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Coordinates: 51°22′16″N 0°05′57″W / 51.3710°N 0.0992°W / 51.3710; -0.0992

A236 road shield

A236 road
Major junctions
East end: South Croydon
  A235 A235 road
A212 A212 road
A232 A232 road
A213 A213 road
A23 A23 road
A239 A239 road
A217 A217 road
A24 A24 road
West end: Collier's Wood
Road network

The A236 is an A road in South London. It runs from the Croydon Flyover in Central Croydon to the A24 at Collier's Wood. The A236 road travels across the London Borough of Merton and the London Borough of Croydon. It's the primary road that passes through Mitcham Common. It also is the road on the one-way system in the town centre of Mitcham. In Old Town the road is part of a 3-lane dual carriageway.