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Coordinates: 51°25′32″N 0°06′16″E / 51.4256°N 0.1044°E / 51.4256; 0.1044

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Major junctions
East end: Old Bexley
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A21 A21 road
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West end: Croydon
Road network

The A222 is a non-primary A road between Bexley and Croydon. The road passes through three London boroughs.


The A222 starts in the narrow Bexley High Street, which has a great deal of character. It passes Bexley railway station and the B2210, then it carries on along the train lines until it reaches Albany Park railway station. The road reaches a roundabout with the A221, and carries on straight pass two schools and reaches Sidcup railway station. At a T-Junction with the B2214, it turns left passing Lamorbey Leisure Centre. It carries on Station Road to Sidcup town centre and passes the High Street and Green. The road now turns into a dual-carriageway until it hits a roundabout on top of the A20, it carries on straight towards Chislehurst, Chislehurst railway station, Chislehurst Caves, Bickley and Bickley railway station.

Now the road reaches Bromley, where it passes straight through the town centre. The road here is one-way for cars towards Croydon, so only buses can go the other way to pass, The Glades shopping centre, Odeon Cinema and Bromley College. Now it returns to a normal both way road and travels down to Shortlands railway station and Beckenham town centre. At the roundabout at Beckenham the A222 turns left to Elmers End, and is labelled locally as Croydon Road. Once in Elmers End it uses Long Lane to Woodside and Ashburton. Then it passes its first Tramlink stop, Addiscombe tram stop in Addiscombe.

It then reaches a roundabout where it branches into two: left to Croydon on Cherry Orchard Road and straight ahead to West Croydon. Both roads end after about 500 m, although the straight ahead branch is the main A222 road.