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A213 shield

Major junctions
North end: Sydenham
  A212 A212 road
A234 A234 road
A214 A214 road
A215 A215 road
A212 A212 road
A222 A222 road
A235 A235 road
A236 A236 road
South end: Croydon
Road network

The A213 is an A road in South London. It runs from Sydenham to Broad Green. It crosses through 3 London Boroughs which includes the start in the London Borough of Lewisham, a small section in the London Borough of Bromley and the ending part inside the Croydon. The road ends at Broad Green where many people carry on straight onto the unclassified road to reach the IKEA and Ampere Way retail park area in Purley Way.

Bus route 75 runs along the A213 for all of its length except the small part between Windmill Road and the end. The road passes four railway stations on its journey including:

The road does not pass any tram stops at the current time, but a proposed stop is expected at Penge Road, as part of Tramlink's Crystal Palace extension.

North to South[edit]

This list is about where the A213 passes other roads. The street name column refers to the street which the A213 is running on.

Only main roads such as motorways, A roads and B roads are listed here

Road Number Street Name Place Name Road Number
A212 Newlands Park Sydenham A212
Lennard Road Penge
Parish Lane Penge
A234 Green Lane Penge A234
A214 Croydon Road Anerley A214
Penge Road South Norwood Slip-off to A215
A215 High Street South Norwood No entry to A215
Selhurst Road Selhurst
A212 Northcote Road Selhurst A212
Windmill Road Croydon A222
A235 St James's Road West Croydon
A236 Summer Road Croydon A236