 30–18, 25–14, 18–12, 15–15
Pts: Abdeen 20
Rebs: Alnajjar 7
Asts: Alnajjar, Baxter 8
Pts: Yargaliyev 17
Rebs: Yevstigneyev 9
Asts: Johnson 3
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Atanu Banerjee (IND), Wang Mei (CHN), Andy Cheung Kwok Shun (HKG)

FIfth place game[edit]

11 August
Qatar  85–96  China
Scoring by quarter: 21–20, 19–25, 15–25, 30–26
Pts: El Hadary 23
Rebs: Abdulla 10
Asts: El Hadary 5
Pts: Guo 21
Rebs: Wang Z.Z. 11
Asts: Guo 5
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Toru Katayose (JPN), Yevgeniy Mikheyev (KAZ), Amirhossein Safarzadeh (IRI)

Third place game[edit]

11 August
Chinese Taipei  57–75  South Korea
Scoring by quarter: 13–29, 16–21, 15–11, 13–14
Pts: Lu 13
Rebs: Lin C.C. 4
Asts: Davis 8
Pts: Kim M.G. 21
Rebs: Kim J.S., Yun 8
Asts: Yang D.G 8
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Referees: Ferdinand Pascual (PHI), Mohammad Alamiri (KUW), Hatim Hamed Alharbi (KSA)


11 August
Philippines  71–85  Iran
Scoring by quarter: 15–17, 19–18, 19–27, 18–23
Pts: Castro 18
Rebs: Pingris 8
Asts: Alapag 3
Pts: Haddadi 29
Rebs: Haddadi 16
Asts: Nikkhah 7
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay
Attendance: 19,989
Referees: Arsen Andryushkin (KAZ), Yuji Hirahara (JPN), Harja Jaladri (INA)

Final ranking[edit]

Qualified for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup
Rank Team Record FIBA World Rankings
Before After Change
1st, gold medalist(s)  Iran 9–0 20 20 0
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Philippines 7–2 45 34 +11
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  South Korea 7–2 33 31 +2
4th  Chinese Taipei 6–3 42 44 −2
5th  China 6–3 11 12 −1
6th  Qatar 5–3 36 42 −6
7th  Jordan 4–5 30 30 0
8th  Kazakhstan 3–6 47 52 −5
9th  Japan 3–4 35 35 0
10th  Hong Kong 1–6 71 69 +2
11th  India 2–6 58 61 −3
12th  Bahrain 2–6 75 73 +2
13th  Saudi Arabia 1–3 69 76 −7
14th  Thailand 1–4 85 79 +6
15th  Malaysia 0–4 69 71 −2


 2013 Asian Champions 

Third title

Statistical leaders[edit]

Player tournament averages[edit]

Team tournament averages[edit]

Tournament game highs[edit]

Category Player game high Total Opponent (date) Team game high Total Opponent (date)
Points China Wang Zhizhi 33  Jordan (August 10)  Iran 115  Malaysia (August 1)
Rebounds Jordan Mohammad Hussein
Qatar Yasseen Musa
Hong Kong Duncan Reid
19  Japan (August 7)
 Chinese Taipei (August 7)
 Philippines (August 7)
 India 60  Thailand (August 2)
Assists Chinese Taipei Lin Chih-chieh 12  Philippines (August 3)  Iran 31  Malaysia (August 1)
Steals Iran Hamed Afagh
China Guo Ailun
South Korea Kim Tae-sul
Kazakhstan Dmitriy Klimov
4  Chinese Taipei (August 10)
 Malaysia (August 2)
 Bahrain (August 5)
 Iran (August 7)
 South Korea 12  Bahrain (August 5)
Blocks Bahrain Ahmed Akber 5  India (August 10)  South Korea 10  India (August 7)



FIBA announced that Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) earned the rights to broadcast FIBA events in China from 2013 to 2016, and that a record number of Asian broadcasters are to telecast the event.[16] At least some matches were broadcast in 40 countries and territories all over the world.[17]

These are the broadcasters from the participating teams:[18]

Country Broadcaster
 Bahrain Al Jazeera Sports +1
 China CCTV-5
 Hong Kong i-Cable Sports
 India Neo Sports
 Iran Channel 3
 Japan Fuji TV
 Jordan Al Jazeera Sports +1
 Malaysia Astro
 Philippines AksyonTV
Basketball TV
 Qatar Al Jazeera Sports +1
 Saudi Arabia Al Jazeera Sports +1
 South Korea SBS ESPN
 Chinese Taipei Fox Sports Asia
 Thailand CTH

In the Philippines, Solar Entertainment Corporation's Basketball TV is the official home broadcaster airing all matches from the Mall of Asia Arena. Solar has the rights to all FIBA telecasts in the Philippines until 2015.[19] For free TV, ABC Development Corporation's flagship network, TV5, aired games involving the Philippines and the immediately preceding match, while AksyonTV aired the afternoon matches. BTV aired all games of the knockout round, while TV5 aired two quarterfinal games, the semifinals, third-place playoff and final, and AksyonTV aired a quarterfinal.

The TV5 airings of Philippines games were consistently among the top ten telecasts of the night throughout the tournament, and even beat shows from ABS-CBN and GMA in Mega Manila. According to Nielsen Media Research, TV5's Mega Manila audience share on 10 August was 33.1%, as against GMA's 30.1% and ABS-CBN's 24.3%; numbers for 11 August improved, with TV's 38.1% beating GMA's 31.5% and ABS-CBN's 18.3%. National audience share showed TV5 winning with a 35.3% share, or about 5.7 million people, against 28.1% of GMA and 25% of ABS-CBN.[20]

Date Game AGB Nielsen Mega Manila TNS national
Rating Rank Rating Rank
1 August Philippines vs. Saudi Arabia 11.1%[21] 6.1%[22]
2 August Philippines vs. Jordan 12.1%[21] 8.2%[22]
3 August China vs. Iran 6.8%[21] N/A
3 August Philippines vs. Chinese Taipei 16%[21] 7th 5%[22]
5 August Philippines vs. Japan N/A 9.8%[23]
6 August Philippines vs. Qatar 17.6%[24] 10th 12%[23] 10th
7 August Philippines vs. Hong Kong 17.2%[24] 10th 11.5%[23] 10th
9 August Philippines vs. Kazakhstan 19.8%[24] 7th 12.7%[23] 10th
10 August Chinese Taipei vs. Iran 8.6%[24] 5.6%[23]
10 August Philippines vs. Korea 22.9%[24] 3rd 14.5%[23] 8th
10 August Kazakhstan vs. Qatar 3.5%[24] 1.8%[23]
11 August Chinese Taipei vs. Korea 8.8%[24] 8.8%[23]
11 August Philippines vs. Iran 28%[24] 2nd 18.5%[23] 7th


There were 2 main soundtracks made for the Asian Championship, which was heard over in Philippine TV Broadcast.

  • Saludo by Quest
  • Gilas Anthem/Puso by JR Ponce Enrile


Match commissioners[edit]

  • Philippines Riel Banaria
  • Bahrain Jaafar Ali Ghuloom
  • Hong Kong Ip Fuk-Wah
  • China Xin Ping




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